4 Simple Tips to Give Her Hard A-Spot Orgasms

You probably know what the G-spot is. That you can give her brutal orgasms with it.

But what if I were to tell you that there’s another spot that will give her the same hard orgasms, only 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10x in a ROW?

That’s the A-spot. And here you’ll learn how you do that:

Learn how to give a woman multiple orgasm in 4 easy steps
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The A-spot is an interesting erogenous zone. Before I share everything about the A-spot with you, I’ll start by telling you why it’s so interesting.

Why This A-spot Women Have is So Interesting

As a man you want to satisfy a woman completely, and have good sex with her every time. One of the most ‘time-consuming’ things is this:

  • Turning her on

The A-spot is ideal for this.

Because this erogenous zone will have her sopping wet and super hot in no time. Much faster than other places or tricks.

By speeding up the process of making her wet and hot, with the A-spot, you can often avoid the following limitations women have:

  • (Almost) never having an orgasm
  • Having trouble reaching her climax
  • Dry and painful sex

These things make a lot of women think that there might be something wrong with their sexual potency.

But this is not the case.

Every woman has a Formula 1 engine down there. And you can use more of its power if you know how to stimulate her A-spot.

Consider this:

  • ​A woman can get completely wet within 5-10 seconds
  • Every woman has the capacity to enjoy multiple orgasms
  • A woman can have much longer orgasms (sometimes even longer than a minute)
  • Every curve or thrust can be an orgasm
  • If you stimulate this erogenous zone, women won't get exhausted, not even after having had multiple orgasms
  • It's also good to know that your wife or girlfriend will enjoy every position more, and especially those with deep penetrations, after you have satisfied the A-spot
The A-Spot is a great way to get a woman wet and hot the fastest

Now you know what the A-spot is and how much pleasure it can bring a woman. Below you will find an experience shared by a woman on a forum.

A-spot Experience

Chelly says:

Unbelievable. I have already had 3 orgasms though my a-spot. It was incredibly strong. I was screaming so loud I’m sure the whole street could hear me. And I squirted across the room, like a litre and I was going for 5 minutes. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, I couldn’t stop shaking for 2 hours afterwards.

I can understand that you also want to give her such an A-spot experience.

Step by step, I will teach you what the A-spot is, where you can find it and how you can stimulate it. ​

What is the A-spot a Woman Has?

The A-spot is a female erogenous zone, which is found on the anterior wall, deep in the vagina (and yes, the A-spot really exists).

Stimulate this spot in the right way, and you’ll get her wet and turned on very quickly.


The A-spot was discovered by the Malaysian sex scientists Dr. Chua Chee Ann, while he was looking for solutions for a dry vagina.

If the A-spot is stimulated, this problem is usually solved. So it makes her very wet very fast..

If you satisfy her A-spot for a long time, you will give her super hard and long orgasms, without exhausting her.

Aside from A-spot, there are other names for this zone. I find the last two especially fun to use.

  • Anterior Fornix
  • AFE zone
  • Epicenter
  • Second G-spot

As I’ve already given away before, men have an A-spot, just like women.

A-spot With Men?

Yes. Men also have an A-spot. If a man’s A-spot is stimulated, he will have a more powerful orgasm.

What happens exactly? You experience the orgasm more intensely, throughout your whole body.

Who wouldn’t want this?

If you want to try this some time, I can tell you where to find your A-spot.

With men, the A-spot is in the anus. Yikes…

Yes, you probably find this disgusting and I understand that. But it’s not that gross. Because your A-spot is the back of your prostate.

But if you have an open mind and if you’re confident (or want to be) then this is definitely an interesting thing to try.

You can find the A-spot by sliding a finger inside you, in the direction of your navel. After about five centimeters there will be a swelling. This is the male A-spot.

Enough about the male A-spot.
In the following two tips you can see how to find and stimulate the female A-spot.

Tip 1: Finding the Location of the A-spot

Us men sometimes struggle with finding the A-spot. My own experience has taught me that.

I still remember the very first time I was looking for the A-spot.

I had my middle finger exactly in the right place.

But I was in doubt, which made me stop stimulating her, robbing her of amazing pleasure…

A-spot Location

The A-spot location is high on the anterior wall of the vagina, before and above the cervix.

Seeing as it’s so deep in the vagina, you have to be careful with it.

The average men struggles to find the A-Spot

I want to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.​

So look closely at the image, to ensure this never happens to you.

Despite you now knowing exactly where the A-spot is, you will find that it’s still difficult to find the A-spot.

Speaking of tough to find…

On the opposite side of the A-spot, on the posterior wall deep in the vagina, there is another erogenous zone. You can learn more about this at the end of this article.

Stimulating the A-spot requires careful attention. This isn’t something you just do.

Tip 2: How Should You Stimulate the A-spot?

I will simply divide this for you in 3 different phases.


The preparation is a phase that is often skipped, which results in painful and uneasy situations. Check the list below, to prevent that.

  • Cut your nails. You want to make sure that it feels good and soft. What you absolutely should avoid is hurting her or even making her bleed.
  • Sex music. This way you let her relax optimally and make her feel comfortable. I myself use a website for this, where you can pick 'sex playlists'. These are my personal favorites sex playlist 1 & sex playlist 2.
  • Take the time to make her wet. The A-spot may speed up the process of making her wet, but it's important not to assume that it will. It's better to assume this attitude: If it does happen it's a nice bonus.
  • Massages. If you want to make her extra excited, giving her a massage is a good way to do that. Because of this, she can get harder and longer orgasms more easily.
  • Make your fingers properly wet. Whether you do it with spit, grape seed oil or something else doesn't matter, as long as you do it. Otherwise she'll be hurt.
  • If you have little to no experience making her come, first check this article with fingering tips.

