8 Easy Sex Hacks For Better Sex Now

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

Keeping a woman satisfied in bed can be hard!

Or is it?

Want some simple sex hacks that you can apply tonight?

In this article i will give you 8 sex hacks that really work.

If you apply these sex hacks your lady friend will:

  • Have more orgasms
  • Have more intense orgasms
  • Have multiple orgasms
  • Beg you for more
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12 Simple Dirty Talk Examples & 7 Tips

dirty talk examples

Dirty talk is one of the most underestimated techniques for in bed.

A lot of men and women are afraid it sounds stupid, or that the other person will be insulted.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Because in this article you will learn how to make the sex better with dirty talk - without it being stupid or insulting.​

Please note: This article is for men AND women. And if you're a woman, scroll down to go to the specific part for women. 

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How To Make Love To A Woman | 8 Rules Of Making Love

Do you want to show your lady how much she means to you?

Do you want to sweep her off her feet, romance her and show her chivalry is not dead?​

In this article I'm going to show you how to do just that, by teaching you the

8 rules for making love to a woman.


I am very hesitant to give advice on how to do this.

Lets say there is a scale, on one side is ​50 shades of grey style sex, and on the other is the most romantic, sweet love making possible.

Well in general women want both of these types of sex.

But if you've found this article, theres a good chance you are already to close to the romantic side and could do with going closer to the 50 shades of grey side.

So in this article I am going to teach you how to make love, but I'm going to show you how to do it like a man.

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6 Thrusting Techniques To Last Longer And Give More Orgasms

Do you have trouble getting women to come through penetration?

Do you feel like women get bored when they fuck you? you couldn’t even imagine a woman that you like literally begging you for sex?

Or do you come too soon, you can never last long enough for a woman to come?


Maybe you’ve learnt how to lick pussy. You’re pretty good at it, but you know you’re missing out. You know seeing your woman clench and moan from a massive orgasm while you’re fucking the shit out of her would make you feel like a fucking man.

If you've got this far you're probably thinking:

Yes, but what the hell can i do about it?!

Well one thing that can solve all of these problems is getting your thrusting right. Get it right and you can last as long as you want and have girls screaming so loud your neighbour 3 doors down will know you by name.

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12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to give her mind-blowing orgasms)

Good oral sex is important for a good relationship - if you've known each other for a long time, but especially if it's your first time together.

Here you can learn how to give her mind-blowing orgasms, with 12 simple tips for licking & oral sex, that women would never dare to tell you.

If you apply these oral sex tips:

  • Your wife or girlfriend will be a lot happier with her sex life (which means more loyal).
  • Women will beg to meet up with you more often (even if they don't like you, they just want you for the good sex).
  • Your wife or girlfriend will make a lot more effort for you in bed (like more BJs, sexy outfits or even threesomes).

Why a lot of women want you to learn to lick them better:

It might be a surprise to your man-brain, but a lot of women do NOT come during sex.

Below you can see the results of a recent survey by Cosmopolitan among its female readers...

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