Prone Bone Mastery (With Guided Illustrations)

First off, is your girl in need of intense orgasm? 

(Spoiler alert: she is, that’s not a question)

Do you get the feeling that she’s getting more satisfaction from her bottom-drawer toys?

Feel like you’re delivering the same old paper on the same old route there, paperboy?

Are you catching on to when she’s faking it and when she’s really quaking all over?

Are you catching on to when she’s faking it?

You want to spice things up with her and I know the prone bone seems like the most basic sex position ever but listen up, it’s exactly what you need to get yo’ A-game on.

Stick around to learn the pose and the science behind it, here are some things you’re gonna learn:

I’m here to teach you how to have your girl beg you for more with the prone bone position – and its variations. 

What Is The Prone Bone?

You know the regular sex positions like missionary, doggy (from behind), and cowgirl (woman on top). 

Prone bone is like mana from the gods passed down for your girl’s sexual health.

It might as well have been passed down from Egyptians in hieroglyphics.

Sphynx knows something about the prone bone sex position

From the way it’s been laying all this time…the Sphynx knows something about the prone bone sex position

If we dig a little deeper on the rear-entry positions, we can find the most underestimated dish on the menu, the prone bone position.

In the prone bone position, at its basics:

  • The girl is laying flat on her stomach with her hips slightly raised to make a sweet and smooth entry
  • You kneel on top of her to enter from behind while you hold her hips to keep physical contact to a maximum. 
  • Her arms are bent in on the elbows and her legs are squeezed tightly together.

That’s it.

And, thanks to the dynamics of the prone bone position, hitting the vaginal wall in the right spot is a piece of cake. 🍰

Her legs are trembling, she’s pushing herself into your thrusts, her moans are louder than before… 

Those are all green flags letting you know that you’re doing it right.

The Banging Benefits to the Prone Bone

The prone bone position fits all needs and wants…

Wanna go rough and kinky? Fine by me. 

Feel like taking it slow and sweet as honey?  Sounds pretty good too.

It’s the best for both worlds in terms of full-body orgasms because it’s easy to hit the G-spot and A-spot, the true definition of orgasmic.

This is the reason why the prone bone position is actually pretty popular amongst the ladies.

If you’re into the classic doggy style position, the prone bone position hits all of the boxes but gives you the benefit of deeper penetration thanks to the angle she’s in and increased sensation that will have her feeling ravished.

The best part? 

Little effort for you and a big reward for her. Keeping your partner satisfied is not easy… you need to push yourself and figure out her preferences, pleasure points, and favorite positions is a full-on pirate gold quest you need to embark on.

These are some of the specific benefits to the prone bone position:

1. The Soft Velvet of Sex Positions

Challenging,heart-pumping sex positions can be fun but sometimes all you want is a little comfort. 🤷‍♂️

all you want is a little comfort

If you’re dipping your toes into new waters of different sex positions and are curious about how to fuck her the right way, no sweat. The prone bone position offers the sensations of the most intricate poses but the comfort of the good ol’ missionary.

Uncomfortable angles and weird leg or arm placements can be the culprits of soreness and bodily pain after sex.

2. Versatile

The prone bone position is absolute perfection when it comes to full-body stimulation and orgasms.

The position is a double-threat because you thrust into her in a downward angle, ideal to hit up both the G-spot and A-spot.

ideal to hit up both the G-spot and A-spot.
Anal Sex

What if I tell you the prone bone is the ideal position for anal sex too? 

Before we move on, it’s important to state that anal sex can be safe, clean, pain-free, and extremely pleasurable.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, of the 31 percent of women surveyed who’d engaged in anal sex during their most recent sexual encounter, 94 percent had an orgasm. 

Before using the prone bone position to enter through the back door 🚪, keep in mind you must have some type of anal foreplay before full-on engaging in anal sex

Foreplay is a great way to get in the mood and help your body relax fully.

