16 Reasons She Didn’t Have an Orgasm | What to Do if You Can’t Make Her Orgasm

You Are About To Learn How To Become The Type Of Man Women Boast About.

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Best First Vibrator

For your initial foray into the world of sex toys all you want is something, small, discreet and with powerful vibrations. A bullet ticks all of those boxes. And with it’s 10 powerful vibration functions this is one of the best bullets out there

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For Women Who Really Struggle to Orgasm or Who Have Never Orgasmed

Pro tip, for some women who have never ever had an orgasm and who think they can’t sometimes a super powerful vibrator can be the thing that brings them over the edge, and then once a woman has orgasmed once she usually finds it much easier to do it again from that point onward.

If you’re going to try this, let her use it, you can’t feel what she feels, and when not used correctly they can be over stimulating for her, a powerful magic wand is a good option here.

Here is a link to one of the best ones out there. There’s also a link to a tool you can use that can actually lower the intensity of it, because it can be just too much for some women.

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Click here for the tool to lower the intensity.

Want to Learn How to Make These Moves 3x More Effective

It’s all good learning how to be a dominant man in the bedroom.


If she is not excited about having sex in the first place, she’s not going to enjoy it as much.

Fear not though, below is a video I have made for you where I show you three moves guaranteed to turn women on.

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