The A Spot in Women: The Definitive Guide to Give Her Endless Orgasms

In this article you will learn:

  • How to find the A Spot
  • How to give women A Spot orgasms for peak sexual pleasure
  • Why it’s better than G Spot stimulation
  • How to make her wet every time you have sex

What is the A Spot?

What if I told you there was a way to give your woman orgasm after orgasm, with no need for a break in between?

Or be able to get your woman gushing in a matter of seconds?

I know it all sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.


Enter the ‘A Spot’.

Everyone knows about the elusive ‘G Spot’ but the A Spot is not common knowledge.

If you give your partner a G Spot or clitoral orgasm you will know that she gets sensitive immediately after and often doesn’t want to be touched at all for a period of time afterwards.

However, that is not the case with the  A Spot, allowing you to go on and on and on, all night.

Warn the neighbors!

The A Spot is one of the woman’s many erogenous zones, a region of sensitive tissue along the front wall of the vagina which can get her very, very sexually aroused.

It is named the A Spot because its technical name is the anterior fornix; anterior meaning ‘nearer the front’, and fornix being latin for ‘arch’.

Because it is located deep inside the vagina – deeper than the G Spot – it is also known as the deep spot, and also can be referred to as the female prostate because it’s located in the same place as the prostate in males.

Stimulating this spot is not only a great way to give women multiple orgasms, but it also a very effective way to make her wet almost instantly when you done correctly.

And if your partner struggles to achieve a vaginal orgasm, then stimulating the A Spot could ticket to overcoming this.

Simply put, it’s a great edition to your sex life.

Who discovered the A Spot?

It was first discovered in 1993 by Dr Chua Chee Ann, with the first published study about it in 1997, in which it is referred to as the AFE Zone, which means Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone.

Dr Chua has spent decades researching treatments for vaginal dryness and orgasmic dysfunction in women.

If we’re talking about world experts on female sexual anatomy, he is our guy!

By stimulating the A Spot, he found a “rapid onset of reflex vaginal lubrication and build-up of erotic sensitivity, culminating in orgasms in some cases.”

Two thirds of women in the study who had chronic complaints of dryness and pain or discomfort during intercourse noted a significant positive physiological response, with 15% getting instant orgasms.

When publishing the study it went against the grain of conventional thinking and though Dr Chua has been waiting for other researchers to come out and replicate and add to his findings, it has not happened.

He believes this is for two reasons:

  • Because they are not brave enough to do so and challenge the status quo
  • In many countries sexologists are not allowed to have any contact with their patients, but the stimulation requires physical contact

Dr Chua not only stands by his research, having launched a dedicated website to promote his work, but there are countless men and women, like myself, who attest for the existence of the A Spot.

Trust me.

I’ve touched it, stimulated it and watched many women come again, and again, and again.

Unbelievable. I have already had 3 orgasms. It was incredibly strong. I was screaming so loud I’m sure the whole street could hear me. And I squirted across the room, like a litre and I was going for 5 minutes. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, I couldn’t stop shaking for 2 hours afterwards.


Where is the A Spot?

Know where the A Spot is

The A Spot is known for being a little more difficult to find than the G Spot.

The G Spot is located about 1-2 inches inside the vagina, to find the G Spot you would take your hand, palm facing up and with her laying on her back, slide your finger in and press into the front wall, the A Spot is anywhere from 2-5 inches deeper than that along the vaginal wall.

You should note that every women’s internal structures is slightly different, but as a rough rule, it is normally 4-6 inches – along the front wall of the vagina.

It is a few inches past the G Spot but before the cervix, take a look at the above diagram to see the accompanying visuals and get it clear in your head.

It is a few inches past the G Spot between the cervix and the bladder, take a look at the above diagram to see the accompanying visuals and get it clear in your head.

It will take some experimenting but if you remain persistent, you should be able to find it.

How to find the A Spot?

This should go without saying, but I feel like I should make it extra clear:

When doing this with your partner, do not approach it as an operation or medical examination.

Go through your normal foreplay, get her warmed up and build up to it.

And as always, make sure your nails are cut and filed, smooth with no edges.

What follows is what to do when you get to the point of going inside her with your fingers.

