13 Tips for if You Ever Have a (Semi) Flaccid Penis or Are Half Erect During Sex

Having a flaccid penis is like you’re constantly menstruating. You want to have sex, but you can’t.

It sucks.

In this article you will learn what causes these half erections, and how you can permanently stop this from happening with simple solutions.

In These 13 Tips You Will Learn:

But first:

Why You Should Start Solving Your Erectile Problem Today

Whether you are young or old, if you can’t get it up (properly) you have a problem.


You need a hard penis to have good sex. You can do a lot with your hands or your mouth, but after a while you want some fun for yourself too.

And what’s more, your wife or girlfriend won’t be too pleased with it either.

That’s why this blog will NOT teach you how to:​

(You can read more about these things in other articles)

"But Here You Will Simply Learn How You Can Be Normal Again. So You Can Have Sex Like Before.​"

And as soon as you’re normal again…

..When you can have good erections again…

Then you’ll be able to focus on cool tricks that will help you get better in bed.

So let’s get started:

The 10 Causes Of A Flaccid Penis Or A Half Erection – Which One Applies To You?

There are many possible causes of a flaccid penis or a semi-erection.

These are the most common ones:

Why Online Doctors Hate Me When I Tell You How Viagra F*cks Up Your Sex Life


The tips that I give you here, to help you get rid of your flaccid erections.. these are things that would cost ‘online doctors’ and the pharmaceutical industry billions, if everyone was aware of them.

Fact: The worldwide market for medication for erectile problems is 4,300,000,000 €. That is 4.3 billion every year.

(I don’t like hating on this sort of stuff, usually it’s reserved for 9/11 conspiracy theorists, chemtrail believers and people who don’t believe in the moon landing, but I have many close family members who are doctors, so I know how things go down in the medical world).

Think of this before you start using viagra:

5 Reasons to Never Take Viagra for a Flaccid Penis or Half Erections

Here are the answers:

1. Do these pills really solve anything? Do they help treat the cause?

No. Viagra is just like make-up. If you’re ugly, you’ll have to cover it up with make-up your whole life. Viagra is not a cure for anything.

2. ​Do I always have to keep taking them to get it up?

Yes. Unless you take action to improve what’s causing your flaccid erection.

Unless you take action, you’ll be stuck with regular visits to the doctor, a closet full of pills and an alarm clock that will help you take them in time. Doesn’t that sound fun?

3. ​How much will this cost me if I keep taking these pills my whole life?

​About 30,000€ if you use them for 10 years. There are many other things you could do with that money. Travel around the world. Buy your dream house? Help your kids get through college? Your choice.

4. ​What if I don’t have my pills with me every time I have the chance to have great sex?

​That’s a bummer. And yes, if you’re single this can really suck.

5. ​What if the pills stop working after a while (they keep getting weaker)?

Just like with every other medication, your body will get used to it after a while. The pills will be less effective.

And if that happens, you can combine them with even more pills, hope for the invention of a miracle pill, or start to use a silly penis pump. Yippee!

6. So how do I get hard erections again?

By dealing with the cause of the problem.

Read on for 13 tips on how to do that:​

13 Simple Solutions for a Flaccid Erection or a Half Erection

1. Eliminate the Most Common Causes

Very simple. If you’ve read the 10 causes of bad erections above, you’ll know there are quite a few.

So if one of these applies to you:​

Start by doing something about that.

Now we have dealt with the obvious causes of a flaccid penis. Let’s move on to the more complicated causes and tricks:

2. Stay Hard Longer with Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are for training your PC Muscle.

You use your PC Muscle to:

Discover the PC muscle by holding in your pee the next time you go to the bathroom, and then release it.

And it’s a muscle you can exercise, just like all the other muscles in your body.

Step-by-step Plan for Training Your PC Muscle​

The following tip is not just important if you are struggling with a flaccid erection, but also if you want to get better in bed and give her more orgasms.

Here it is:​

3. If You Don't Do This One Thing, Your Relationship is Doomed to Fail

Okay. That sounds pretty extreme.

But it’s actually true.