Tips to safe and satisfying anal sex while employing the prone bone position:

  • Pick up a good lube, some experts recommend silicone-based lubes instead of water-based lubes. Heated lubricants also heighten pleasure and help bring blood flow to the area.
  • Feeling fully relaxed is equally important, inserting anything in a closed-door is no easy task and can be more painful than pleasurable. Try deep breathing or a relaxing oil massage to make sure it opens up on its own.
  • Establish safe words – communication is key. Anal sex is unknown territory for many and feeling comfortable with your partner is the most important factor. 
  • It’s not the greatest idea to go from nothing to penis if you’ve never tried anything similar before. Try some sex toys before trying to get it in there.

3. Pleasure Treasure

The tight entry. The deep penetration. The perfect G-spot hit.

The prone bone position is an all-rounded one and I’ll tell you the reason why.

The tight fit created by the position of her legs lets her squeeze her vagina muscles and create a little snuggly place just for you. 

Not only will the tighter entry feel good for you but will prove to be more satisfying to her too due to the increased friction with every thrust.

According to studies, 87.5% of women use ‘angling’ to increase pleasure by raising, rotating, or lowering their pelvis for deeper penetration. The prone bone position naturally places her at an angle that ensures deep penetration.

The slight downward angle in which you thrust into her makes it super simple to hit the frontal vaginal wall in a way that her G-spot is interacted with and facilitates orgasms for her. 

The prone bone is a pleasure machine in all its glory.

4. Rocking Visuals

Baby, all those curves, and I don’t have any brakes 🚗 

I know, bare with me on the crappy pick-up lines but I promise it describes the prone bone position to a tee.

The slightly raised hips, her hair to the side, her smooth waist and pronounced hips – the view is incredibly appealing and helps for further arousal. 

There’s something overwhelmingly sensual about watching your partner experience pleasure, watch her face closely and enjoy. 

Try mirrors to experience sex from multiple angles instead of your very own point of view (even though this position gives you one hell of a view). 

You can also record the whole thing on video if it’s consensual amongst the two parties, some people enjoy going back and watching themselves and their partner. Always remember to be a gentleman about it.

Prepping for the Prone Bone: Tips, tricks, and technique

Alexa… play Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye.

Let’s Get it On

So you know what it is, you know why it’s good and now you need to know how to do it right.

Let’s start it off with the know-how of the sex position to get it out of the way and move on to the juicy details. 

A bed or couch is a must but a pillow or sex wedge under her pelvis will ensure that her butt is slightly raised while her legs are together. Avoiding a flat pelvis on the bed is a must, achieving the right angle is important.

The prone bone position gives her a chance to clench her vaginal muscles, she can push herself into you and guarantee a tighter entry and increased sensation for both. 

She should lie down flat on her belly while you’re entering from behind, a pair of strong arms for support might help for stability – guys, don’t skip your workouts.

Thrust inside her firmly, with a rhythm that feels comfortable to you and your partner… we’re all into different things, you can make it long and slow or short and fast…

Whatever floats your boat ⛵

Play around with hair pulling, wrapping your hands around her waist, grab her hips, take her arms and pin them both behind her back with one hand, lean down for a few kisses on her back, reach out for her legs or slap her ass if she’s into it – consent here is everything.

Tips & tricks to master the prone bone

Porn star who? 

I know… That sounds a bit far-fetched but take these tips to heart and I can assure you, you’ll be acing the prone bone position in no time.

I suggest you take your time to read these and do your research on the subjects that interest you the most to fulfill your sexual experience.

The most common mistake is to overlook the small details – we’re sensorial beings and we need to stimulate as many senses as we can.

Check out some of these tips that you think you both might be open to trying:

1. Aggression and power dynamics

Girls love feeling the weight of their man pressing against them with each thrust. Hold her tightly, press your body firmly into hers and enjoy the friction that comes with this position. Grab her ass – don’t be shy. 

Penetration from behind puts you in a dominant position and some girls find it extremely erotic.