Step-by-step Plan for an A-spot Orgasm

Step 1. Good preparation. Read the steps above.

Step 2. Have the right mindset. During the preparation you’ve turned her on physically, but you also have to turn her on mentally. You can do this by doing certain things, saying specific words or dirty talk.

Step 3. Find her A-spot. In tip #1 I’ve told you and shown you where to find it. Push your middle finger all the way into her vagina to feel it. The A-spot feels soft, like the inside of your cheek, and it has an edge just like a frisbee.

Step 4. Stimulate her. Stroke her A-Spot softly with your middle finger. Do this with the ‘come here ‘ gesture. Then ask her: “Do you want me to do it harder or softer?

Step 5. Keep stimulating her. It can sometimes take 15 minutes, before the first A-spot orgasm comes. So be patient.

Step 6. A-spot orgasm. Expect her vagina to wrap itself around your finger(s). She can also have random anal contractions.

This all sounds very good.

But how will you do this yourself tonight?

That’s why I’ve worked out a concrete example of the step-by-step plan for you.

Example of the Step-by-step Plan:

First make sure that the woman is relaxed, feeling comfortable and lying on her back.

Push a well-lubricated middle finger into her vagina, with your palm up.

Beware to be careful with your knuckles on the outside of her vagina, while you’re pushing your fingers inside. Because this can be very uncomfortable for her. Then find her A-spot with your finger.

  • Don't touch her cervix, because this can be painful.

As soon as you’re inside her, make the same “come here” movement you use to stimulate her G-spot; while you do this, you should push your hand (softly) up and down on her pubic bone, like your fingers are trying to touch.

This will make the sensation even more intense, because you’re putting pressure on her urethral spots from both sides.

Gently keep massaging her, and if she gets wetter you could add another finger.

Encourage her to breathe deeply through the sensations. It could be that she feels like she has to pee.

But this is a misleading feeling, and it’s not likely that this will happen. Encourage her to relax and just let it happen.

Stay patient and soft during the whole experience. You will be able to give her the most intense orgasms this way.

Women will feel divine and grateful to you, because you are able to stimulate her in a way she’s not capable of herself.

Now you know exactly how to give her super hard A-spot orgasms.

But there are some dangers.

Tip 3: Avoid These 4 Most Common Mistakes With the A-spot

  • Mistake #1: Have the intention to give her an orgasm, but absolutely don't tell her this is your purpose. Otherwise she'll feel too much pressure, and she won't be able to have an orgasm.
  • Mistake #2: If she doesn't have an A-spot orgasm after 15 minutes, then stop. Don't say anything about it and just try again the next day.
  • Mistake #3: Don't share your knowledge about the A-spot and just do it. Guys who act smart or brag won't turn her on.
  • Mistake #4: You don't communicate with each other in the right way. So you have only your intuition to go on. Which isn't always right. In the next tip I will tell you exactly what to do.

Tip 4: Ask Her Closed and Choice Questions

Good communication is of paramount importance during sex. It’s even one of the essential things you have to learn to get better in bed.

The reason that you have to ask closed or choice questions during sex is simple: You don’t want her to start thinking, and the communication has to enhance her ‘pleasure’.

So you shouldn’t ask her open questions, which will make her think.

I will explain what closed, choice and open questions are.​

A closed question starts with the finite verb, and the answer can be “yes” or “no”.

  • "Do you like this?"
  • "Do you want me to continue like this?"

In choice questions the possible answers are mentioned in the question.

  • "Do you want me to do it harder or softer?"
  • "Do you prefer it faster or slower?"

An open question contains an interrogative word, such as who, where and when

  • "How long do you want me to keep going?" (Answer: Time)
  • "How do you want me to do it?" (Answer: Method)

As I told you before, there is another erogenous zone deep in the vagina, on the opposite side of the A-spot. Read more about this below.

The Deep Spot

The deep spot gives another kind of orgasm than an A-spot orgasm.

You can find the Deep spot low in the vagina.​

This makes it exciting and new to try.

It feels the same, but you will notice that the deep spot lies a little deeper than the A-spot. You can also see that in the picture. ​

You stimulate the deep spot the same way as the step-by-step plan for the A-spot.

The deep spot is another way to give a woman orgasms
A-spot Vs Deep Spot​

I’ve summed up the difference in orgasms between both spots for you.

It will be practical to check later if her experience matches this description.

  • Longer-lasting orgasms
  • She won't get exhausted
Deep Spot​
  • Feels deep and intense
  • Full body orgasm

Check an awesome deep spot experience from a chick below

Deep Spot Experience

Anonymous says:

Great Technique!

While surfing on the internet me and my boyfriend stumbled on upon this website. I could already orgasm through my g-spot, so I thought “why not try this” Wow was that an intense orgasm! I needed some time to recover, it was an incredible feeling, really intense.

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with both the A-spot and the Deep Spot. If you handle it well, as described in this article, she’ll love it.

The most important thing to give her an A-spot or deep-spot orgasm, is turning her on properly during foreplay.

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