The average duration of relationships is 2 years and 9 months. Relationships that last longer than that, almost always have the same problem:

The woman gets tired of the sex (at first she didn’t mind so much that he was bad in bed, but after all these years he still hasn’t improved).

Read more: What women want in bed (blog)​

Most Women Don't Come During Sex

And that’s a shame. Because women can have the most wonderful orgasms. A lot stronger than what we call a ‘good orgasm’.

Most women (~60%) are not satisfied with their sex lives.

Only 30% are pleased.

That’s a lot better than the orgasms we have. They’re so lucky.

In any case, there’s something important you should know:

What Giving Her Good Orgasms and Hard Erections Have in Common

Long foreplay.

​And by long, I mean 1 hour PLUS. The more the better.

This is what you do:

Step-by-step Plan Foreplay

4. Why Your Iphone or Android May Just Be the Cause of a Semi Erection

We all have a mobile phone. And this phone uses electromagnetic radiation to call, text etc.

It’s common knowledge that this electromagnetic radiation will cause your sperm to be worse in quality, and there will also be less of it (Wikipedia).

But it’s a new thing that it can also have a negative effect on your erection.


​If your phone is in the pocket of your jeans, it’s very close to your balls.

And what is made in your balls? Testosterone.

Among other things, testosterone makes your erections stronger, gets you more excited and it powers the production of sperm.

If you keep having a flaccid penis during sex, or a half erection, it might be because your testosterone is low.

The Facts Lined Up:

1. This study shows that the test subjects’ testosterone goes down after they have been exposed to radiation from, among other things, phones.

2. Here is a study using rats, which shows that the rats’ testosterone goes down, the more radiation they’re exposed to. ​

3. This study shows that radiation from your phone doesn’t just destroy the testosterone in your balls, it also gives you sleeping problems. And it’s common knowledge that sleeping problems cause your testosterone to decrease.

Step-by-step Plan for Higher Testosterone

5. 1 'Weird' Aid Which Will Help You Turn a Semi Hard Penis Into a Super Hard Erection During Sex

There is a simple trick you can start using tonight, to get rid of that flaccid erection, and it’s this:

A cockring.

A cockring, is a ring made of leather, metal or plastic, which you can put around the penis, in order to make the erection last longer. It will stop the blood from flowing back, so that your penis will stay harder.

Please note! This only works if you have a half flaccid or half erection. If your penis is entirely flaccid, there’s not much point in putting a cockring on it.

Do keep the following things in mind:​

A Cockring is Ideal if You're Struggling to Keep a Full Erection

If you have a flaccid erection, a cockring is very helpful. It’s often because there is a small defect in the corpora cavernosa of your penis. A cockring helps with this.

And now on with the next point:

6. The Michelle Obama Secret

You may wonder what Michelle Obama and a hard/flaccid penis have in common. It’s not that the first gives you the second – but something else.


She’s also known as ​”The First Lady Of Healthy Eating“. As a First lady, she’s very into sports and healthy eating.

And this is also one of the most important things for a good and healthy sex life.

​4 Reasons Why Working Out is Good for Your Penis

We talk about things you should and shouldn’t eat for a hard erection in tips #12 and #13. So here is a SIMPLE training schedule, if you want to start working out.

Simple Training Schedule for Beginners

This is a schedule with all-round exercises, so you’ll train a lot of muscles. This will increase your testosterone quickly.

Disclaimer: Don’t start emailing me like “Blablabla training schedule this, my fitness guru says that, and I’ve read this.” The schedule above is simple, effective, and it yields results. It’s not perfect, but it works for the average male.

If you want to know how to do specific exercises, search Google/YouTube.

7. Do This if You Keep Getting a Flaccid Erection During Sex, and You're Under 40

If you’re under 40, there are a number of specific things you should do to get rid of your flaccid erection.

Lower Your Stress Level, Because Stress Will Stop You From Getting an Erection

Stress is one of the most common reasons why young men have erectile problems. Too much stress can stop you from getting an erection, or even cause an erectile dysfunction.

What is Stress?

Stress is your reaction to something happening in your environment, something you have to deal with. It’s important to know that you can control stress, because stress is the result of how you react to stressful things, and not the direct result of the stressful things.