If you’re into the whole power dynamics and BDSM agenda (a surprising percentage of ladies are), make sure to use the prone bone position as a way to explore and combine it with your partner’s kinks.

Many people introduce this sort of thing to heighten their pleasure and explore unique sexual fantasies. 

The prone bone position has a submissive nature, let me introduce you to that real quick.

Subs & doms

Submissive sex is sexual intercourse between two adults in which one plays the role of the submissive partner (the “sub”) and the other plays the role of the dominant partner (called the “dom”). 

Both parties take pleasure in dominating or being dominated and trust each other enough to hand over complete control during play.

Submission and dominance are based on trust and mutual consent. However, it may be hard to distinguish between playfulness and a request to slow down or stop altogether so it’s imperative that you establish a safe word or two.

Some submissive techniques you can pair it with:

1. Spanking and impact play: Erotic spanking is a type of impact play in which the dom uses their hands or artifacts like a paddle or whip to spank parts of the sub’s body for consensual sexual pleasure (and being spanked is the most popular kink amongst ladies). In the bed, on the floor – you can take this anywhere you want.

Spanking and impact play
2. Permission and punishment:
In this sexual play, the sub must ask permission to perform sexual activities like orgasming – when they act outside of the dom’s approval, they receive punishment like spanking, edging, or chastity.

3. Roleplay: Dressing up can help you get into a kinky mood to further exploit the power dynamics naturally tied to the prone bone position. Don’t be afraid to catch it on video (if it’s consented) and watch it later on.

Other kinks you are free to explore:

  • Bondage: Restraint is the bread and butter of the BDSM scene. Learning basic knot-tying skills and deciding what is permitted while one of you is tied up is the starting point to naughtier sex life.
  • Blindfolds: This classic sensory deprivation technique builds tension and heightens other senses. While wearing a blindfold, a whisper in their ear or a kiss On the neck may seem a lot more intense.
  • Handcuffs: These are a common restraint tool and easier to use than ropes, they ensure the submissive partner is unable to touch themselves and you can begin to explore orgasm deprivation. Handcuffs may be a tiny bit more comfortable than ropes because the grasp is not too tight on her wrists.

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s important to experiment and find out what you’re into and understand what each kink has to offer.

2. Clitoris Stimulation

Penetration is awesome but penetration + clit stimulation is fucking fantastic. 

Encourage your girl to try it and show her you’re an educated man, share this guide to clit stimulation to give her the inside deets.

Orgasm is key to good sex and some girls never reach it.

If your girl is not achieving the orgasms she deserves because she thinks she’s not “a girl who orgasms” or for any other reason, rubbing her clit might get her genie out. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 37 percent of women reported that clitoral stimulation is necessary and an additional 36 percent reported that clitoral stimulation was not needed but their orgasms are better if their clitoris is stimulated.

Rub that clit boys.

Sex Toys

If using her hands is not an option because she’s all tied up or is not in the mood to put the work in, try incorporating a vibrator that will be pressed against the bed and rub her clit in all the right ways. 

Incorporating sex toys and letting her know that her pleasure matters to you is H.U.G.E.

Sex toys are sex boosters

Sex toys being taboo and meant for single women is a thing of the past. Sex toys can be the sex booster you need with your partner. 

Using them during foreplay can lengthen the sexy time with her and teasing her clit with a vibrator can be used as preliminary action too.

Oh, the sweet delight.

Research has also shown that love toys help in sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. They help you understand your partner’s body and your very own.

And while I’m at it, I wanna throw a common misconception out there. 

Sex toys are not just for women. 

While it’s acceptable for them to own multiple vibrators and dildos, it doesn’t seem to be the case for most men. Regardless of your thoughts on this matter, I would like to encourage you to give them a try and explore the many benefits of owning sex toys.

Check out this full beginner guide to male sex toys.

3. Love pillows

I’m not talking about her tits. I mean the ones you sleep on.

