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5 Simple Tips for Amazing Afterplay After Sex

Are you one of those men who just turns over after sex and falls asleep snoring?

Then you are ignoring an important aspect of sex.


Are you not doing this?

This will make a woman feel used and this is a huge turn-off.

This may sound exaggerated, but with women it’s just different:

Research even shows that couples who do afterplay have a better relationship. Psychologists with the University of Michigan have shown that afterplay is even CRUCIAL to be able to form a good bond.

So Afterplay Can Be Just as Important as the Foreplay and the Sex..

Another interesting thing;

Even if you only want it to be one night, you can still do afterplay.


Women appreciate the sex a lot less if there’s no afterplay. Even if it’s after a one night stand.

And of course you don’t want that.

If you want to be a good lover, read this carefully:

Here You Will Learn Exactly What Afterplay is, Why Women Find It Important and How to Give Her Good Afterplay:

Apply These Simple Tips for Afterplay and:

What is Afterplay (Meaning)?

The name actually gives it away: it’s the part that comes after sex.

So afterplay happens after you (both) have come.

Maybe you don’t even know it…

And you’re already doing it subconsciously.

You just don’t talk about it explicitly.

"Definition of Afterplay: You Get Intimate After the Sex"

This can happen in different ways:

The way in which someone needs afterplay can be different for every person and situation.

In general, women need afterplay a lot more than men.

Why Do Men Need Afterplay Less?

Afterplay is worth a lot more to women than to men.

And this is the reason:

With men the excitement vanishes after they’ve come. After sex, we go into a phase of rest. A hormone (prolactine) is even released that makes sure we fall asleep.

Women on the Other Hand…

They often stay in that sexual atmosphere a bit longer.

Just imagine how it is for a woman when she’s still completely on cloud nine, because you’ve just given her an amazing orgasm.

And then suddenly you ruin the mood by getting in the shower and leaving her alone.


You ignore her completely and just fall asleep.


Why is Afterplay Important?

It bothers a woman if you don’t do afterplay after sex.

Take a look at the kind of things women post about it online:​

A woman obviously prefers it if you DO give her afterplay after sex.

Even if the sex itself is not that great

No afterplay will even lose you points after good sex.

Why Do Women Like Afterplay After Sex?

Afterplay is one of the 13 things women like in bed. Read the other 12 here.

The purpose of this?

Strengthening the Bond Between the Two of You.

Step-by-step for Strengthening Your Bond

Read on carefully:

6 Things You Should Never Do During Afterplay

1. Falling Asleep

Men seem to be programmed to fall asleep after sex.

This is because an orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes you sleepy. Even if it’s scientifically speaking not your fault, it can make your partner insecure if you fall asleep right away after ejaculation.

Having trouble not falling asleep?

2. Looking on Your Phone

This one is pretty logical.

There’s no worse way to make her feel bad. You’re making it clear to her that you don’t care, because your attention is somewhere else right away.

Even if it’s important, think of your partner’s feelings and try to delay it a little longer.

3. Asking Her to Leave

Even if you’ve only just met her and you actually don’t really feel like having a sleepover. It’s incredibly rude to ask her to leave as soon as the sex is over.

Instead of kicking her out of bed right away, it would be better to first follow the tips for afterplay.

ESPECIALLY if you’re hoping to have sex with her again.

Do you have an important appointment, and not much time? Be subtle about it.

Tell her you’d prefer to stay with her, but unfortunately you have to go. Whatever you do, do NOT kick her out of bed without a little bit of afterplay. Even if it’s only 10 minutes.

4. Staying Too Long Yourself

It works the other way around too. If she gives you subtle hints that she has somewhere to be, don’t stick around too long.

And do not fall asleep.

Nothing is as unattractive as a clingy man. Give her the attention she deserves with afterplay, and then leave in time.

This is especially applicable in the case of a one night stand. Check this article for more one night stand tips.

5. Having a Deep Conversation

A good conversation is nice. She’ll be grateful to you if you dare to be vulnerable.

But if you, very inappropriately, declare your love for her in an exaggerated way: she’s more likely to call you crazy. After super hot sex, your brain may come up with some strange things.

Blurting out ‘I love you’ without restraint is not very helpful. Especially if you may not even mean it.

6. Continuing the Dirty Talk

Even if you were saying the most kinky things during sex before, this is a NO-GO during afterplay. Save your naughty erotic fantasies for the hot moments during sex .

5 Tips for Good Afterplay

Okay, you are now convinced that afterplay is good for your relationship and your sex life.

But what is she expecting?

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to have boring conversations until deep in the night.

If you follow these simple tips, you can be sure that you’re doing well.

1. Pay Attention to Her

Don’t start doing something else directly after sex, even if it’s showering. It’s important to pay attention to her. This can be done mentally and physically.

2. Help Her Clean Herself Up

Women don’t like it when you get up right away to go to the bathroom or take a shower, they don’t want to leave the bed themselves either. And they often do have to if you’ve had sex without a condom, and you’ve come inside her.

Women find it terribly unromantic to run to the bathroom to quickly get rid of your load.

Do you really want to score points?

Put a towel within reach beforehand and give it to her then. Some women find it a little uncomfortable if you clean them up, so I wouldn’t just do that without permission.

Plus, it’s practical to have a towel within reach anyway (think of squirting).

3. Physical Contact

Petting, kissing, cuddling and holding her. Make sure you have physical contact with her. Falling asleep together can also be part of it, as long as you’re holding her.

A good hug + “You’re great” goes a long way towards making her feel good.

4. Talk to Her

For a man this is often harder than for a women, because we’re already in the resting phase.

We don’t feel like talking. A good conversation is not something that just comes to you, although for a woman this is the ideal moment.


It doesn’t have to be a long and boring conversation.

5. Enjoy the Moment Together

Do you still feel the need to shower?

Take her in there with you.

You’ll both be naked, so it will still be an intimate moment.

Or watch some TV together, while cuddling. This way you will still have the physical contact.

And without you having to talk a lot while you’re tired.

The effect is still the same.

Make Her Something to Eat

Something that works too:

If you get her something nice to eat. There’s a fair chance you’re both hungry because of the wild sex you’ve just had.

Give her a compliment, tell her something personal, or listen if she needs to tell you something.

Think of strawberries, chocolate or bits of cheese. And maybe even a glass of wine to go with it.

Please note;

Make sure you already have food at your place. When I say get her something to eat, I don’t mean pop out to the supermarket and leave her alone in bed.

That would NOT be a good move.

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