Don’t ignore or neglect the build up!

One of the ways in finding the A Spot

With that said, here’s what you need to do:

  • Curl your other fingers out of the way and gently slide the full length of your middle finger inside
  • Run your finger along the front wall of her vagina, past the G Spot, until you feel a hard edge
  • Just past this is the A Spot, it will feel smoother and larger than the G Spot
  • Be careful going too deep, you do not want to touch the cervix which is an uncomfortable sensation for most women – think of it like being kicked in the balls!

If you are struggling to hit it perfectly, try this:

With your other hand that is not inside her, place it the lower trunk of her front, between her belly button and pussy.

Another way of finding the A Spot

Apply some pressure, almost imagine closing the gap between both hands, pushing them together.

Note the exact positioning of the A Spot varies massively from woman to woman, and things such as:

  • The size of your hand
  • Depth of her vagina
  • Time of the month
  • The size and shape of your dick
  • How aroused she is
  • The specific layout of her inside

All impact the exact technique you might use to hit the A Spot effectively.

For example, take uterus placement on different women and how it can impact A Spot location.

Here are two different types of uterus in the majority of women

There are two different types of uterus in the majority of women:

  • Normal uterus
  • Tipped uterus

50% of women have what is considered a ‘normal’ uterus, with 30% having tipped and the rest having something in between.

In the normal uterus, the A Spot is much closer to the entrance of the vagina, while if a woman has a tipped uterus, it pulls the A Spot away from the entrance.

If you don’t think you can reach, you have two options:

  • You can pull her knees up to her stomach to shorten her vagina,
  • With your other hand push down just above the pubic mound to push the A Spot down

Finding and stimulating the A Spot with a toy

If you can’t find it with the finger, your next best option is a toy.

Though some guys feel like using a toy is a sign of their inadequacy without an ‘aid’ – don’t get sucked into this way of thinking.

Finding the A Spot with a sex toy in many instances is actually a better option; to get the depth with your hands, your finger needs to be pretty stretched out and after some time this can get tiring and uncomfortable.

A toy negates this fatigue and will allow you to stick with stimulating her for longer.

I would suggest choosing a toy that is 5 inches long at a minimum, designed for G Spot and A Spot stimulation – generally one with a slight curve is optimal.

There are two types of toy I recommend for hitting the A Spot:

This G Spot vibrator is softer and as the name suggests, has a vibrating function, whilst the glass dildo is actually made of glass, so is solid and inflexible.

When it comes to using a sex toy for the A Spot, the most important thing is their shape, they are not too thick and they are curved up at the end allowing to hit just the right spot.

Which toy to use, will depend on the woman you are with, but in my experience, a lot of women are intimidated by the glass one to begin with.

With that said, once you are able to it effectively with the glass one, it is game over as she will be turned on beyond belief.

However, I would suggest starting with the soft G Spot vibrator to be less intimidating, but just remember that when you know what you’re doing, get the glass one to experiment with and max out on potential pleasure.

Once you have your toy of choice, put it in at a strong angle, and slowly and gently push back towards the back of her vagina until you feel it push into the pocket, or what feels like the end of vagina.

Find and Stimulate the A Spot by using a Toy

The reason you want the strong angle is to make sure you don’t touch her cervix – we’ve already spoken about that; it’s sensitive and girls don’t want it touched.

When it comes to getting the right angle, the best thing you could do is invest in a liberator, otherwise known as a sex position wedge or pillow.

It is hands down one of the best things you can add to the bedroom.

You might think, how good can a pillow possibly be, but trust me on this.

Whatever position you choose it will increase and change those angles so much it will get you hitting the right spots every time.

How to give an A Spot orgasm?

You can give an A Spot orgasm with just your hand or your dick and no supplementary bits, but for best results, I suggest investing in the following:

  • Some lube
  • Some specialized dildos or vibrators (See above)
  • A liberator (a sex positioning pillow)
  • A towel if you don’t want to sleep in soaking wet sheets.

1) Get her horny

The hornier she is the more sensitive her A Spot she will be meaning she will come more consistently, often, faster and harder.

As I say repeatedly, warm her up – build the anticipation.

You can’t just start fingering her.