I know it’s tempting to be lazy and/or cheap and just use the pillow that you sleep in for your kinky desires. 

But I’m here to tell you that there’s a rainbow of possibilities in the market of sex pillows and wedges (and can also save you from drenching your pillows in bodily fluids 💧😩).

They come in all shapes and sizes – and they guarantee a deeper penetration due to the angle of insertion (this factor makes or breaks the prone bone position), which will ultimately increase pleasure and give you comfort while you’re at it.

Sex wedges are rigid unlike regular pillows that tend to be soft, they will raise her hips to the skies to create the perfect angle.

It can’t hurt to add pillows into your sex life, it will probably end up helping you to reach new levels of orgasm.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and step into the unknown – and by unknown I mean the world of sex furniture.

4. Kiss, lick, and caress 👄

The next category is all about the little things you can do to heighten the senses. The prone bone position is ideal for both ends of the spectrum – rough or sweet. Try kissing her neck, back, face and also grab her waist or hips tightly for a smoother thrust.

Getting to know your partner’s erogenous zones is the first step towards good sex, read all about them here.

To put it simply, erogenous zones are the areas in your body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. A simple touch, vibration, or pressure can arouse her. You don’t even need intercourse to get your girl on the brink of orgasm.

Knowing each other’s pleasure points can make the sex experience truly fuck-tastic.

 As I said before, every little detail counts, and a heavy breath, a whisper, or a lick will absolutely melt her to the floor.

5. Cross Her Legs

How tight is too tight?

Cross Her Legs

This is a small modification to the prone bone position that can drive you absolutely wild. 

She can cross her legs to make her vagina extra tight. This will squeeze heaps of pleasure on both of you. 

It might be a risky position though… we don’t want you lasting less than planned. The extra tightness might be too much for you.

Let’s save this one until the very end. Speaking of which…

Here’s How You Last Longer

Premature ejaculation is a complex condition in which 3-4 out of 10 men have had issues with this and it’s also the most common issue in bed for men but gaining full power over this is possible.

I have the perfect guide to being in charge of your ejaculation, it’s good news if you’re interested and taking action to last longer and please her more. 

Last Longer

The causes can be physical or psychological, even medical conditions might be affecting you negatively. It’s important to do your research and reach a solution that is fit for you.

Let’s go through a short overview of methods that might be useful for you when trying to last longer in the prone bone position or any position for that matter:

  • Edging: It’s an orgasm control technique. It’s what happens when you’re getting stimulated through touch/penetration and just before you orgasm, you stop stimulating.
  • Sperm retention: Kegels are a big method for ejaculation retention and help with stamina, and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Mindfulness: This is basically trying to remember how fun sex is instead of suffering from performance anxiety, meditation is often the solution to train yourself to focus on the moment and enjoy.

Variations within variations 💣

You’re getting cozy with your girl, you haven’t seen each other all week, the mood is right and you’re about to get it on. 

She’s been talking about a new sex position she saw in a magazine a few days ago. Foreplay kicks in and the show begins.

You’re thrusting in all the right ways and having a great time but before you even realize it, you sealed the deal with the same two positions you always engage in.

Breaks my heart

I know the classic doggy style position hits close to home but your girl needs increased sensations and new material.

Mixing it up and trying variations is going to have you making low-key transitions from one position to the next and make you seem like a true pro.

Handle her body and teach her new positions naturally, this will have her dripping wet. It’s all about the power dynamics I talk so much about, she wants to feel like you’re in charge.

Do the sexy research and check out these 5 variations to the prone bone position:

Jockey Sex Position

The how-to

She lies on her belly, arms are bent in at the elbows and pulled behind the head, legs are straight. You straddle her legs and position yourself just behind her butt. 

A slight pelvic tilt will allow you to enter and thrust her while holding her buttcheeks for added steaminess and deeper penetration.


