15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Giving your partner an erotic massage is one of the best things you can do with her.

However, if you’ve tried it before you probably found it more difficult than you’d initially thought.

That’s why I’m going to give you 15 simple tips and techniques for giving a wonderful (and exciting) massage .

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Before we start, you should know this…

Why Should You Give Her an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage is foreplay, and there are various advantages:

Before you get started with an erotic massage, it’s important to be well-prepared. You can read more about this in part 1 below.

Part 1: How to Prepare a Massage

In order to give her a good massage, it’s important to go through the following steps:

Step 1. Prepare the Room for the Erotic Massage

The room where you’ll give her the massage needs some preparation. Just like a restaurant table, that is prepared before the guests arrive.

You want to create a comfortable, relaxed, romantic and nice-smelling environment, to get her in the right mood. This way she will enjoy the experience even more. Think of:

So, the room is now ready. Next step is to pick the best massage oil for the job.

Step 2. Have Massage Oils at Home

Use a natural oil. This way her skin won’t get irritated. Examples: grape seed oil, almond oil or virgin olive oil.

There are also various scented oils. Every scent has a certain erotic effect. Try out the following scents:

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Just like cold oil, it’s unpleasant if you don’t smell good. So remember to take good care of yourself before you start.

Step 3. Personal Grooming

Just think of the basics. For the sake of convenience, I’ve summed up the most important points.

So, you’re fully prepared. Now it’s important to make her feel at ease. For example, ask her if she wants to have a nice cup of relaxing tea first.

If you’re doubting whether she feels comfortable…
Talk about the following three points:

Let’s move on to the real work. You are both ready, and you’re about to give her a wonderful erotic massage. Use the following techniques.

Part 2: The 15 Basic Massage Techniques

The massage techniques you’re about to read are very simple to learn and easy to apply. If you do it right, you will get her so excited that she will hardly be able to contain herself…

Every woman prefers different massage techniques. Try everything, and pay attention to her reactions, these will show you what she likes the most.

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

In part 3 I will tell you exactly which technique to apply to which body part.

15 Basic Massage Techniques

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

These are a lot of techniques to apply all at once. You don’t have to do that. Start by combining two techniques.

Part 3: How to Massage Her From Head to Foot

By massaging her from head to toe, you can find out what she likes. Focus on one of her body parts or choose to divide your attention over her entire body.

While you’re massaging her, you’ll come across some hard spots on her body.

These are knots. These often result from tension. Pay a little more attention to these spots, because this increases the chance that you’ll get rid of these knots. This will make her feel more relaxed, and her orgasms will be better.

I will now explain how you should massage her, from top to bottom and from back to front. This is also the order you should stick to during the massage.

1. Head & Neck

There’s often a lot of unnoticed tension in your head and neck. If you massage these parts with your hands, it has a relaxing effect.

A little further down, you will find the shoulders and back.

2. Shoulders & Back

There’s usually a lot of tension in her shoulders.

If you massage this part well, it will relax her whole body.

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Make sure you don’t massage too hard, because it might be sensitive.

That’s all for the shoulders and the back. From here you’ll move on to her arms and hands.

3. Arms & Hands

Your arms and hands are parts of your body which you move a lot. That’s why it’s great for her not to have to use them for once, and to allow herself to be pampered.



Next, we get to the favorite part of the ‘ass men’ among us.

4. Butt & the Back of Her Legs

She’ll love being massaged by you here. There are a lot of muscles in this part, so you can apply some more strength. Make sure to vary the amount of the pressure you use.

This part can also make a woman horny, because it’s close to her groin.

It’s important to go back to her shoulders and back every now and then during your massage. This way you will keep the flow of erotic energy going in her whole body.

Now you have massaged the whole back of her body, and you can turn her over. You should start with her chest.

5. Chest, Stomach & Breasts

There are a lot of erogenous zones on the front of a woman’s body. That’s why you should take your time with making her all relaxed.

If you can tell it makes her uncomfortable, ask her to breathe deeply in and out, through her nose. This has a relaxing effect.

Then you can skip her groin, and start with her feet.

6. Front of Her Legs, and Feet

It’s both relaxing and exciting to massage these parts of her body. The insides of her legs are especially sensitive, and give her erotic sensations.

Build this up slowly by starting at the bottom, with her feet. Her feet are also an erogenous zone.

15 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage



How to Give Her a Wonderful Orgasm After the Massage

Now you have massaged her entire body..

Except for…


The highlight is still to come.

Now you know enough to give her an exciting erotic massage. In the last part I’ll give you a few more tips to experiment with.​

Part 4: Extra Tips for an Erotic Massage

The first time, you should only use massage oil. If this is not enough, or if you’d just like to try something new…

If you want to try ‘massaging’ her with a vibrator… Check this article for the 7 best vibrators.

How to Proceed After the Massage (for Men)

After massaging her, you’ll want to turn her on more and more, and finally make her come, hard.

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