12 Steps to Give Her an Anal Orgasm

For a lot of men, anal is a fantasy not yet realised.

After reading this blog, you will be able to have anal as often as you want.

Not only that, she will be the one begging you to take her up the ass.

Use all the steps to get her excited and addicted to anal.

What You Will Learn in These 12 Steps:

But first…

Why Do So Many Men Fail and Why is It Important to Do the Correct Thing Right From the Start?

Most men try to ‘convince’ their lady. They try to trick their women into doing it with logic.

They tell her it will be nice, it won’t hurt, make her all kind of promises…

When you’re lucky, perhaps she will agree doing it on your birthday or once while feeling a bit tipsy.

But this is not the correct way to do it and definitely not the way to get her addicted to having your dick up her ass.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who just got a very open minded girlfriend as a gift from the sex gods or a girl with a very smart ex-boyfriend who did do it the correct way…

(In case it’s the latter, you should thank that guy ;)…)

You need to do it in a different way and slowly build it up.

You need her to slowly get used to it and enjoy every step of it.

This way she will get addicted to anal.

Often, men hurt their women while trying it the first time after ‘convincing’ her.

But if it’s done right it doesn’t have to painful at all

And for a lot of women it can be more intense than vaginal orgasm.

The front wall is where all the good things are but at the back you have the A spot.

With the anus you have a thin wall, but in this thin wall there is a lot of pleasure giving nerve endings.

If you get the right angle, if you are doing things in the right way not only are you stimulating the thin wall of nerve endings but you’re also pushing up to these intense spots within the vagina.

Not only does it mean more intense orgasms but also more consistently and frequently.

So let’s begin:

1. Make Sure It's Clean

You want to give her as much pleasure as possible while you’re doing.

To make the experience as nice as possible for her…

You have to keep some things in mind.

Because at the same time while you want to pleasure her, you also want to remove anything that might make her not want to do it again and one of those things is a mess.

For obvious reasons…a

So before you start, ask her to go to the toilet.

If you don’t want to ask her this because you might think it will ruin her mood or think it’s weird, just make sure you time it so you do it just after she had had a shower.

2. Give Her a Massage

For a woman to have an orgams she has to enjoy it.

For a woman to enjoy it she has to relax.

She has to be turned on and relax.

By giving her a massage you can first of all relax her but at the same time you can turn it into an erotic experience and turn her on.

Read this blog to learn how to do that:

15 Tips For Giving Your Partner An Erotic Massage

3. Don't Begin With Anal, Start With Oral

Before you even start with anal, start with oral.

Lick her pussy like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

Not only to turn her on like the tip before…

Let me explain.

When you lick her pussy, be sloppy and let it all drip down into her asshole.

Make good use of her getting wet to use it kind of as a lube.

After one or two minutes, take your finger – which should be well manicured – and slowly and gently rub around her asshole.

Just tease around it.

Give her anus a little massage and relax her anus.

It’s like telling her anus that nothing bad is going to happen and she’s in good hands 😉

4. Begin With Something Small

Don’t start of fucking her up in the ass right away with your dick.

Don’t even think about using your dick at this point.

Start of with something smaller.

You either use your finger or your buttplug.

Your finger is fine, however you MUST be manicured and file your nails.

Little tip:

What also could work is using a condom and putting it around your finger to get a bit of the edge of your nails of and make it more comfortable for her.

Also, don’t forget to use lube.

Spit is no longer good enough once you actually go inside her. You must use lube.

There’s no such thing as too much lube when you’re speaking about anal.

And also, you want to be specific about how you insert your finger.

Don’t push it in, just apply pressure consistently, just apply a consistent and moderate amount of pressure.

Your finger will naturally slide in.

You both want to relax her and loosen her up before you put in your dick.

Once you’re inside just leave your finger there and let her get used to having something in her ass.

This could be comfortable.

Whenever you put anything in any girls’s ass be stimulating her clit.

For more about how to finger her, watch these two videos:

Ultimate Guide To A-Spot Orgasms | How To Give Multiple Orgasms (BETTER THAN G-SPOT)

How To Finger A Girl. 5 Fingering Techniques To Get Her To Orgasm Every time

5. Decide if Now is the Time

You have to decide whether it is a good time or not.

