How to Fuck Longer & Harder: 15 Best Sex Tips For Men

In this article you will learn:

  • How to last longer and fuck harder in bed
  • Sex tips for men
  • How to fuck longer
  • Most pleasurable things to do to a woman
  • What women want in bed

You're about to learn the most pleasurable things to do for a woman. Every. Single. Time.

Since I have been running this website, there are two topics that come up repeatedly:

How to fuck harder…


How to fuck longer…

I’m about to show you how to do both.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or single, there are numerous things you can do to improve your sex life and get your girl begging you for more.

One thing before we start:

Please practice safe sex.

We’re not horny teenagers anymore, running around without a second thought about contraception or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

I’ll be the first to admit that using a condom lacks the full immersive experience that unprotected sex offers but…

…you don’t want a baby and you don’t want an STD.

It ain’t worth it!

So before you get yourself into any type of sexual encounter, ensure you’ve got the condoms ready to go.

With that said, let’s get into it.

1) Quit Porn for Harder Erections

A man stops watching porn and gets harder more consistent erections

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, porn is bad for you.

Aside from creating a completely unrealistic view of how sex should be (please remember the porn industry is driven by men, funded by men, directed by men, targeted at men – it’s a pretty one-sided view), there are increasing numbers of otherwise young, healthy men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Numerous experts believe this is directly attributable to the widespread prevalence of pornography.

The evidence that some of internet pornography’s properties like limitless novelty or potential for easy escalation to more extreme material, may impact sexual arousal  in ways that do not translate to real-life partners; creating false expectations and decreased arousal.

It can also increase sexual callousness towards women.

You want to be able to go hard and long? Quit the porn.

2) Optimize Lifestyle to Increase Testosterone

It ain’t a secret, but if you want to perform in the bedroom, you need to be optimizing your lifestyle outside of it.

Living healthily will help increase testosterone and increased testosterone will mean higher libido along with more frequent and harder erections.

Not to mention all the other benefits; more muscle, reduced fat, becoming more assertive, energetic and attractive.

There are a number of ways you can naturally increase testosterone such as getting adequate sleep and reducing stress, along with eating a number of different foods such as eggs, bone broth, and avocados, whilst there are also certain things you need to avoid.

Lift weights – it will give you confidence and increase your attractiveness.

Take care of these things first to lay solid foundations to becoming a god in the bedroom.

3) How To Last Longer Using Mastrubation

Getting familiar with the art of masturbation, knowing what you like, dislike, as well as practicing feeling close to orgasm will all go a long way to helping you be able to fuck harder and last longer.

Here’s one technique, known as ‘edging’ I recommend to help practice lasting longer:

  1. Set a timer for a minimum of 15 minutes
  2. Masturbate and stop just before you come
  3. Repeat until the timer goes off
  4. Do it every day for at least three days
If you find this easy, experiment with lubrication and increasing the timer to 20 or 25 minutes.

4) Train Your PC Muscle

When it comes to focusing on controlling the controllable, there are few that give better return on investment than learning to train your PC muscle.

The musculus pubococcygeus (PC Muscle) starts at your pubic bone and goes to your tailbone. The muscle is wrapped around your rectum and urethra – it’s the one you contract when trying to stop yourself from peeing.

Learning how to strengthen it will increase your ability to last longer, give you harder and stronger erection, and make it easier to become a multi-orgasmic man.

The main method to make your PC muscle stronger is through kegel exercises.

In short: tighten and relax the muscle a few times a day.

5) Get Her Turned On

Where sex is concerned, men are sprinters and women are marathon runners.

In most cases, men come quickly, and women need a lot of stimulation.

In fact, research has shown men take on average 5.6 minutes to climax, with women more than doubling that at 13.4 minutes.

A lot of men (in most cases from watching too much porn) make the mistake of thinking that chicks are sprinters too.


Sex in a sprint (quick, hard and short) without your girlfriend coming.

How do you make her come more quickly?

By turning her on very quickly.

The result of a woman who is very turned on:

  • She comes sooner
  • She has harder and more intense orgasms
  • She can have multiple and special orgasms; anal orgasms, squirting orgasms etc.

There  are two ways to turn her on and give her what she wants in bed: mentally, and physically.

Mental stimulation can come in a variety of ways; your words, your actions, and the environment.

