Lasting Longer During Sex? This is How You Can Avoid the Most Common Mistakes…

Are you always the first to come during sex? Or even the only one to come?

You’re not even close to being the only one with this problem. There are forums full of women who complain about boyfriends who come too soon.

Do you want to last longer than anyone else? Here you can learn from all the men who came before you. Be smart, and use these tips to your advantage.

Below You Can Learn:

What Most Men Do in Bed, and Why It's Wrong...

There are a number of things that cause men to come too early. If you know the most common mistakes, you can start working on them.

This is how it goes in most bedrooms:

Sound familiar? Or are you one of the very few doing it differently?

The thing we want most is to fuck her as soon as possible. I understand it. Coming is nice.

Do you know what is even better?​ Well?

Right. Sex that lasts for a while. 30 minutes at least.


Women need at least 10-20 minutes to come.

But, the average man comes after only 5 minutes and 24 seconds.

So, a lot of men are falling short of the mark.

Patience is a good thing 😉

Smart people learn from their mistakes. But, the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”

-Brandon Mull

For Men Who Want to Know Why They Come Too Soon

There are two things that play an important part if you come too soon:

Too much tension plays a big part in the beginning. Too much effort (how could it be any different?) during penetration.

Fortunately, both of these are easy to avoid.​ So, read on…

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Imagine... Right Before You Have Sex, You Are Relaxed. You Know That It is Going to Be a Great and Hot Evening...

Does it sound too good to be true?

​Good. Then it will only get better from here.

The tension will never go away completely. That’s only logical. Sex and tension go hand in hand.

The difference is in “healthy tension” versus “too much tension.”​

How Do You Avoid an Overdose of Tension?

How do you prevent this?

Firstly, there is an aid that is used all over the world. They love it in Luxembourg and France…

Of course I’m talking about alcohol (wine).

1 or 2 ​glasses of wine beforehand will help relax you. Get cozy on the couch with her beforehand with a glass of wine.

It’s the ideal way to relax together.

But… what if you don’t drink alcohol. What now?​

​Relax. Instead of wine, you can also drink something else. Relaxing beforehand is important.

Because relaxation… RIGHT…​ breaks the tension.

The Secret Behind "Healthy Tension"...

Some thoughts you might have when enjoying healthy tension:

If you experience healthy tension you are relaxed beforehand. You don’t worry about what could go wrong. NO. You’re simply really looking forward to it.

​Wine can help with that. Or something else that relaxes you (and I don’t mean drugs).

Foreplay also works. It will make you both horny, and you’ll both be able to last longer.​

Huh... Foreplay? Didn't You Just Say That "Too Much Effort" Was Bad?

Good to see that you’re paying attention 😉

Foreplay is a kind of effort. Only during foreplay you aren’t fucking yet. So you coming is not a concern.

Making her come here, however, is of concern…

​A lot of women don’t come during the fucking itself. That’s why foreplay is so important.

So Make Her Come at Least 1 Time.

Aside from that, you are more relaxed if she’s already come once. This will enable you to last longer.

​Skipping foreplay is like a missed penalty (which decides the outcome of the whole game). With both, it’s a fact that you have missed an important point.

“Making love is like hitting a baseball. You just gotta relax and concentrate.”

-Susan Sarandon

If you want to know how you can fuck her well and make her come, read this article with 11 tips for fucking.

"Too Much Effort" During Sex?

What do I mean by that?

I mean the effort of fucking. Do you get tired? Then there’s a good chance you’ll come soon.

​You can prevent this by taking it more slowly, or stopping.

​Stopping during sex? What will she think of that?

Again. Relax. I have a nice trick for this. She’s not going to notice anything and you will last longer.​

Learn How You Can Fuck Her Twice as Long as Stealthily as a Ninja With This Simple Trick:

1 word. 7 letters. Do you know what I’m talking about?


​Right before you come, you (temporarily) stop fucking. You tell her you want to switch positions. Seeing as you’re supposed to lead, as the man, it will make you look good.

This might be a good time to make her work. ​There are enough positions to use the same trick again and again.

Lasting longer in bed has never been so easy.​

You can take advantage of this problem and use it to bring some variety to your bedroom antics.

The worst thing that can happen now is she has already come once, and you come after ten minutes.

Is that bad?

No far from it. Remember the average number 😉

“5 minutes and 24 seconds.”

You have now learned about “too much tension” and “too much effort.” Now you can avoid both. This will help you last longer during sex.

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