The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

I think you’ll nod at your screen when I say:

Life is tough

Theres so much to do and you have limited time and more importantly limited energy.

Maybe you want to renovate your house, maybe you want to start your own business, maybe you want to lose weight, every morning you start with the best intentions thinking this is the day you’re going to do it.

And if you have a wife/girlfriend and/or a family that is a list of never ending demands right there.


When the end of the day comes, you’re simply exhausted. You want to work, but your brain, energy and willpower seem to have all abandoned you.

Ah such is life.

Or is it?

Have you ever seen that movie Limitless staring Bradley Cooper? (If you haven’t stop reading this article and go and watch it now.

Well Testosterone is the closest thing in real life to the drug in that movie.

It’s basically magic.

It will make you:

  • More Confident
  • More Attractive
  • More Energetic
  • More Focused
  • More Ambitious
  • More Aggressive (in a good way)

Not to mention will be waking up with rock hard erections everyday, and you’ll be so horny the dog will have to watch it’s back.

And in this article I’m going to teach you how to raise it while sitting around on your ass doing nothing (although that’s not something I recommend)

I’m going to give you 8 of the best foods to raise your testosterone.

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The Importance of Macros

This isn’t the subject of this video, so I’m not going to go into great detail


Macros ARE very important if you to maximise your testosterone

And by macros i mean your balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

You see

Most people are quite confused about this subject.

The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

It is widely assumed that protein is the most important macro for testosterone.

This is simply incorrect.

Don’t get me wrong.

Protein is essential for testosterone.

The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

But it has a point of diminishing returns. Once you have an adequate amount of protein adding more won’t boost your testosterone. It will actually decrease it by decreasing the ratio of the other macros.

The ideal amount of protein is about 0.8g per lb of body weight. This is all you need if you are trying to build muscle any more is overkill.

So if you weigh 170lbs/77kg that is 136g of protein a day, or roughly 4 1/2 chicken breasts

The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

It is a similar story with fat.

Fat is essential for high levels of testosterone.

Especially the right kinds of fats.

You want to have high levels of saturated and monounsaturated fats and low levels of polyunsaturated fats, specifically low levels of omega 6.

That means lots of olive oil and coconut oil 😉

You want about 20-40% of your calories from fat.

And the high your ratio of monounsaturated and saturated to polyunsaturated is, the lower your fat intake can be, the closer to 20%.

The reason your fat intake has a cap, a point of diminishing returns, is because if you are eating a certain amount of calories a day, 2500 lets say, if you increase your fat intake, that means you will lower your carbohydrate intake.

And carbohydrates are the most important macro for maximising testosterone.

You want to get the essential amounts of proteins and fats.

And then max the fuck out on carbohydrates. 

Not enough to start putting on fat of course, but as many as you can fit into your calories.

The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

And when i say carbohydrates i don’t mean candy and cola, i mean fruits and vegetables 😉


Lets get onto the foods

1. Eggs

Eggs are amazing.

Some would argue close to a perfect food.​

Especially the yokes.

If you ever meet anyone that says you should be careful with many eggs you eat, or you should get rid of some of the yokes and eat more egg whites, slap them in the face as hard as you can and walk away.

The yokes of eggs are full of cholesterol​

And contrary to popular belief

Cholesterol is not the demon it’s made out to be.

Every cell in your body is made from it and so are all of your steroid hormones.

The 8 Best Foods to Raise Testosterone

And eating cholesterol doesn’t raise your bodies cholesterol levels in the way that doctors worry about. Just like eating fat in your diet isn’t going to make you fat on it’s own, my diet is currently 80% fat and if i say so myself, I’m pretty damn lean.

Don’t believe me?

Give this and this a read.​

Apart from having cholesterol for a T boost, they have an amazing fat profile, calcium, vitamin D and some sweet amino acids all of which boost your testosterone.

Fuck what anyone says, eat as many eggs as you want.

(Unless you have diabetes)​

2. Bone Broth

Modern day man tends to stick solely to meats.

Good old steak.

