19 Simple Anal Sex Positions That Are Surprisingly Good

If you want to keep it exciting in the bedroom, good and sexy anal sex is essential. 

That's why today I'm presenting you with 19 anal sex positions you don't know yet, but should be aware of.

If you want to make anal more exciting, varied and pleasant, these new positions are surprisingly helpful. 


Before you get started: If you want more tips to make anal sex better, cleaner and more pleasant, read this article with 16 anal sex tips.

Let's start with the first sex position:

1 The turtle

There are 3 reasons why this anal sex position is good:

The man is the dominant one, and she is submissive. Do you like this? Then this position is perfect for you

This position is easy to get into, for both of you. She starts in doggy style and pulls her body up against her upper legs.

It's easy to relax for both of you, because it's a natural position.

2 From behind

Simple, and nice for her.

It's easy for her to relax, and you can determine the pace and the depth. 

  • Tip: If you notice that she's not entirely comfortable, give her a pillow to put under her stomach and/or head.

3 The anal spoon

This position will allow her to relax properly.

In the beginning, this position is also easy for you. But if you're resting on your arm for a longer time, it'll become tiring.

Good anal position to squeeze in between activities in bed.

4 The Mount Everest

This is an ideal position for her. Because she is completely in control.

She determines the depth, and how hard she goes up and down.

  • Tip: Make sure you're sitting on a couch/bed. That makes it a lot more comfortable.

A perfect anal position, to try out the first time.

5 Piledriver

If you're strong and she likes being dominated, this anal sex position is ideal.

  • Start in the missionary sex position
  • Pull her legs up
  • Lift her butt and lower back, so that she's resting on her upper back and her head. 

6 From behind, on a chair

The position is comfortable for you both.

I have 3 more helpful tips for this position:

  • Rub her whole body with your hands, including her breasts
  • Try a high chair, so you can stand
  • Place the chair against the wall, so that she can balance herself on the chair.

7 Bossom friend

This is the most intimate anal sex position there is.

2 tips which are practical for this position:

  • Give each other intense looks.
  • Admire and rub her beautiful body.

8 The security guard

Awesome anal sex position, with you both having your hands free to give each other extra stimulation.

Do this position standing up, looking in the same direction.

It's a lot like spooning, only in a standing position.

  • Tip: Do this position with your back against the wall. This way it's easy to maintain your balance.

9 Burning man

This is an awesome anal position if she loves having it a little deeper inside her.

She bends herself 90 degrees over a cupboard or table.

  • Tip: Grab her hands or arms to fuck her even harder.

It's important that you find something comfortable for her to lean on. Think of your kitchen table, a couch, or if you're adventurous, the hood of a car.

10 The pump

This is a nice position for you. If she's strong, it's also pleasant for her.

If she's not strong… Better to skip this position, so she won't fall over.

She stands on the bed and squats.

  • Tip: Use your hands to help her keep her balance and make sure she's as comfortable as possible.

11 The bulldog

This is a wonderful position to try out. You are very dominant in this position.

The advantage of this position is that you can both move up and down.

So if you both have a good sense of rhythm, then this is really something for you

She has to be on her hands and knees. Then you should do a squat and support yourself with your hands on her hips and shoulders.

12 Doggy Style

Without this position, of course the list of anal sex positions wouldn't be complete.

It's super easy. She only has to be on her hands and knees.

If you're on your knees, you can easily let it slip inside.

  • Tip: Be dominant and grab her hips, shoulders or hair to fuck her harder.

13 Heaven's gate

This anal position is ideal if you want to be intimate with each other.

You have your hands free to stroke the entire front of her body.

You have to lie on your back first.

Then she can sit on top of you, and relax backwards onto her back.

14 Leap-frog

This is an easy position, and a doggy style variety.

She does everything the same, only with this position she presses her boobs against the bed.

An easy position to do as a variety on doggy style or bulldog.

  • Tip: This position gives you a lot of control. Try out the 9 - 1 fucking technique (Tip #6 of this article).

15 Tea spooning

Amazing position to enjoy each other's bodies to the maximum.

You do exactly the same things as with the security guards position, only on your knees. 

Make sure you're on a soft surface, so you'll be able to stay like that for a while. ​

From doggy style, it's easy to get to this position.

A simple change which will give you a new experience.

16 Anal fitness

Who could have guessed that that old fitness ball of yours would come in handy after all?

This is a way to make it useful ;)​

She has to lie on top of the fitness ball. Then you can get on top of her.

It's important to help each other keep your balance.

17 Opposites

  • Tip: Make sure you talk if necessary, to keep your balance for example. Or to ask whether she's enjoying herself.

This position will give you an entirely new experience. It's comfortable and feels good to you both.

The position is the same as spooning, but you turn 180 degrees. So your head is next to her feet.

  • Tip: You can use your hands to stimulate a lot of her erogenous zones at the same time.

18 Rider

If she likes to have you on top and in control, this is a good position.

It's simple. She gets on her stomach and you sit on top of her.

If you want better penetration, put a pillow under her groin (with a towel of course).

If you want bonus points, you'll also give her a pillow for her head.​

19 The anal cross

This position is not intimate. It's just fun to try out.

She should lie down on her stomach, with her legs spread.

You then lie on top of her at an angle, and support yourself with your hands.

  • Tip: You can do this position to give each other a break from all those intimate anal sex positions.

How to make anal sex even better

If you want to make anal sex even better, there are 3 important points:

1. A woman should be super horny

In order to make anal sex good, you should make sure that a woman is even more excited than for normal sex. This way there's a better chance that she'll come (which is a little harder than with normal sex).

If you want to learn how to do this, you should read this article with 10 tips to get a woman excited.​

2. Use Dirty Talk

A lot of men make the mistake of only using touches to turn a woman on - but they forget to stimulate the biggest sex organ women have - their brains. Dirty talk is a good way to do this. Here is an article with 12 tips and examples.

3. How to last longer

Let's be honest. During anal sex, most men come a little faster than usual. And that's often sooner than you want. It's important for her that you're able to last longer. Here you can learn how to last 30 min longer, with the help of 13 tips.

These were the 19 anal sex positions and extra tips. Try them out and enjoy.

Happy anal fucking 😉

PS: What is your favorite position? ​

Charles Black

Charles Black is the founder and coach of donofdesire.com. On his blog and YouTube channel he helps men and women improve their and their partners sexlife.

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