What Causes Stress?

Stress can be caused by a lot of things. It’s different from person to person. Here are a few common causes of stress when you’re young

How Do You Cope With Stress?

Here are a few simple solutions to your stress induced erectile dysfunction:

Soon I will teach you another way to cope with stress, but first we should talk about this:

But what if you are over 40?

8. If You Are 40+, This is What You Should Do to Make Your Flaccid Penis Harder

If you’re a little older, stress is usually not the cause of your erectile dysfunction, something else is. Lack of testosterone is one of the most common problems.

The cause of this low testosterone level is often your lifestyle, or as I mentioned before (tip #4) things such as phones in the pocket of your jeans, or always sitting with a laptop on your lap.​

That being said, there are 4 things you should pay extra close attention to:​

Step-by-step Plan for Solving Erectile Problems (40+)

Aside from these 4 steps there is another important thing you have to learn if you have a flaccid penis. This is a technique you can use when it happens:

9. How to Destroy Negative Thoughts and Get Rid of Your Fear of Failure

The most dangerous thing that can happen if you get a flaccid penis during sex once, is that you become scared of it.

It makes a lot of men anxious and stressed if they get a flaccid erection. And remember? Stress and anxiety cause erectile problems.

So it’s a vicious cycle that you might just end up in.

So how do you get out of this vicious cycle, and how do you prevent fear of failure in bed?​

Avoid and Solve Fear of Failure in Bed

If you keep getting a semi-erection or completely flaccid erection, this will have a demotivating effect.

You’ll often be bothered by a little voice in your head. Along the lines of:

These thoughts are the worst for your erection.

But there is something you can do about it:​

How to Make That Little Voice in Your Head Shut Up, and How It Will Help You Get Hard

Look, negative thoughts like this are not based on anything. It’s your subconscious which is ‘bitching’ at you. And that’s just how you have to treat it. Like a bitch.

So this is what you should do the next time this happens:​

This way, you’ll make fun of the little voice. Which will allow you to rise above it, and focus on what’s really important.

On to the next tip:

10. Flirt with Other Women (Seriously)

Before you say I’m crazy, take a look at this graphic:

Above you can see what happens if you put male rats in a cage and add a female rat. The first time he has sex with the female, he comes fast. 1-3 minutes. Then, if he was sex with the same female for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time, it takes longer and longer (upper line).

But if you constantly give him new females, he keeps coming quickly (lower line). This is also called the ‘Coolidge Effect‘, after an old president of the United States.

The more often the male has sex with the same female, the longer it takes before he comes. Until he doesn’t feel like having sex with her at all.​

The Coolidge Effect With Humans

You may recognise the following:

This is very normal for a lot of couples. It’s natural and very normal. But for you as the man, it’s getting more and more difficult to feel like having sex. You can’t help that you have a flaccid penis so often. And at the same time, your wife or girlfriend does feel like having sex.

The Solution (is Obvious)

What you can see in the graphic above, is what happens when men watch porn. The researchers show them the same clip 15x in a row and measure how excited they are, and the circumference of the penis.

The 16th time they introduce a new clip, with a new woman.

What happens?

Boom. The excitement level and the penis shoot up. Literally.

So how can you use this to get rid of your flaccid penis?​

If this is too extreme for you, hurry to read on:

11. Stop Eating. Huh?

You’ll probably recognise it: the famous ‘after dinner dip’.

The body has a hard time digesting all that food. That’s why we often feel tired after we’ve had a big meal. Especially if it contains a lot of carbs and sugar.

​A big meal right before sex, is like a red bull right before you go to sleep.

So it’s better to eat a bit less right before sex.

Want to eat something after all? Choose something that is low on sugar:

Today’s lesson: Avoid a flaccid erection during sex. Make sure that there is at least 1 hour between sex and your last meal.

While we’re on the subject of food:

12. 3 Everyday Foods That Will Give You a Weak Erection During Sex

Remember what we said about testosterone?

There are a few things you can eat and drink that will make your testosterone level go down.