  • This position is very similar to the prone bone position but this time, your girl’s body is completely flat – you won’t need any kind of sex pillows.
  • Pretty comfortable position for her, she’s laying flat on the bed with one of the sides of her face resting on her arm.


  • This position offers a tighter squeeze but is a bit more complicated on the thrusting.

Snowdrop Sex Position

The how-to

The girl lies on her stomach, legs are bent at the knees and driven apart, the more the better. You get down to your knees between her legs and place your body on top of her. 

Her feet remain fixed on your sides, her arms are bent in on the elbows and she’s free to touch her breasts. Your arms are also bent on the elbows for support, exerting full force on your thrusts will make her cum like crazy.


  • You have a little more space and better access since her legs are wide open, you can also hold her face or cover her mouth if that’s something you’re into.


  • The squeeze might be a little looser but trying kegel exercises can help. Kegels are pelvic floor muscle exercises that can be helpful for arousal and lubrication. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises can make her vagina tighter.

Fan Sex Position

The how-to

The girl lies flat in her stomach, arms are bent on the elbows, squeezed together and under the face, her legs are slightly bent in knees and spread widely apart. She’s in a comfortable position to push into your thrusts.

You will be squatting above her butt, pulling one arm back between her legs, near her feet. Your legs are spread wide apart, your body is tilted back while you hold and direct your penis with the other hand.


  • This position holds a few advantages for women because the angle aims directly at their G-spot (usually located 2-3 inches from the frontal vaginal wall) and though this kind of orgasm is most likely less reliable than their clitoral counterparts, they’re a good contender regardless.


  • The squeeze of course will be a little looser and her hips might become sore after a while! 
  • You might have to alternate arms unless you want one seriously jacked arm 

Flatiron Sex Position

The how-to

The girl lies flat in her stomach, bends her knees slightly, and spreads them to the sides, she pulls her hands along her body while she can leave her arms resting to the sides or squeeze them into her crotch.

You will position yourself between her legs, stand on your knees and lean forward while resting your arms on her butt.


  • You can place your hands on her butt, hips or waist for a better grasp and will enjoy deep penetration due to the natural tilt of her pelvis in this position.


  • You might have to invest in some foam mats or your knees are going to disintegrate as you’ll be entirely distracted 

Surfboard Sex Position

The how-to:

The girl once again lies in a comfortable position flat in her stomach, arms resting on the sides and locked behind the head, legs straight and slightly spread apart. 

You sit on top of her butt so that her waist is between your feet. Your body is slightly inclined forward, hold her for support.


  • Gives you a tighter squeeze due to the position of her legs, she gets to be fully relaxed as well.


  • It’s more strenuous physically (especially on your knees) and just like catching waves on a surfboard, this position requires good balance. Practice makes perfect though!
  • Make sure you’re good to go and don’t need to #2 because this position unkinks it all for the guy

Boat Sex Position

The how-to

This position for her resembles an upward-facing dog yoga position, she lays flat on her stomach while she opens her legs and lies on her elbows for support. You place yourself on top of her with your legs in between hers and leaning on your hands towards her sides at the length of her shoulders.


  • Both bodies are resting in full contact, you get a chance to press your weight on her and kiss her passionately while you’re thrusting.


  • Might require a bit of upper body strength since the position is almost like a plank and we all know how tough those are yea?

Final Thoughts

Sex is the pursuit of infinite variety. Sex is hundreds and hundreds of variations and ways in which two bodies can come together as one for mutual and increased pleasure. 

People fit together differently and a sex position that may work for others might seem uncomfortable and unsatisfying to you. 

Acing sex positions like the prone bone is one way of getting better in bed and pleasing her more but things like foreplay, kinks, and sex toys are also ways of enhancing your sex life for the better.

Dare to come out of your comfort zone and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.


Keep learning and keep blowing her mind. 

  • Interested in learning what girls really want in bed?
  • Wanna master thrusting and pussy-licking techniques to make her go wild?
  • Get her in the mood with just a touch. 

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