2) Create the right environment

This goes right in line with the first point to get her horny.

In general, guys seriously underestimate how important the environment is.

Just because we’d be happy to do it in a nightclub or in a cardboard box, it does not mean a woman is!

Dimming the lights, putting some music on (no lyrics, chilled vibes), and turning the temperature up or keeping her socks on to ensure she is warm are all good starting points to get the right environment into play.

The perfect environment will depend on her personal preferences – learn what they are, it will be worth it.

3) Don’t go straight for the orgasm

Do not rush.

Spend as long as you can before you get to actually trying to make her orgasm building to it.

Commit to spending at least 10 to 15 minutes, focusing on every other part of her body.

Kiss her, massage her, caress her – get her gagging for it.

Anticipation is everything for arousal.

The more aroused she is, the more sensitive the A Spot will be.

4) Find the A Spot

Now it’s time to find the actual A Spot.

We’ve already gone through the instructions above – follow them and locate the A Spot.

5) Stimulate the A Spot

Ok, so you’ve found the A Spot.

Now what do you do?

It will depend on whether you are using your fingers, your dick or a toy.

But let me just re-emphasise whichever method you are going with – it is very sensitive – be gentle.

If you are using your finger, start gently by stroking it, try different strokes and vary the pressure.

If you are using a toy, try a rocking motion so you are kind of tapping into it.

If you are having sex, start with very small thrusts with the right angle – perhaps with help of the liberator.

The first time you try it, pick one of those methods and stimulate her consistently for about 5 minutes.

The A Spot can take a little bit of time to warm up, when you first start she may be a little blase about it, but 5 minutes of it she could be clawing at the sheets.

After 5 minutes, look at some other ways of stimulating it.

Communicate and ask her what she prefers.

Some will like tapping, some come here motion, some circular, some back and forth, some like the vibration of the toy, others not.

If you’re doing everything right, it should take about 15 minutes to get her to come through the A Spot.

As a rough guideline, I would aim to go for 20 minutes and if it isn’t happening, move on to something else and come back to it another time.

You want to remove any pressure or expectations.

Try different methods and ask her which she prefers.

The A Spot will most likely take a few attempts to figure out.

But when you do figure it out, stay consistent – keep the same speed, same consistency, same pressure and bring her to that never ending orgasm.

6) Stimulate the clitoris

There’s rarely any time I wouldn’t suggest throwing in some clitoral stimulation into sexual activities, and this is no different.

Just because a woman can’t have the A Spot orgasm, doesn’t mean she can’t have a *lot* of pleasure.

Combining a clitoral orgasm with A Spot stimulation can give her the most intense orgasm ever.

Some women might find the addition of clitoral stimulation too much or a distraction – communicate with her to find out what suits her best.

7) Talk Her Through It

If she’s never had an A Spot orgasm it might help to talk dirty to her as she comes close.

But you must do it right.

When she’s just on the edge and just needs a gentle edge over.

If you’ve given her an orgasm before, you should know the tell-tale signs when she is close.

She might start moaning louder, panting hard, breathing heavier, writhing in the streets, clamping up.

When you see the signs, say:

“Come, come for me baby, I want to see you come for me”

You don’t need to be smart, you don’t need to be clever,  you can just repeat the same things until you get her to that ecstasy-inducing orgasm.

Remember to keep the pressure incredibly soft to begin with, but adjust accordingly by communicating with your partner.

She may want it harder, or even softer – you can only know this by talking to her and reading her body signals.

Every woman is different.

Best sex positions for A Spot stimulation

There are numerous positions that can help hit the A Spot perfectly, and here are six of my top recommendations:

Lifted Missionary

Stimulate the A Spot by using the Lifted Missionary position

A slight alteration on traditional missionary, it can be done with pillows or the liberator aka sex ramp that I mentioned earlier.

The pillows or liberator will tilt your pelvis to change the angle to get you in a better position to hit the A Spot just right.

To perform it:

  • Your partner is on her back as if doing normal missionary
  • Place pillow or liberator under her hips
  • Adjust placement accordingly for optimal angle
  • You lie on top between their legs facing them
  • Get her to pull her knees to her chest for deeper penetration and angle adjustment


Stimulate the A Spot by using the Doggy position

A favorite position for many, doggy is great for hitting the A Spot.