You should have observed her and seen how she feels, is she turned on or not by it.

Does she moan?

Does she move her body a lot?

Does she get incredibly wet?

Look and observe her reaction when you first put in your finger or a buttplug.

If ​she does not react good, just have normal sex first.

No need to mention it.

Repeat the process next time or wait the next time when she’s extremely turned on before you start doing it.

6. Make Her Come Before or During

In general women fall in two spectrums when you give them a clitoral orgasm.

The first one is the kind women who want to be fucked afterwards and can keep going, perhaps even get more orgasms.

If this is the case, you probably know what to do, since it’s absolutely no problem.

The second one, is women who after the orgasms don’t feel aroused and horny anymore, they don’t want to be touched, feel very sensitive and they need some time to recover.

If you think the orgasm will turn her on more and make the experience even better do it.

But if she’s not like that, then you don’t want to do it to prevent ruining the experience.

Just let her come afterwards.

7. Use a Bucket of Lube

You can’t use too much lube.

With lube you have oiled base lube and water based lube.

Oil based lube is in general better since you can apply it and use it almost as long as you want.

But it’s less good for a condom.

Water Based Lube

When it comes to actual anal sex this should be your go to lube.

It provides long lasting lubrication from a small amount, it doesn’t damage condoms AND it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals that can cause irritations for certain people.

Click here to learn more.

Oil Based Lube

Although, most of the time I recommend water based lubes for safety, if you’re in a long term monogamous relationship and you’re both clean, there’s no reason not to try an oil based lube to see how you like it.

It’s also perfectly fine to use an oil based lube if you’re only going to be using toys in your anal play.

This is my favourite.

Best Desensitising Lube

Sometimes you do everything right, she’s willing, she’s relaxed, she’s excited, but it’s just not going in without pain.

In this situation, there’s nothing wrong with giving her a helping hand. This lube contains a small amount of lidocaine just enough to take take the edge off the pain, but without stopping her from enjoying it.

Warning, this is not water-based.

Click here to learn more.

8. Go in Slow

You can never go too slow.

I suggest using the spooning position or her on top.

Because now she can have control in how quick you go in.

Don’t start of with her on top because she will be tensed.

Get the tip of your dick on her ass together with lube and just put a little pressure and let her do the work.

Let her push back in a pace she’s comfortable with.

9. Once Inside, Lay Low

Don’t go in there and keep fucking her in the ass.

Just don’t move.

Just keep your dick in her ass or give her an orgasm.

Just the fact that you have your dick in her ass while you do this can double the intensity of her clitoral orgasm.

Either do it with your hand, a vibrator or letting herself play with herself and getting an orgasm.

To enjoy sex and have an anal orgasm you need to do 4 things

– Get her excited about having anal sex
– Stimulate her clit
– Get the thrusting right
– And do it often

If you do those 4 things you will almost automatically get the anal orgasms.

10. Correct Thrusting

You want to be hitting the spots of her vagina at the right places.

So once again, spooning or her laying on her back.

Go slow.

Don’t go all the way in and out yet, that might hurt some women.

Think about what she likes.

What depths does she like?

Observe her and look what she likes, try a lot of different things and watch her reaction.

Try something for at least 60 seconds or so.

If you see what she likes keep doing that.

There’s no need to do special things or tricks since it’s already really turning her on.

11. When She's Coming, Relax

For a lot of women it could be painful if you keep fucking her while she’s coming.

It could be that she does like it, but you want to ease your way in that.

If you notice that it’s not a problem for her after a couple of times, do whatever you want ;).

But once again, watch her reaction and see what she does or does not like.

The entire experience has to be pleasurable for her to want to do it again, so it better to avoid any kind of pain of uncomfortableness.

12. Pull Out Slowly...

Again, you don’t want to hurt her.

If you pull out fast, it could hurt her,

So go slowly.

​There’s no need to rush and ruin the ending ;).

Bonus tip: if she loves anal sex, she might like double penetration too.

You don’t need to call in another man but you could buy a double penetration cockring.

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