Top 20 Sex Playlists, Top 30 Sex Songs & Sex Music Tips

Don’t have a sex playlist yet? Or do you lack the inspiration to create one yourself?

Make sure you don’t end up in awkward situations with the wrong sex music.

In this article you can discover everything you need to know about sex music, the top 20 sex playlists and the top 30 sex songs.

If you want to know more about sex music, you can read on below:

4 Practical Sex Music Tips

1. Be selfish to a certain degree. Just choose something that you think is chill. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll let you know.

2. When you’re putting the playlist together, make sure it’s not too short. Stick to a minimum of about an hour.

3. A sex playlist is for in the background. So make sure it’s not too dominantly present at a high volume. You can keep communicating or do dirty talk at the same time.

4. Put your own (Youtube) sex playlist together. I have specifically linked all individual songs to Youtube, so that you can add them to your own playlist.

​Now you are ready to work on your own taste in music.

Develop Your Personal Sex Playlist

You know very well that good sex music is relaxing during sex, for you and for her. Still, 9 out of 10 guys are too lazy to put together a decent sex playlist.

So they use Google to look for ‘best sex music’…

But unfortunately these aren’t the best playlists.

This is a shame, and with this article I want to make a change.

First, it’s important to know which sex music genre you like. Of course, your (special) personal taste can deviate.

The 6 Most Common Sex Music Genres

I have divided the top 20 sex playlists by genre below, for your convenience. Discover your favorite genre of sex music.

Top 20 Sex Playlists

Those were all the sex playlists. Now on to the sex songs.
Check all the songs in my top 30 sex playlist on the youtube channel of Don of Desire

That was the top 30. But there is ONE song missing….

There is a special reason for this.

Most Popular Sex Song

The XX – Intro is the song that has been added the most often to the category sex playlists on spotify.

If I think a chick and a song are realy awesome, we use a website that keeps playing the same song on a loop.

check the link here

Aside from specific sex music, I also want to recommend a few artists to you.

Artists for Sex Music

Somo (Covers Slow R&B)

Xavier Rudd (Lounge/ Relax)

Ed Sheeran (Top 40)

John Legend (Top 40)

Chet Faker (Electro)

Jack Johnson (Top 40)

To complete this article, I’ve also included two playlists for when you wake up.

Two Extra Morning Sex Playlists

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