If you often eat or drink one of these things, it may be the cause of your flaccid erection.​

These are the 3 culprits:

1. ​Liquorice and Liquorice Root Tea

A component in this ​makes your testosterone go down. And rather a lot too:

Here in this study you can see that the testosterone level decreased by half during the experiment. Luckily, it went back to normal afterwards.

If you struggle with a (semi) flaccid​ penis, you have to stop eating liquorice and drinking liquorice root tea right away. As in yesterday.

2. Sugar: It Gives You Flaccid Erections

Yes. The favorite ingredient of a lot of people is also on this list.​ If you eat a lot of sugar, your insuline levels will go up. The opposite will happen to your testosterone. This study shows that testosterone goes down. This is the same thing that happens during an ‘after dinner dip’.

3. Soy

Sorry if you like it, or if you’re lactose intolerant, but if you drink large quantities of soy, it can make your testosterone go down.

One study after another shows that soy is bad for your testosterone.​

If you’re bothered by flaccid erections, it’s better not to have soy for a while.

13. 4 Cheap Things You Can Eat to Get Harder Erections

Eating the right food is very important if you want better erections.

Here are 4 things that are cheap, tasty, and will help you get rid of your flaccid erections.

1. Onions

Onions are full of anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants. Some of those may boost your testosterone, like apigenine and quercetine.

Multiple studies carried out on rodents have shown that onions increase their testosterone level. So far, not a lot of research has been done among humans, but onions are always a good addition to any dish

2. Butter

If there is 1 thing you should add to your diet, it’s butter.

Organic butter is your best option, but normal butter is also good. It contains a lot of vitamins (A, E, K2 and D) that have all been linked to the increased production of testosterone.

Please note! Only have real butter. Margarine and spreads are full of things that are bad for your body. Real butter is a lot better for you.

3. Yoghurt

There is a lot of evidence that prebiotics, probiotics​ and other friendly bacteria can have a positive effect on your testosterone production. And yoghurt is full of these.

Here is a nice example. In this study, researchers test various diets on rats, and add ‘Lactobacillus reuteri’ to the diet of the male animals. Almost every rat had a higher level of testosterone afterwards.

So it’s a very good idea to have more yoghurt.

4. ​Potatoes

This may surprise you. Earlier, I told you that having a lot of sugar and carbs is bad for your testosterone, and that’s true.

But let me tell you this story:

A good friend of mine has been working out for months. And 4-5 months ago he started a low-carbohydrate diet. He didn’t even have rice or beans.​

He lost a lot of weight, got stronger and he was very pleased about this.

Until, not long ago (4 months after the start of this diet) he started getting weaker, he was tired a lot and he struggled to work out and lose weight.

Typical symptoms of low testosterone.

What brought this about?

If you work out a lot, and eat few carbohydrates, this is not good for your hormonal balance. Your thyroid will work slower and slower. Your cortisol (stress hormone) will increase, testosterone will decrease, immune system will get worse, muscles will get weaker, you’ll have trouble getting and keeping erections etc.

The solution?

Eat more carbohydrates. So if you work out a lot, and don’t eat enough carbohydrates, you should change that immediately. Doesn’t mean that you have to eat full plates of pasta and rice again, but you do have to consume more carbohydrates.

Potatoes are perfect for this. They contain less carbohydrates than rice, pasta and bread, so they are the perfect compromise.

Bonus: How to Make Sure She Doesn't Leave You, Despite Your Erection Problem

Let’s be honest:

If we can’t get it hard, it doesn’t just suck for us, but for her too.

She sees your disappointment, she feels bad.

And these feelings don’t exactly get her hot.

It Won't Come as a Surprise to You, That a Lot of Couples Break Up Because of Erectile Problems.

And you want to avoid this at all costs.


I have discovered a simple trick for this.

It’s called:

"The Three Secret Touches"

The principle consists of three easy to follow steps, that you have to take before sex. These won’t just make a woman ridiculously excited, but she’ll also have harder and longer orgasms.

And the best thing?

You don’t even have to be hard for it to work.

Use this trick tonight, and you’ll see her surprise when you give her the most incredible orgasm she’s ever had, she will be longing for the next time you can do it to her again.

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Take it easy


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