How to Make Love to a Woman | 8 Rules of Making Love

Do you want to show your lady how much she means to you?

Do you want to sweep her off her feet, romance her and show her chivalry is not dead?

In this article I’m going to show you how to do just that, by teaching you the

8 rules for making love to a woman.


I am very hesitant to give advice on how to do this.

Lets say there is a scale, on one side is ​50 shades of grey style sex, and on the other is the most romantic, sweet love making possible.

Well in general women want both of these types of sex.

But if you’ve found this article, theres a good chance you are already to close to the romantic side and could do with going closer to the 50 shades of grey side.

So in this article I am going to teach you how to make love, but I’m going to show you how to do it like a man.

How to Make Love

Here are the 8 rules for making love to a woman.

But before i tell you them

A warning

Only do any of this with a girl who you’ve already slept with.

Making love should not be something you do with a girl the first time you sleep with her.

It will creep most girls out.

The exception being you’re religious and the first time you do it is on your wedding night, or if you’ve dated a girl for a long time before you have sex.

1. Take Your Time to Blow Her Mind

The most important aspect of making love is time.

And i mean that in every way:

If you want to make love to a woman, it doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts hours before, it starts in the morning, it starts the day before.

Whether that is with a compliment, a dirty look over breakfast, some dirty texts throughout the day, getting your woman in the mood does not begin in the bedroom.

The earlier she starts thinking about getting down and dirty with you the better.


You want to make love to her because you want to show how much she means to you.

Well do that by getting her so turned on that she is desperate for you to take her to bed

You could cover the bed in 1000 roses, and light 2000 candles, but if she’s not excited to sleep with you its all a wasted effort.

​Disclaimer: don’t light 2000 candles or cover the bed in 1000 roses

2. Hygiene

She doesn’t want to smell you sweaty balls and your shitty ass.

Nothing will ruin the mood more.

Shower and use some nice smelling shower gel.


Cut and file your nails.

Any small edge​, can cause discomfort in a woman and take her out of the moment, preventing her from enjoying sex.

File them down then scratch the inside of your cheek, or stick them up your ass

If you can feel an edge, they’re not smooth enough

I’m joking about sticking them up your ass, don’t do that.

Unless that’s what you’re into…

Give yourself a little trim down there.

You don’t have to go crazy and get a wax of course…

Just clean up a bit, it shouldn’t be looking like a jungle.

Pluck your monobrow….

3. Move Slow and Be Gentle to Tease Her

Once you do have her in the bedroom, don’t rush to take her clothes off and get to licking her pussy.

Take your time with this as well​.

Spend half an hour undressing her​.

Taking care to touch and caress every inch of her body as you do​.

To keep it simple stroke her with the backs of your fingers, do it as lightly and as slowly as you can​.

For some couples this can feel a bit awkward.

If you feel awkward, or it seems like your partner does, a good solution can be to blindfold her and play music.

If you’ve been flirting with her throughout the day, and then you’ve spent more than half an hour undressing her, she is likely going to be very turned on.

She may even be asking you to fuck her.

And by this point you are going to be very turned on too​.

Don’t give in​.

You’re here because you want to show her how much she means to you​.

​Do that by blowing her mind.

Which brings me to:

4. Give Her a Presex Orgasm

To do that:

Either finger her to orgasm or lick her.

5. Start Slow and Build the Intensity

When it comes to the actual love making, the most important rule is start off slow and romantic.



Very Slowly

Increasing the pace to something more intense​.

But I do Mean Very Slowly.

If it does feel right to stay slow the whole way through​.

And it is the right thing to do sometimes, depending on the girl and the situation.​

Then you must make sure you are being the man in other ways.​

6. Lead to Get Her Soaking Wet

Always be the one leading the interaction.

and do it without asking her questions.

If you’re not sure what i mean by that then check out this short clip of a man leading a tango dance:

Notice he is leading the whole time.

Nothing is forced​.


He is deciding the direction things go without saying anything.

You don’t need to force anything.

For example:

Try pinning her hands above her head.

It doesn’t have to be hard, just lightly holding them over her head can seed the idea of dominance without anything rough ever happening.​

7. Pay Attention So You Can Give Her What She Wants

​The whole time you are doing all of this, it is essential that you are paying close attention to her nonverbal communications.

Especially if you are not asking questions.

Just because you want to make love, doesn’t necessarily means she wants to…

The same can of course be true for rough sex.

​Man up and give your woman what she wants.

If you’re making love and she looks bored, turn it up a notch​!


If you’re beating up the pussy and she looks uncomfortable, slow it down a bit.​

​Some girls don’t give away much in the bedrooms


If you really can’t tell how she’s feeling, you may ask her two questions during the love making:

“Harder or softer​”


“Faster or slower​”

These are great questions because she doesn’t have to think about the answer.

There’s​ only two choices so she knows immediately.

An example of a bad question would be:

“How do you want it?”​

This is bad because it causes her to think, taking her out of the moment.

Not what you want…

​Oh and one more thing

if you do need to ask her

Keep the questions to a minimum​

The more you ask the less confident you seem, a big turn off for women.

I would suggest maximum twice.

but less is better.

8. Afterplay to Turn Average Sex Into Amazing Sex

One thing women hate is when as soon as the sex finishes the man immediately ​jumps up and gets in the shower, or starts watching TV or Looking at his phone.

One of the most important things you can do to truly be a gentleman and make her feel amazing is to spend time with her after you finish.​

Women can feel very vulnerable after sex and if you rush off it can be very upsetting for her.

To prevent this all you need to do is lay with her for 10 minutes.

Give her a compliment or two​.

​Keep the conversation light hearted, tell her about a fond memory, or let her lead it.

Look into her eyes.

Do not talk about sex now

You can also just lay with her, let her lay on you, give her a kiss on the forehead, look in her eyes and let her talk.

Make sure you keep some tissues by the bed before you start so you can have a quick clean up afterwards and not need to run to the shower immediately.​

If things get very messy and a shower is a must, then go and have a shower together.

​If don’t do any of this even if you give her the most reality shattering experience of her life, it’s quite likely that she will not have fond memories of it afterwards.

On the other hand if you do you can sometimes bump up what would have been 7/10 decent sex, to 9/10 amazing sex, just by spending time with her afterwards.

​Thats it the 8 rules to making love 😉

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