12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

Good oral sex is important for a good relationship – if you’ve known each other for a long time, but especially if it’s your first time together.

Here you can learn how to give her mind-blowing orgasms, with 12 simple tips for licking & oral sex, that women would never dare to tell you.

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If You Apply These Oral Sex Tips:

  • Your wife or girlfriend will be a lot happier with her sex life (which means more loyal).
  • Women will beg to meet up with you more often (even if they don't like you, they just want you for the good sex).
  • Your wife or girlfriend will make a lot more effort for you in bed (like more BJs, sexy outfits or even threesomes).

Why a Lot of Women Want You to Learn to Lick Them Better:

It might be a surprise to your man-brain, but a lot of women do NOT come during sex.

Below you can see the results of a recent survey by Cosmopolitan among its female readers…

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

If you do the math, 69% of the women are DISSATISFIED about their sex lives… and that is not very surprising if you look at the next statistic:

How often do you have an orgasm?

And if you do the math here 46% of all women don’t have enough orgasms during sex. Even 83% if you work from the principle that the woman ALWAYS has to come (which I would advise you to ensure).

Why Don't These Women Come?

Unfortunately for us men… it is largely our fault. If you were to ask your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stand, she will never say it this directly. Women are kind enough not to bruise our ego’s.

​It can be caused by a couple of things:

  • You don't want to lick her.
  • You are licking her wrong.
  • She has a medical condition (less than 1%).

If the first point applies… shame on you.

If you give a woman good oral sex, she has a much bigger chance of coming.

So, it’s important that you know what a woman wants in bed.​

A study of Kinsey, Masters, and Johnson showed the following:

If you make the foreplay last 21 minutes or longer (such as oral sex), 92.3 % of all women come.

And you know what the stupid thing is?

Most women don’t dare to tell you. They are afraid of hurting your ego, or that you’ll say that it’s her fault that she doesn’t come.

And what do they do?

They pretend to come.

They fake it.

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

So, there is a 70.5% chance that this happened to you…

And yes, what do you think happens when the sex is bad?

They secretly talk about it with their friends or post about it on forums…

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

So, for a lot of men, there is room for improvement.

And this improvement means giving good oral sex.​ And good oral sex mostly means preventing a lot of mistakes.

So, let’s start with the 12 oral sex tips.

12 Simple Tips for Mind-blowing Oral Sex

1. Keep Your Nails Short.

The first oral sex tip is not a dirty one – but rather a clean one.

Every woman will agree. There is nothing more unpleasant than a sharp nail in your vagina.

If you haven’t figured it out yet… believe me, it’s only a matter of time before karma will get you back with bedsheets smeared with blood.

Oh, and just cutting your nails is not enough. Sharp edges are a no-go. File them until they are round and smooth.

Bonus tip: Use a nail file.

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

Tip: Use the fingering techniques from this blog to finger her at the same time.

2. No Slurping

It’s okay to make some sound while you’re licking, but don’t overdo it.

Look, it’s important that you understand the following about women:

​Whether or not she comes is mostly determined by how comfortable she is. If she is embarrassed about the sounds, or about her body, she is NOT comfortable.

She will then concentrate too much on what you must be thinking of her, so she’ll get distracted and have trouble coming. No matter how good your licking is.

3. Be Careful with Teeth (and Braces).

If you have ever had a girlfriend with braces, or a woman who used too much teeth while she was blowing you, you’ll know this isn’t nice.

Women may not have penises, but that doesn’t mean that suddenly biting (softly) is okay.

A clitoris is even more sensitive than a penis


  • 4,000 nerve endings
  • 3 cm²
  • 444 nerve endings per cm²


  • 8,000 nerve endings
  • 0,5 cm²
  • 32,000 nerve endings per cm²

So, a clitoris is 70x (!) more sensitive than your glans… be careful with it.

4. Don't Go Inside with Your Tongue.

It might be tempting, but you don’t have to put all of your body parts inside her.

Not only is it a little uncomfortable (especially if you’re only just starting with the foreplay), but it also makes you look very awkward.

A real master lover doesn’t do this.

So, relax your tongue and be patient… after you have made her come you can put something else inside her.

If you do want to go inside, do it to finger her. For example, finger her A-spot.

5. Don't Have Oral Sex without Doing This...

All of these tips for licking teach you how to give her better oral sex.

They are techniques…

But 1 thing is super important when you execute these techniques.

Pay Attention to Her Signals.

If she doesn’t like it, sometimes she will let you know – but sometimes she won’t.

Like I said, sometimes women don’t dare to let you know that you’re doing a bad job or that it hurts. From fear of bruising your ego. So they hold themselves back or they fake an orgasm.

​That’s why it’s ALWAYS important to pay attention to her signals while you’re licking her. And, if necessary, you ask her:

“Harder or softer?”

6. Sucking on Her Clit.

How much stimulation a clitoris can handle is very different for every woman. One woman will love it if you suck it hard, the next won’t.

For some women, it can be incredibly painful if you suck on their clit hard, so be careful. It’s one of the reasons why women fake orgasms.

If you’re not sure what she likes, ask her “harder or softer?” and she’ll tell you what she wants.

7. Don't Be a Golden Retriever.

Maybe you’ve read somewhere that you just have to lick her a lot if you’re giving oral sex, but that doesn’t mean that you have to work like a golden retriever to slobber all over her down there.

She doesn’t necessarily feel pain or discomfort, but she may be ashamed of the sounds you make.

“Enjoy, but Lick in Moderation.”

8. Do Not Make This Porn Mistake When Licking Her.

If there’s anything that makes you look ridiculous, it’s this.

You often see a porn actor stick his tongue inside a woman… and then start to shake his head like CRAZY.


That is what every woman will think if you do this.​ It’s really ridiculous, and you’ll only make them shake with laughter.

Oh. And another general sex tip: You don’t actually have to do the things you see in a porn movie.


9. Don't Blow Into Her Vagina

Now we’re on the subject of things not to do while you’re licking her…

For some reason, some so-called “sex gurus” (goo roo’s as I like to call them) think that suddenly blowing into her vagina is a fun way to surprise her while you’re licking her.

If you do this,

Stop it right away.

As in yesterday. It’s ridiculous. She is not a sex doll and it could give her serious complaints.

10. Do Not Play Gynecologist

Of course it’s very interesting to see what your wife/girlfriend looks like up close, but you don’t have to play gynecologist.

If you pull her labia apart too hard, it just hurts.

Put 2 fingers between them and move those fingers apart, like turning a II into a V.

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to Give Her Mind-blowing Orgasms)

Now that we have talked about some mistakes, we can move on to “the good stuff”…

11. Ask Her if She Wants It Harder or Softer.

Said it before, but if you don’t do this…

Start doing it. Of all the oral sex tips here, this is the best one.

Women often don’t dare to let you know when you’re going too hard, so by asking for it you’ll find out exactly what they like.

Bonus Tip: Ask a question she only has to answer with “Yes” or “No,“, or “Harder” or “Softer.” This way she won’t have to think, but she’ll simply be able to answer.

12. Let Her Come First Before You Have Sex.

If you want to have better sex yourself, make her come first before you fuck her.
If you make her come first with oral sex:

  • She'll be wetter, so the sex afterwards will be more pleasant for you and for her.
  • She'll experience less pain during sex... so you can go harder.
  • She'll get hornier, and sometimes even so horny that she'll come while you're fucking her.

And friend, if you’ve never experienced the latter before… you’re in for something good.

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