​But back in the dizzay when we were out on the savanna hunting antelope we weren’t wasting anything, all those organs were getting eaten and so were those bones. eyeballs too.

By just eating meat now we’re missing out on a lot of important vitamins and minerals

Bone broth has too many healthy things with long names in to list.

All you need to know is it is amazing

Eat it everyday

Your testosterone will go up, your joints will be healthier, you’ll sleep better, get your old brain firing at full power, improve your gut health.

One thing that i will mention is that bones contain a protein called osteocalcin, a protein that is only found in bones, and you’ll be happy to know it raises your testosterone.

Study, study, info.​

Another study found that chicken soup specifically had the effect of lowering the bodies inflammatory response to infections, this will lower your cortisol levels and cortisol is the enemy of testosterone, as cortisol goes down testosterone goes up and vise versa.

3. Salt

Not all salts are the same.

And like cholesterol, salt has been unfairly demonised.

When doctors tell you to avoid salt they are right because they are talking about the crap you see almost everywhere.

Table salt

Table salt is just sodium chloride, maybe with some fluoride, synthetic iodine and anti-caking agents added in nothing else, it’s shit.

T​hrow it away.


And try to cut it out of the food you buy, that means no fast food and no ready meals, try to eat whole foods as much as you possibly can.

Sea salt on the other hand is unprocessed and contains a boat load of minerals


Even better than sea salt is Himalayan sea salt​.

​The king of salts

With the most minerals

84 to be precise.

​If you don’t believe me that salt is not bad for you and in actual fact good for you here are some studies.

Study​, study, study, study, study, study

There is an upper limit to how much salt is good for you, but if you are eating a whole food diet and you’ve cut out the crap the chances that you’ll hit it are very very low.

4. Cabbage

This one is a bit different than the others

It doesn’t actually increase your testosterone.

It lowers your estrogen

And while oestrogen is essential for both men and women, there is an optimal range.

But there are only a small number of men who need to worry about suboptimal ​levels of estrogen, it is much more common for estrogen to be too high

If estrogen gets too high in men it can actually work to lower your testosterone and on top of that it can decrease the benefits of the testosterone you do have.

5. Chocolate

Again it’s not all equal.

Snickers won’t do.

You need dark chocolate, and the darker the better, it should be at least 80%.​

Chocolate is from cocoa tree and it it full of lots of lovely fat and minerals, a bit of fibre in there too for good luck.

It is very high in magnesium and zinc which are both essential for high testosterone.

it is also high in Nitric Oxide, which is what you need for rock solid erections 😉

Let me reiterate that milk chocolate won’t do, if you get chocolate with a lot of sugar in, the sugar will be lowering your testosterone, while the chocolate is raising it.

I know the darker chocolate tastes like shit at first, but so did beer and coffee, push through and you’ll learn to love it.

​Personally i stir pure cocoa powder into my coffees in the mornings, now that really does taste like shit, but I’m a weirdo that just sees food as fuel.

6. Avacados

A great fat profile, high monounsaturated fat low poly unsaturated fat, exactly what you want, b vitamins, folic acid, potassium, magnesium.


They taste good with everything.

They’re perfect​

7. Probiotics

​Introducing more of the good bacteria that live in your gut.

It’s going to be the future of medicine

I bet you

and stem cells and fecal transplants

but i digress.​

In this study they gave mice the probiotic

Lactobaccilus Reuteri ATCC 6475

And in one version of the study the gave the mice a standard American diet​.

High fat, low fibre, low vitamin d.

and the rats that were supplemented with the probiotic had T levels 7 time higher​ than those who were not given it.

Their balls were bigger too!!

You can also get probiotics in natural yoghurts and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.

8. Cheese

Cheese is high in good old saturated fat

It also has high levels of vitamin k2, another important vitamin for testosterone.

Add that to it being a high level ​of zinc and you’re laughing

You could always ​combine the last two as well and go for blue cheese.

The bacteria that makes the blue of the blue cheese works as a probiotic.

mm mm mmmmmmmmm​

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