To perform it:

  • Get your partner on all fours, with you kneeling behind her
  • Enter her from behind, and get her to shift her hips back toward you
  • Find a motion that allows the A Spot to be hit with each thrust

A Plus

Stimulate the A Spot by using the A Plus position

Similar to doggy style but with some slight alterations in positioning.

To perform it:

  • Get her all on all fours, again with you kneeling behind her
  • However, this time make sure she really puts in the lower back arch with the butt tilt to improve the angle
  • For an even tighter angle, get her to squeeze her legs together between your legs


Whenever your partner is on top, often known as cowgirl, it allows her a little more control along with deep penetration.

There are a bunch of different variations of having her on top; reverse, seated or leaning.

To perform it:

  • You (the guy) lie down on your back
  • Get your girl to straddle you, with their knees either side of your hips
  • Get her to lower herself all the way down onto their dildo or penis
  • Get her to rock back and forth until you find an angle that hits the A Spot

The Apex

Stimulate the A Spot by using the Apex position

This crab-crawl-like-woman-on-top-position is great for visuals for you whilst being a great angle to hit her A Spot.

To perform it:

  • Sit on the floor, legs outstretched supporting yourself with your arms behind you on the floor
  • Get her to mount you leaning back with her arms behind her supporting her on the floor, almost as if she is pushing herself forward
  • Let her go to work rocking back and forth to angle herself for the best A Spot contact.

Rear Entry Missionary (Anal)

If you and your partner are up for anal, the rear entry missionary position is a good opportunity to stimulate the A Spot.

Rear entry can hit the A Spot through the thin tissues of the vaginal wall.

To give this a try:

  • Start in normal missionary – get her to lie on her back, and you get between her legs facing her
  • You may find it helpful to lift her knees slightly – so you can hold on to her calves to help support 
  • Once you’re ready to go and have applied ample lube, enter her ass slowly and gently
  • She can put her hands on your hips to help control speed and depth as you work out a rhythm and angle that works for you both
  • As a bonus, get her to play with her clit as you penetrate her

Masturbation and the A Spot

If you are in a committed relationship it is worth encouraging your girlfriend to invest in self-play.

If a woman can learn what she likes and dislikes in the bedroom, it makes things a lot easier when it comes to involving a partner.

Every woman likes different things, and it’s important for her to work out what those are.

In my experience, girls who masturbate not only can help communicate to me how best to get them off, but they are also a lot more confident with their body.

When it comes to the A Spot, Dr Chua Chee Ann says if females manage to locate the A Spot correctly themselves they can lubricate within 5-10 seconds and become orgasmic in 1-2 minutes!

If you want to give your girlfriend some encouragement and guidance to masturbating and hitting the A Spot, here are some suggestions for her:

  • Create a relaxed environment; warm room, no chance of being disturbed (lock the door!), music, maybe some candles
  • Lie on your back
  • Insert your fingers inside along the front of your vaginal wall with your palm up and fingertips curled towards your belly button
  • An inch to an inch and a half in you should find the first patch of tissue which feels a little spongy, that is the G Spot.
  • Keep going up inch by inch past the G Spot will be the A Spot
  • Experiment with small side to side or long swiping motions

She may also want to experiment with toys – check out our earlier section on which toys we recommend and the techniques to ensure you are hitting the A Spot.

Differences between the A Spot and G Spot

The G Spot is small, around the size of a penny.

Meanwhile, the A Spot can be considered more of a ‘zone’.

The area of the A Spot is a lot larger, and location can vary more drastically than the G Spot.

Additionally, the A Spot is a lot deeper than the G Spot, normally you need to go at least 5 inches in, whilst the G Spot is only a couple of inches in.

Finally, when it comes to stimulating it, whilst for  G Spot stimulation you will generally succeed with a come hither motion, the A Spot is open to a lot more different forms of touch.

In fact many experts such as Dr Chua don’t recommend the come here motion for the A Spot, instead saying different strokes and pressure are actually optimal.


Now you have everything you need to get your girl wet and orgasming all night, take this knowledge and apply it.

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