8 Easy Sex Hacks for Better Sex Now

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Keeping a woman satisfied in bed can be hard!

Or is it?

Want some simple sex hacks that you can apply tonight?

In this article i will give you 8 sex hacks that really work.

If you apply these sex hacks your lady friend will:

Most of these hacks are not difficult at all and you can immediately apply them tonight with no skill or effort needed from you.

So let’s get to it.

1. Wear Socks for More Orgasms

I know it sounds weird, but bear with me.

​A study carried out by Gert Holstege at the university of groningen found out that they could increase the percentage of women having orgasms in this study from 50% to 80%, just by getting the women to wear socks!!!

Science Bitch!!!

And it wasn’t because the socks turned them on​.

It was because the cold feet turned them off. Stopped them from getting into the moment, into the stimulation.


Women feel temperature differently than men.

Whatever temperature you’re at women feel colder than you.

27 degrees Celsius centigrade or 80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for most women.

​So turn your heating up!

Or at least get her some sexy socks 😉

2. Operant Conditioning for the Sex You Want

When an action we take results in positive emotions we’re likely to do it more often, think sex and drugs.

When it results in negative emotions we’re less likely to do it in the future, think putting your hand on a hot stove.​

​Whether you’re a man or a woman reading this, this idea can be used to get more of the sex you want in your relationship.

​Whenever your partner does something you like in bed make sure you compliment them on it, both during the sex and afterwards.

Compliments are the currency of persuasion in a relationship.

A currency that you can never run out of.

And you should be spending it liberally.

3. Stop Watching Porn to Improve Everything

This one applies only to men.

If you’re a girl, keep on going, i support you.

​But If you are a guy:

Porn is the No. 1 Reason for Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Leading to a list of problems as long as your arm.


lasting longer while thrusting is every man´s dream

I promise you, give up porn and your sex will get better and better as time goes on without you having to even try.

4. Watch Porn Together for a Better Relationship

I know…

​I just said don’t watch porn.


There is one time when watching porn is good for you.

And that is when you watch it with your partner…

When you start watching porn together I strongly suggest you get her to select the videos.

Every time…​

​She will start off with some bread and butter stuff


The more you do it the more she will feel comfortable and you’ll see she will start choosing ever so slightly kinkier and kinkier videos each time.

​A perfect way to find out her personal fetishes that she is reluctant to talk about.

5. Smoke Weed for More Intense Sex

I recommend this one with a bit of hesitation…

Because it’s not a good idea for everyone, and it doesn’t improve sex for everyone​.

And no matter what anyone says to you it’s not without it’s risks​

For example i can’t smoke it very often because it makes me incredibly lazy, and dopy for days afterwards.​


Having said that

If i do smoke weed with a girlfriend it makes the sex amazing, i can last longer, go harder and everything feels way more intense.​

so it may be worth trying i just suggest you do it sparingly if you do

6. Pitch Black Room for Better Sleep

The more sleep women get​.

The more sex they want​.


The more they enjoy the sex they have​

And one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your sleep​

Is to sleep in a pitch black room​

​Even an LED light on a charger is enough to disturb sleep.

Do this hack and your sex life will improve without you having to do anything!​

7. Last 22 Minutes for Multiple Orgasms

A study carried out by Charles University in Prague

Studied 2360 Women

Looking for a correlation between duration of intercourse and frequency of orgasm

Their results were as follows

1-10 minutes ​- 50% of women orgasmed most of the time

11-20 minutes – 67% of women orgasmed most of the time

20+ minutes – 72% of women orgasmed most of the time​

They also separated out the women who were having single orgasms and those having multiple orgasms.

They found that on average:

Women having one orgasm were having sex for 14.7 minutes


Those having multiple orgasms were having sex for 21.4 minutes

so aim for 22 minutes

Making it very likely that you will not only give her one orgasm, but have her shuddering and screaming from multiple orgasms.

If lasting this long sounds impossible to you, don’t worry check these articles:

8. Praise Her for Long Term Sexual Satisfaction

​A study of 38 747 people was carried out to find out what kept passion and sexual satisfaction high in long term relationships.

It found that the thing that had the biggest impact was:

One of the partners frequently praised the other for something they did in bed.

So its not just for manipulating your partner into doing what you want 😛

it’s essential if you want your partner to enjoy the sex that you have.

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