How to Get Her to Enjoy Anal: 12 Steps to Anal Orgasm

In this article I’m going to teach you how to consistently give women anal orgasms. Follow this advice and you lady friend won’t just enjoy anal, she’ll begin to crave it, like one of life’s basic necessities.

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Best Lubes For Anal

Best Water Based Lube

When it comes to actual anal sex this should be your go to lube.

It provides long lasting lubrication from a small amount, it doesn’t damage condoms AND it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals that can cause irritations for certain people.

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Best Oil Based Lube

Although, most of the time I recommend water based lubes for safety, if you’re in a long term monogamous relationship and you’re both clean, there’s no reason not to try an oil based lube to see how you like it.

It’s also perfectly fine to use an oil based lube if you’re only going to be using toys in your anal play.

This is my favourite.

Best Desensitising Lube

Sometimes you do everything right, she’s willing, she’s relaxed, she’s excited, but it’s just not going in without pain.

In this situation, there’s nothing wrong with giving her a helping hand. This lube contains a small amount of lidocaine just enough to take take the edge off the pain, but without stopping her from enjoying it.

Warning, this is not water-based.

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Want to Learn How to Get Her Begging for Anal Before You Even Try It?

It’s all good learning how to give a woman an anal orgasm, good on you, you’re going in the right direction.


If she is not excited about doing anal in the first place, she’s not going to enjoy it.

Fear not though, below is a video I have made for you where I break down step by step HOW to get a woman CRAVING anal sex before she ever even tries it.

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