Turning her on physically is easier.

Touch her in her favorite spots. The right technique, speed and location of your touches are essential.

If you want a simple trick – consisting of 3 steps – which will get her ridiculously excited and give her a very hard (squirting orgasm), check my “The Three Secret Touches” at the end of this article.

6) Make Her Come During Foreplay

Going hand in hand with the above, making your partner come during foreplay is crucial to ensure she is getting satisfaction and keeps coming back for more.

Why can’t you just do it during sex, I hear you ask?

A whole host of reasons, including it being more difficult to stimulate her clitoris during sex – you should know only 17% of women orgasm through sex, and making her come during foreplay should increase the likelihood of it happening during the actual deed.

And the best way of giving her an orgasm during foreplay?

Use your fingers, mouth, or even consider using a vibrator.

7) Take the Lead

Who takes the lead and who obeys?

Your girlfriend or fling wants to be dominated by an alpha – a man who is going to take the lead.

Confidence and assertiveness have been rated as two of the most attractive dominant qualities women find in men.

So make sure, you let her follow your lead, not the other way around.

However, do beware.

Just because she wants to be dominated in the bedroom, that doesn’t mean she also wants it outside of the bedroom.

Know your woman and know what is preferred in each scenario.

8) Be Rough

One of the absolute best and most pleasurable things you can do to a woman, is to be rough.

What women want in bed is a man taking the lead. Being rough is a huge turn on for a lot of women.

In fact, it’s not just women – men too.

An author asked 4000 Americans about their sexual fantasies, and rough sex turned out to be one of the two most cited fantasies.

Any time you start getting into this territory, tread carefully.

Consent is everything.

You need to talk to your girlfriend to see how she feels about them before you try them.

Don’t be an idiot and try this on your 18 year old virgin girlfriend.

Read the room.

If you’ve read the vibes and think you have the green light you have numerous options, but here are some of my go-tos:

  • Pull her hair. Put the palm of your hand against her neck and your fingers. Slowly push your fingers against her head and upwards. Carefully turn your hand into a fist. Now pull her hair, close to the roots. This should not be painful for her; the closer to her roots you grab the more you minimize the pain.
  • Push her up against the wall. Grab her and slowly push her up against the wall. Whisper in her ear and kiss her neck. Keep a hand behind her head, so that she doesn’t hurt herself.


  • Choke her. Start applying some gentle pressure to her throat to see how she reacts. If the reaction is positive and she is yearning for more, increase the pressure and tighten slightly – be gradual to get to an amount you are both comfortable with (and so you’re not accidentally making her pass out!).


  • Spit on her. I’m not talking about a big wad of spit right into her eyes. I’m talking about collecting a small amount of spit in your mouth, and spitting it on her tits, her pussy, or into her mouth. Start with her pussy, then her nipples, and then you should command her (“open your mouth, my little slut”) and spit right into her mouth. This may sound a little gross but for some girls it’s a huge turn on.

The opportunities are endless though; scratching, spanking, pushing, name calling, tearing clothes, tying up, blindfolding, and slapping all come under the rough sex moniker.

9) Talk Dirty

Often overlooked, dirty talk is a perfect way to build anticipation and stimulate her mentally.

Beware: it is possible to get it wrong.

A survey of 990 people found up to 20% of respondents have had to stop having sex due to their partner’s dirty talk turning them off.

Try not to ask her questions, and instead give her as many orders as possible.

Remember we want to be taking the lead and remaining in control.

​So this is what you shouldn’t do:

This is what you should do:

ALWAYS use the word ‘my’, to assert your dominance and let her know she is your property.

Be wary of terms like slut, some girls may feel like they are being judged.

Again, this is on you to read the situation.

10) Make Noise

Noise is good positive feedback for a partner.

It lets the woman know you are enjoying what she is doing, give her more confidence and in turn will lead to better sex for both of you.

If you stay silent “we feel like we are fucking a ninja,” said one anonymous woman on Craigslist in 2008 in a post that has since gone viral.

It doesn’t mean you need to be in coffee-shop conversation with your partner throughout.

It just means let out the odd grunt, the odd moan, the odd “fuckkkkk”.

Don’t be a mute.

11) Stimulate the G-Spot

Ah, the elusive, mysterious g-spot.

