10 Tips to Come Together

10 Tips to Come Together

Coming together is a thing you see in every romantic hollywood movie.

But, as you know if you’ve tried it, it’s harder than you think.

But there is a solution.

Here you will learn how you can both come at the same time, with 10 simple tips:

10 Tips to Come Together

What You Will Learn

This article was written from a man’s perspective. But it can help women just as much, if they teach these simple techniques to their partners.

So first:

Is It Possible to Come Together?

One thing is certain: it’s not as easy as in the movies.

Plenty of people – I among them – have managed it. The first time was a pure coincidence, and afterwards I started controlling it.

Through a lot of trail and error, I now know EXACTLY which obstacles to avoid, and how.

That’s why I’ve developed this guide – with these tips you can learn exactly how you can come together.

“Depending on who you ask, simultaneous orgasms are very rare, but when you are able to avoid the ‘obstacles’, it can become a permanent part of your sex life.”

1. Coming Together is the Man's Responsibility

Let’s just be politically incorrect for a moment (sorry, über-feminist Lena Dunham ).


During sex there is always a dominant person. The other person is submissive. In most cases, the man is dominant. Why? ​

Making sure that you both come together is the job of the dominant person.

He has the control, so it’s his responsibility. It’s only fair.

Then there’s another reason why the men should make sure that you come at the same time.

The Average Man Comes After 5 Min and 34 Sec

If you think that is enough to make a woman come, you’re wrong.

Unfortunately, a woman’s body doesn’t work like ours. Actually, it might be good that they’re a little different 😉

In any case, most women need a lot more time to come than men do.

On average about 20 minutes.

That’s why it’s important that, as a man, you’re good at the following:​

2. Learn to Last Longer in Bed

Delaying your orgasm is essential if you want to come together.

Here are the statistics for how long men last:

10 Tips to Come Together

So about 74% of the men can’t last long enough to make a woman come.

Fortunately there are a few things you can do, in order to last longer in bed.

3. The Best Position for Coming Together

In order to give her a good orgasm, you should stimulate her G spot during sex.

The G-spot is a sensitive place on the upper side of her vagina. About 3 centimeters deep (every man can reach it).

If you don’t know it yet, it’s practical to first read about how to give her a normal G-spot orgasm with your fingers (and mouth). Then you can learn how to stimulate her during sex.

So here is the position:

If she’s not too sensitive for further stimulation, now it’s time to give her a squirting orgasm during sex

4. Give Her at Least 2 Orgasms

Women have something very cool that men don’t have.

Which is the possibility to come multiple times in a row.

10 Tips to Come Together

Above you can see a chart, displaying the progress of an orgasm and excitement with a woman.

You see 3 lines. The yellow line has an orgasm early on, and is done afterwards (the way we men experience it). The red line needs some more time to come, but afterwards it’s enough.

And then there’s the blue line. You see that in this case she is able to have multiple orgasms in a row.

How to Make Her Come Multiple Times

It’s very simple. First you should give her an orgasm by fingering or licking her.

It doesn’t have to be very complicated. As long as you don’t make it too rough, because this can make it painful for her.

If you can, give her an A-spot orgasm. If she comes this way, in my experience she has the best chance of coming again soon after. Here you will learn how to do this in 4 steps.

5. Make Sure the Woman is Excited

If you didn’t realize it yet, it’s important that the woman is horny if you want to come at the same time.

I will give you a few simple tips, but if there’s 1 thing important for making a woman horny, it’s this:

Scientific research shows that 92.3% of all women come when you give them foreplay that lasts longer than 21 minutes.

So you should take your time.

Here are some more things you can do:

6. Use Dirty Talk to Help Her Over the Edge

Dirty talk is one of the best things you can do in bed.


Usually you learn that you can turn women on during sex. You try to hit her G-spot or rub her clitoris.

But there is an even better way to turn her on during sex.

And that is dirty talk.

10 Tips to Come Together

Why Dirty Talk Works Well

If you use dirty talk, you also stimulate her mentally during sex. And if you do it well, she’ll get lost in it.

If you let her lose herself in the sex, there is no room for distracting thoughts.

Would you like to know how to do it? Read this article with 12 dirty talk tips and examples.

7. Let Her Give You a BJ First

If you have trouble with lasting longer in bed, it might be possible to go for a round two.

In this case, do the following:​

8. Use a Vibrator

What if it will be a while until she comes, but you’re about to burst?

Then get a toy.

10 Tips to Come Together

You have a few options:​

1. A small classic vibrator

If you pick doggy, for example, hold the vibrator up against her clitoris.

2. A vibrator for during sex

This vibrator (also pictured here) is especially designed to let you come at the same time as your partner. She can wear it during sex, for extra stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot.

If you’d like to read more​, check this article with the 7 best vibrators to buy your girlfriend.

9. Become a More Dominant Man

Earlier you learned that it’s the responsibility of the man to make sure you come together. The man has all the control, after all.

But did you know there’s another reason why it’s important to be dominant in bed?

If you grab her hair closer to her head, she won't be in pain.
Grab her hair closer to her head, and make sure it doesn't hurt.

Why Women Come More Easily With a Dominant Man

This study shows that women come more easily with high quality males.


The interesting thing this study shows, is that women come more often at the moment when a dominant man comes, or just after.

Put it this way: These women have an orgasm, because they see the man come.

And this is a completely natural process in their bodies. How cool would it be if you could do that to a woman?

In any case, if you want some simple tips, you can read what women want in bed.

10. A Simple Trick for Getting Women More Excited

If, after applying these 9 tips, you still have trouble coming together, there is 1 thing left to do.

It’s a simple trick, which consists of three steps.

Only the man can do it (if a woman knows about it, it loses some of its power).

That’s why I’d prefer not to write it down here, but rather send it to you privately, in your inbox.

It’s called “The Three Secret Touches” and it’s especially for men.

If you want to know what it is, click below, enter your email address, and I’ll send it to you, right away and privately.

But remember. It is only for men.

Happy fucking 😉


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