6 Steps Towards Becoming Better in Bed: The Ultimate Guide for Good Sex & a Fantastic Sex Life

You have finally found it:

The ultimate sex guide for becoming better in bed.

This guide was made for the men who don’t know MasterLover yet – and for the seasoned veterans among us who want an overview of the information.

This is a sort of signpost.


All men have something to learn when it comes to sex. There’s just a LOT to learn.

​And, if you are a man who wants to get the best out of himself

…this is the right place to find the best information on becoming better in bed.

And by “information,” I mean:

The 4 Elements of Good Sex and a Fantastic Sex Life

These 4 elements are the same that a top dating coach uses to make women fall in love – and that sex coaches use to be loved and worshipped in their relationships.

It works for every man.

It also works if you are fat, ugly, poor, or anything like that.

​There are 4 things you should achieve in order to have a fantastic sex life:

These are the 4 elements of becoming better in bed. In 1 of these 4 categories you will read sex tips you won’t find anywhere else.

So, read the next page with FOCUS. Multiple times, so you’ll remember it.

This is not something you’ve learned during sexual education at school.

Learn the 6 Steps Towards Becoming Better in Bed

So, now you’ll start learning new tips and tricks, and you should constantly remind yourself of the process below. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting time.

These are the 6 steps to the MasterLover system:​

From the bottom to the top:

  1. Getting her interested & comfortable
  2. Getting her excited in the right way
  3. Making her come during foreplay
  4. Long, good sex, with her coming (several times)
  5. Afterplay with emotional connection
  6. Keeping it exciting in bed(variety)

​Let’s analyze all 6 steps 1 by 1. At the same time, I will give you links with information, so you can learn more about it.

Some info is available for free on the Don of Desire blog, and you can get other info in paid courses that are available.

So let’s get started:​

Step 1. Getting Her Interested & Comfortable

This is the very first step towards a fantastic sex life.

Before you can have GOOD sex with a woman – she has to be interested in you and/or comfortable with you.

Getting Her Interested

A woman can only have good sex with you, if she’s actually attracted to you.

Most single men will understand this. You don’t have much chance if she doesn’t like you.

But, if you’re in a relationship (whether it’s lasted for weeks or years) – then this may be even more important.


It’s a real danger in any relationship that the attraction will wear off after some time. It’s not like before, which is normal.

But, what would be worse: you have changed and you don’t act as attractive as when you met her.

Maybe you’ve become a little lazy, and you’re letting her boss you around, or maybe you’re acting unattractive in another way.

The result of unattractive behavior?

It's Impossible for Her to Have Good Sex With You.

Unattractive behavior is a very big turn-off for women. So much so that good sex is impossible.

Making Her Comfortable

There are two kinds of “comfortable.”

One of them consists of a woman feeling safe with you, trusting you – and the other is that she feels relaxed.

The first has more to do with flirting, and you can probably find enough about that online, so I won’t talk about that here.

I will discuss the second. Because:​

Do you know how quickly women can go from depressed behavior to ultimate happiness?

A matter of seconds.

For Example:

When I was single, at some point I had a date with a woman who was 24, while I was a bit younger.

At the end of the evening we ended up in bed together, but she didn’t want to have sex.

The next time we met up, she jumped me like she’d been dry for the past 5 years.

When I asked her why she didn’t want to have sex the first time, she said:

“I hadn’t shaved that time”​

​Something so silly (to us men) can cause a woman to feel uncomfortable, meaning she doesn’t want to have sex.

Just because there is a thought in her head that stops her from relaxing (and getting excited).

What You Have to Understand About Women:

Now that she is attracted to you and feeling comfortable, it’s time for step 2:

Step 2. Get Her Excited in the Right Way

A lot of men think that if they themselves are excited, the woman will be just as excited.

The result?

Quick and short sex that very rarely makes the woman come.

You can’t call it good sex.​


There is a Difference Between "Being Excited" and "Being Excited."

Imagine this:

You have not eaten in a few hours, or you’ve just come home from the gym.

How would you now describe your hunger?

Probably as something like “a light hunger.”

Now compare this to the following hunger:

You have not eaten in 5 days and all you want is to drink a bit of water.

How would you describe that?

“Orphans in Africa hunger?”

A Woman Can Be Just as Horny as the Skin and Bones Orphans in Africa Are Hungry.

It’s a harsh way to put it, but it’s true.

​There is a very big difference between these two kinds of being excited.

And if you know how to get her this excited and horny, then:​

Did I get your attention?

Good. Then focus as you read on:

There Are 2 Ways to Get Her Excited

You can get her excited mentally with certain specific things you do, words you say, and sometimes even dirty talk.

But beware:

There are a lot of pitfalls with this, and a lot of mistakes you can make. (To name just one: going too fast or saying the wrong thing.)

​Getting her physically excited is a bit less complicated. You can touch her in special places that get her hot. A lot easier than turning her on mentally.

Important when you do this:​

In one of the next blogs I will give you some more info on this.

More Information on Getting Her Excited:

10 Brutal Tips For Making A Woman Horny Quickly And Subtly

Then this article on what women want in bed is a good one.​​

Also check this top 30 sex music for good songs to get you both in the mood.​

15 Tips For Giving Her An Erotic Massage​

When she’s excited – it’s time for:

Step 3: Making Her Come During Foreplay

“Foreplay in the sexuality is the physical intimate start of sexual intercourse with the purpose of causing lust, sometimes as a preparation for the intercourse itself or other sexual actions to have an orgasm.”Wikipedia

Let’s just DISAGREE with Wikipedia. The purpose of foreplay is NOT to prepare for an orgasm.


Foreplay is FOR giving her orgasms. It’s essential that you’re good at this if you want to become better in bed.