The g-spot often goes unstimulated due to being located in a place that needs specific positions to hit.

But the ‘body surfing’ position does stimulate it, and it’s a perfect position to make you both come.

If you nail it, you can even make her squirt.

Body surfing is a variation of doggy style, but instead she is flat on her belly, with you on top of her from behind sliding in and out.

It means there is a lot more physical contact, bringing you closer together, and gives you a lot more control. 

12) 9-1 Thrust Technique

The 9-1 thrust technique will help you last longer whilst also giving her some intense sensations with unpredictability and variety.

One thing you always want to avoid is monotonous sex.

The 9-1 technique mixes up the rhythm, speed, depth in a way that will keep your girl guessing.

Not only that, but the variety will give you ‘breaks’ to help last longer.

The technique consists of a total of 90 thrusts, divided into groups of 10.

The first group of 10 consists of 9 shallow and 1 deep thrust.

Afterwards, every group of 10 has 1 more deep thrust.

Continue until you have 9 deep thrusts and 1 shallow.

It looks like this:

9 shallow thrusts – 1 deep thrust

8 shallow thrusts – 2 deep thrusts

7 shallow thrusts – 3 deep thrusts

6 shallow thrusts – 4 deep thrusts

5 shallow thrusts – 5 deep thrusts

4 shallow thrusts – 6 deep thrusts

3 shallow thrusts – 7 deep thrusts

2 shallow thrusts – 8 deep thrusts

1 shallow thrust – 9 deep thrusts

Check the video below; after 10:30 it explains the 9-1 thrust technique.

Note that no single technique requires complete black-and-white thinking.

This is not a 100% prescriptive formula that needs to be followed to a tee.

Of course you can try them exactly how they are described, but you can also adjust according to the reactions of your girl – the point is mixing it up.

13) Deep Penetration

There are numerous thrusting techniques to learn but this one is also particularly effective.

When you’re close to your orgasm, keep your penis deep inside her.

The root of your penis is less sensitive than the glans, so with this you can last longer whilst deeply stimulating her.

Keep giving her short thrusts while you’re deep inside her to continue with pressure on the clitoris.

Now you have some time to give your dick a rest. As soon as you’re ready to continue, you can carry on with full thrusts.

14) Afterplay

The effect of afterplay is underestimated by almost all men.

That’s why we usually fall asleep right after sex.

Do women want that? Absolutely not.

Afterplay is how it sounds – it’s the part that comes after sex.

It is getting intimate after sex, hopefully after you (both) have come.

This time period is recognised to be particularly important for pair bonding and establishing relationship commitment.

It will strengthen your bond, make her feel loved and cared for (and in turn, more sex), and give the opportunity for both of you to be vulnerable and share your feelings.

There are some key things to do during afterplay:

  • Make her feel at ease. Give her physical (cuddle her, kiss her) and mental attention (give her a compliment, tell her something personal).
  • Make yourself vulnerable. Girls find sensitive and vulnerable men very attractive.
  • Be understanding when she’s vulnerable. Listen and understand her; let her know you’re interested.
  • Bask in it together. Take a shower together, or have something to eat.

Equally important, some things you definitely should not do:

  • Do NOT fall asleep
  • Do NOT check your phone right away
  • Do NOT ask if she wants to leave right away
  • Do NOT stay too long
  • Do NOT have deep conversations
  • Do NOT continue the dirty talk

15) Variety

Sex with the same woman, in exactly the same way, will get boring after a while.

It’s important to always add variety, and try new things in bed

Here are a few ideas to keep switching things up:

  • Massages with massage oil. Relaxation massage, erotic massage, tantric massage.
  • Bring variety to the time. A quicky one time, and the time after that sex for 3-4 hours.
  • Do anal every now and then. This may sound painful or gross for her at first, but it’s not if you do it right. Here you can read how to do that.
  • Live your dream. Discover her wildest fantasies and make them come true.
  • Buy new toys for your girlfriend (dildo, vibrator) and add them to your arsenal. Here are the 7 best vibrators you can buy her.
  • Give her a new kind of orgasm, like the A-spot orgasm.
  • Let her pull the strings every now and then and lead.

These are some of my best sex tips for men on how to last longer and fuck harder.

I can guarantee that if you take care of these fifteen things, it will go a long way to satisfying your partner.

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