6 Thrusting Techniques to Last Longer and Give More Orgasms

Do you have trouble getting women to come through penetration?

Do you feel like women get bored when they fuck you? you couldn’t even imagine a woman that you like literally begging you for sex?

Or do you come too soon, you can never last long enough for a woman to come?


Maybe you’ve learnt how to lick pussy. You’re pretty good at it, but you know you’re missing out. You know seeing your woman clench and moan from a massive orgasm while you’re fucking the shit out of her would make you feel like a fucking man.

If you’ve got this far you’re probably thinking:

Yes, but what the hell can i do about it?!

Well one thing that can solve all of these problems is getting your thrusting right. Get it right and you can last as long as you want and have girls screaming so loud your neighbour 3 doors down will know you by name.

One thing before we start:

Before I tell you how to thrust, I’ll tell you where most guys are fucking up.


Like most problems men have in bed, The problem stems from watching too much porn.

Watch porn and pretty much all you see is guys getting in there and giving it 100%.

Thrusting in and out as hard as he can for 50 minutes while the woman has a plethora of window shattering orgasms, before he busts a tsunami of jizz over her face.

This might come as quite a surprise to you, but that’s not what most women want…

and even if it was, the percentage of men that can go as hard as they can for longer than 2 minutes and 45 seconds is about as high as the percentage of men who’s dicks are as big as they say they are.

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So first lets talk about how to thrust to increase how long you last

How to Last Longer

1. Use Deep and Shallow Thrusts

This varies from person to person.

There are two ways to thrust, deep and shallow.

All guys are obsessed with going deep, thinking that stuffing them as much you can is what gets women off.

And you’re right.

It is.

If you go deep then you can hit the A-Spot, or the Deep Spot.

If you’ve ever given a girl an orgasm through her clit, you’ll notice that she gets incredibly sensitive for a minute or two afterwards and doesn’t want you to touch her there for a bit.

However, if you give her an orgasm through her A-spot…

She can come again and again and again.

She needs no rest in between whatsoever, the downside it it’s harder to hit, and can be hard for some girls to come through.

But you can getting a woman screaming just as loud with shallow thrusts.

The first couple of inches of a girls vagina contain almost all of the nerve endings.

and it is in the first couple of inches where you will find the g-spot.

The easiest spot to get a woman to orgasm from, apart from her clit, this is great news if you are not so well endowed.

Which of these two will make you come faster will depend on you.

Some guys find the short shallow strokes more stimulating, some find the deeper ones more stimulating.

You’ll have to experiment and see which it is for you.

But there is also secret option number 3

2. Grind

If you’ve slept with a few girls and you’ve had them go on top, you’ll have noticed that a large percentage of women don’t bounce up and down on you like they do in porn.

They sit on your dick, get it all the way in, then grind their hips on you backward and forwards, no up and down movement at all.

For the girl this can be amazing its hits all the right spots inside her pussy and a lot of girls will lean forward and rub their clit on you at the same time.

But if you’re anything like me, this does Nothing for you…

Which sucks if she likes to go on top a lot, but is great news if you’re on top and you want to last long enough to give her one, two, three orgasms while you’re fucking her.

If this is how she rides when when she’s on top you can copy what she does when you’re on top.

By combining this with thrusting you can alternate between the two and last as long as you want.

And have her screaming down the house at the same time.


But if she is one of those few, that gets on top of you and starts bouncing away like a porn star.

And God bless those women

Then it is likely the case that thrusting is better for her.

It’s likely that she is a girl that likes getting the shit fucked out of her

So what’s the man to do when he has a girl that needs him to go hard, but also needs him to go for extended periods of time​.

3. Start Slow

Use this as a rule of thumb

​Use it when you’re talking dirty to her.

Use it when you’re licking her pussy.

Use it when you’re fucking her.​

Start Off Soft and Slow and Build Up to an Intense Finish.

Starting soft and slow makes women crave the hard and rough.

Starting off soft and slow while building up towards an intense finish

Almost nothing turns a woman on more than having what she wants withheld from her.

Keep going slow until she’s begging you to go harder.

This not only turns her on like almost nothing else, but also allows you to last much longer.

4. Intense Finish

By intense finish I do not mean smashing away as hard and as fast as you can, like a jackhammer, until she comes.

Most women like to be fucked hard, yes, but not like a rabbit.

Think This:

Not This:

Not only does going slow and hard like this give her toe curling orgasms.

But again it helps you last longer, making it even more likely that she’ll come.

5. Deep Sea Diving

Another option is when you feel yourself coming close to orgasm go deep into her pussy and then do shallow 1 to 2 inch pumps, while you’re fully inside.

Most guys have never tried this because it doesn’t do much for them.

But this can be incredibly stimulating for a woman and it gives you a chance to recover.

Prior to orgasm go as deep as possible into her while pumping a couple of times

6. The Taoist Thrusting Method

I’ve saved the best for last.

The Taoist Thrust Method.

One of the biggest killers of a woman’s libido is predictable sex.

And for the vast majority of couples, within a few months to a year they will fall into the predictable sex rut.

The same three moves.

Done in the same order.

For the same amount of time.

Every time.

This would kill even the freakiest womans libido.

You must stay unpredictable in bed, if you want your woman begging for your cock.

And the Taoist thrusting method is a great way to do this.

It is also known as the 10 thrust method.

You start off with 9 shallow thrusts then 1 big deep thrust.

The next time you do 8 shallow thrusts followed by 2 big thrusts and the next time you do 7 shallow and 3 deep.

and on and on until you get to 1 shallow thrust and 9 deep.

This just a guideline of course, don’t make it obvious, don’t count out loud.

But you get the idea, you can start with this and then you can try whatever you want.

2 shallow, 1 deep, 2 shallow, 1 deep.

Keep her guessing

This is a killer move, this will not only help you to last longer, but it will keep your girl on the edge the whole time.

Try all of these methods, see what works for you, see what works for her, but remember even when you find what both of you like, never get too predictable, never get boring.

You Always Need To Be Experimenting.

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