8 Ways To Turn a Woman On With Just Your Voice

Talking with an unattractive voice will make your woman dryer than the Sahara. 

While talking in the correct way - even if you say the EXACT same thing - can have her nether regions competing with Niagara Falls.

So, what could you do to change your voice from a vagina repellent into one your lady friends will drool over?

In this article I’ll give you 8 tips you can apply today to sound sexier than a love child of Morgan Freeman and Chris Hemsworth.

How to turn a woman on with just your voice


What you will learn in these 10 tips:

  • The secret 'Morgan Freeman Trick' to get a lower voice
  • How 'wetting the whistle' can give you a deeper voice
  • An easy test to see if you talk like a little bitch
  • The voice ''tweak'' that's 10x more important than speaking in a deep voice (almost every man is making this mistake)
  • Why talking like a gentleman will have her hanging on your every word and how to do it

But first:

Why do you need a good voice to turn her on?

Your voice and how you speak to women is more important than you can possibly imagine. 

If you're on a first date, your voice is make or break.

If you're making all the mistakes I outline in this article she'll place you in the same sexual category as a close family member, i.ex. off-limits, no way, never, disgusting.

But if you know how to speak, and you know how to turn her on with your voice...

She'll respect you, feel attracted to you and will be significantly more inclined to jump into bed with you¹.

If you're in a long term relationship, it could make the difference between a divorce and a happy ever after.

If you're speaking to her, day after day, with a voice that screams weakness, she'll lose respect for you, lose attraction and may lose all feelings of wanting to be with you.

And once that happens it's only a matter of time before she seeks out someone who DOES sound like a real man. 

Do you want to wait for that moment? Or will you decide to change your voice into a voice which...

... turns her on...

... makes her respect you...

... keeps her attracted to you...

... and makes her want to stay with you (and only you) for the rest your life...

Whether you want to find a new woman or you want to keep the girl you currently have, learning how to speak correctly is essential. 

And next to that?

If do you use it correctly, it can be a dangerous weapon to turn her on.

You could make her obsessed with you.

Let's begin:

Tip 1.1: Get a deeper voice: Yawn

This is a tip from the God of all voices: Morgan Freeman.

Women love deep voices. It show's alphaness, leadership, high testosterone etc¹.

When you yawn your throat muscles will relax which causes a tone drop in your voice.

This makes it sound deeper.

So, if you're looking to improve the sound of your voice, yawn a lot.

Yawn as much as you want. 

You won't sound like Morgan Freeman but your voice will get deeper for sure.

don't hold your stomach in, low voice, turn her on with your voice

Tip 1.2: Get a deeper voice: Breath properly

A lot of men hold their stomachs in to look a little bit thinner.

They think they actually look better because of it.

But here's the truth:

It doesn't work.

And it has a terrible impact on how you sound. Because you speak from you chest which gives you a higher pitched voice.

That's the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

What we want is a deep and attractive voice to turn her on. (If you still don't understand why this is important, scroll up and read the introduction)

Do a little test now: 

Take a deep breath.

Does your chest and shoulders expand or does your stomach expand?

As you're breathing your chest and shoulders should not expand but your stomach should. It should be your diaphragm. 

If it's the case that you're breathing through your chest and shoulders, do this little exercise everytime you brush your teeth.

When you brush your teeth, morning and night, focus on breathing with your stomach.

When you breath in your stomach should come out and if you breath out your stomach should come in.

Keep doing this to get used to breathing with your stomach.

Tip 1.3: Get a deeper voice: Drink water

This is an easy one. Just keep drinking water.

As you talk more, your throat will dry out and your voice will get higher and higher.

How deep or how high pitched your voice is, comes from the size and and tension of your vocal chords.

drink water, lower your voice, turn her on with your voice

Hydrated vocal chords are bigger and therefore result in a lower voice.

So if you keep drinking water and keep the vocal chords hydrated, your voice will sound deeper.

Keep a bottle or a glass of water with you whenever you're on a date or need to speak in front of people. And take a sip whenever you feel your throat is starting to get a little bit dryer.

Tip 2: Don't speak too fast

Nothing screams ''I'm a little bitch'' more than speaking fast. 

Speak slow.

A few ways to learn how to speak slower:

Focus on speaking slower, record yourself so you can listen back to yourself. 

Everytime you catch yourself speaking too fast, give yourself a little pinch and start speaking slow again.

Consciously watch the speed of you talking.

Another way - it's a bit cruel- is to let a friend, one you see very often, hit you on the shoulder, give you a slap or something like that whenever you speak too fast.

You will be surprised how quick you will learn to not speak fast...

Tip 3: Stop speaking nasal

Stop talking through your nose. Unless you actually want your woman to get dry. 

Speaking nasal if very unattractive for women. You sound nerdy and weak (even annoying).

Test to check if you speak nasally:

Hold your nose as you're talking. If you feel like you want to be speaking through your nose when you speak, then you know you're speaking nasally.

If you want to learn more about it:

Practice everyday and observe the feeling in your chest, throat and in your mouth.

Remember those feelings and reproduce those without holding your nose.

Tip 4: Add some breathiness to your voice

Women rate a higher pitched breathy voice more attractive than a deeper non breathy voice³.

The thought behind this, is that it take the aggressiveness out of your voice. 

It shows that your powerful but won't do any harm. 

It's like you take the edge of everything you say and make things sound more smooth.

Tip 5: Speak with power

There's a difference between loudness and power.

The difference is something you can feel from 'how' deep you let the sound come from inside of you.

Watch the video if you would like to see an example of me doing this. (10:27 in the video)

power, low voice, turn her on with your voice

Tip 6: Vocal Fry 

In case you don't know what vocal fry is:

Vocal fry is when people voices crackle and it sounds like bacon on a frying pan (just watch the Kardashians).

Breath more into what you're saying and speak in shorter sentences.

Don't sound like an annoying reality tv star.

Tip 7: Don't go up at the end of your sentences

''Hey, how are you doing?''

''Hey, how is your day?''

''Hey, nice dress'' 

Everything sounding like it's a question, like you're insecure or like you're talking to a 3 year old kid.

Speaking monotone is fine. But don't sound boring. 

monotone, low voice, turn her on with your voice

There is research where they show that women think monotone voices sound deeper than they actually are.

Also, women think monotone voices are more attractive. They think men who have monotone voices have slept with more women (and they have).

articulate, low voice, turn her on with your voice

Tip 8: Speak in a well articulated mannerr

Women in general like men who are doing well.

And part of that is a man who speaks well, someone who comes across like they are well educated.


Pronounce words as if you're the queen of England. Save the slang for your friends.

So, what is the next step?

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