In summary: You have a lot more control & possibilities to make her come during foreplay.

You vs. Other Men

You should be aware that most men are BAD at sex.

How You Can Make Her Come During Foreplay

There are three things you can use:

Let’s elaborate on all of them:

1. Your Hands (Fingers)

Firstly, I recommend you use your hands as support while you’re licking her.

Making her come with your fingers alone is not the most interesting thing. You can also do it for some variation in your sex life.

It’s also a lot more fun as support. Suddenly there are a lot more possibilities to make a woman come, because you can give her combination orgasms. There will be more on this in future articles.

2. Your Mouth (Licking)​

Licking is something a lot of men do wrong. Take a look at all the forums where women complain about men who are just no good:

And the silly thing is that most women don’t share it with us – but they do share it anonymously on forums online.

Just like fingering, licking is something you can do separately – but it’s much better in combination.

3. Toys (Vibrators, Etc.)

​You can also use toys during foreplay – but only if you’re already very good with your mouth and hands.

It’s more something for variation, and to keep your sex life exciting, than something to use constantly.​

That said, buying a vibrator for your girlfriend is a very good idea.​

More on Making Her Come During Foreplay:

Check this article on oral sex for starters.

Then this article with fingering techniques is a good one.​

Or these 4 tips to give her an A-spot orgasm.​

If you really want to give a woman a hard orgasm, then check these 7 Tips for making her squirt.​

Step 4: Long, Good Sex With Her Coming Several Times

Now that you have read so much about how important foreplay is, it doesn’t mean that good sex isn’t an important part of the whole process.

On the contrary.

Good sex is just as important as foreplay.

It’s just a lot harder to get better at this, because there are a lot more variables (like your endurance etc.).

Let’s first look at the purpose of sex:​

The purpose of sex is:

You vs. Other Men with Sex

Imagine that you have already applied the previous 3 steps. Your wife or girlfriend is unbelievably excited. You have just made her come 3x in a row during foreplay, and she’s begging you to fuck her.

How would it be if you could fuck her long & hard for another 30 minutes – in different positions, making her come – and the two of you coming together at the end?

​My guess is that she’ll cuddle up to you after sex, and whisper in your ear:

Wooow. How do you do that?

Being Good at Sex is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Sex Life.

If You Want to Do This, You Have to Be Able to Do the Following 4 Things:

These are all elements of good sex and if you want to get better in bed, you have to be able to execute them all perfectly.

And if you can do this, your girlfriend or wife will be very grateful to you (maybe even so grateful that she’ll do a couple of nice things for you in return).​

Step 5: Afterplay With Emotional Connection

Afterplay is one of the most undervalued elements of sex.

To us men it may not seem so important. We would like to fall asleep as soon as possible​.

But I can tell you this:​

"If You Don't Do Afterplay, You Are Missing a Chance to Make Her Fall in Love"


In general, a man and a woman always play games. Each of them says and does things to seduce the other.

Afterplay is the moment the games are over. ​

The moment you’re both 100% real.

The moment that you are free to say what you want. The moment that you are free to show your feelings.

That you can be vulnerable.​

The purpose of this?​

To Strengthen the Bond Between the Two of You

You can do this by:

For example, try using one of these sample sentences (1 for if you’ve just met her, 1 for if you’re already in a relationship).

More Information on Afterplay:

Now you have done everything. Time to go to sleep…

So what’s next?

Step 6: Keep Your Sex Life Exciting With Variation

Becoming better in bed doesn’t stop after sex.

Even the most amazing sex will become boring if you repeat it night after night.

To stop sex from getting boring, a few things are important:​

Sex has to:​

What Women Want in Bed

There are countless women who complain about boring sex:

And if you look closely, you’ll see that there are a few things women (rightly) complain about:

Bad Sex Screws Up Your Relationship

If you look around on the internet, you’ll see that women complain about bad and boring sex (often with the same reason: it’s boring). And while they really like the man they’re with, the sex is just a deal breaker.

It can be the cause of your relationship slowly deteriorating… it can even make her cheat. Just because she wants better sex.

That is why variation is so important.

So getting better in bed is NOT just learning 1 trick, but it’s constantly learning new things and trying to keep the sex as exciting as possible, and keep your relationship good.​

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can try. The most important thing is that it’ll go step by step. If a couple has been together for a long time, adding a third person to the mix might be the right thing. But for most couples this is too big of a step to take all at once.

Try one of these things first:​

More Information on Keeping Your Sex Life Exciting:

Check this article if you’re single and want to know more about good one-night stands.

Read this top 18 outdoor sex places.​ This article with the top 13 sex fantasies women have is also helpful for learning what makes her horny.

Would you like to make HER better in bed? Then read this blog.​

16 Simple Anal Sex Tips For Men + 7 Positions For Anal​

If You Become Better in Bed, You Will Be the Best She's Ever Had.

Becoming better in bed is the best thing you can do as a man.

The next time you see your wife or girlfriend, imagine how satisfied you’re going to be when you’re so good in bed – and how much she’ll respect you for it.

Or – if you’re single – imagine how much she’ll brag to her friends about you the next day…

That’s why this is so important. Without these techniques, you’ll always be seen as a second-rate man.

That’s why I’m giving you this system. Apply 1 technique and see how it improves your sex life.

Apply them all and become a master lover.

Here is Your Next Step

If you don’t know where to begin, I have something cool for you.

I call it “The Three Secret Touches”.

And it’s the first step to becoming better in bed. It’s a series of three moves that is guaranteed to get any woman soaking wet.

It is the easiest way to turn her on and ultimately give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever had.

Afterwards she will literally be addicted to you (and no one else).

If you want to know how to do it it, click below, enter your email address, and I’ll send it to you, right away and privately.


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