How to Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2020)

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

In this article you will learn:

  • What exactly is squirting (is it pee? does it come from the skenes glands? is it the same as female ejaculation?)
  • My 7 step method to make a girl squirt through g spot stimulation.
  • The number one thing you need to do to even have a chance of making her squirt.
  • The one step most men ignore that actually prevents her from squirting.

Ahhhh, the age-old fantasy of making a girl squirt.

Is it a myth, an elusive urban legend that isn’t actually possible?

I think you’ll agree when I say:

Making a girl squirt and writhe in pleasure is up there with peak fantasy status.

It has long been known that women can get really wet, producing a lot of liquid from their vagina but can it be forcefully shot or squirted out like many claims? Of course, it can 🙂

It turns out making a girl squirt is possible for all of us.

And in this guide, I’m going to show you precisely what you need to do to have the best chance of making your girl, or yourself, squirt.

I’m here to tell you that squirting is a real thing. I’ve seen it, experienced it, and even tasted it (more on that later).

Every guy, myself included, at some point or another has had dreams of making their woman produce an orgasmic fountain of juicy goodness and what follows is everything I have not only learned from the scientific data but more importantly, my own personal encounters with women.

If you want to skip the backstory on squirting, go directly to the Ultimate guide on how to squirt.

What is squirting?

There are references in ancient texts going back centuries of female ‘semen’, for example, in the kama sutra – which goes back to the fourth century! It is, by all accounts, not a new phenomenon.

However, it has not been extensively researched (I’m sure you can only imagine the problems trying to study a topic like squirting accurately!). So the scientific data is sparse with a lot of unclear conclusions.

The issue of making a girl squirt and whether it is even possible is a fiery debate, and one that is continually growing as our understanding of the female body improves over time.

So, what is squirting? Squirting is when there is an expulsion of fluid from a women’s urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm.

An ‘expulsion of fluid’ is a fancy way of saying ‘squirts’, and I am sure you have seen it at some point in those adult movies you peruse on that website that rhymes with fornhub.

Squirting is often referred to with a variety of different names including a squirting orgasm and female ejaculation.

How to Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2020)

However, it should be noted that most scientists tend to believe that there is a difference between squirting and female ejaculation – or to be more clear, ejaculate can be included in what is squirted out, but not always.

In one study that was done, the analysis showed that components of urine – urea, creatinine, and uric acid – have been found in liquid that is squirted, but also it sometimes includes prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) (in 5 out of 7 participants in this study – so a small sample), suggesting PSA, referred to as female ejaculate is not the same thing as squirting.

PSA originates from the skene glands and is a milky white fluid, which is different from the liquid squirt and neurophysiologist Beverly Whipple believes that ‘female ejaculation’ should only refer to the milky white fluid.

For years, scientists thought female ejaculation was women experiencing continence problems but there now seems to be mounting evidence that women can release, during orgasm, a fluid biochemically different from urine.

Scientists admit that the ‘pathophysiology of squirting is rarely documented’ making it difficult to understand what is happening altogether.

The range of findings without any definite answers is due to a variety of reasons, including the different way the studies have been conducted, small sample sizes and differing definitions of various terms.

Why should you care about squirting?

Well, a survey of 320 participants performed in 2013 found that most couples perceive female ejaculation as ‘an enrichment of their sexual lives.’


That means:

If you want a better sex life, why not try and experiment with squirting in the bedroom?

Is squirting peeing?

Ok, let’s get this question out of the way as I know you’ve seen mentions of urine already and started getting a little freaked out.

Anecdotally, there are two groups of people when it comes to this debate – those who are adamant it isn’t pee, and those who are adamant it is.

To be completely honest, I don’t believe it to be urine, but the scientific evidence remains inconclusive.

2014 study found a large proportion of the fluid emitted during squirting to be urine; however, it does have ‘a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions’.

literature review performed in 2013 was also inconclusive in its findings; meanwhile, this cross-sectional study from 2017 is certain women release a fluid biochemically different from urine during orgasm.

Not only that, but different girls squirt in different ways.

For example:

  • I’ve made some girls squirt, and it shoots out like a fountain or sprinkler of goodness
  • Other girls, there is very little propulsion behind it
  • Then there are others who have multiple jets of it, in a similar fashion to how a man ejaculates.

All I can say is, from personal experience, this is not pee.

What squirts out has never been yellow, has no urine-like smell, and has no urine-like taste; it actually tastes a little sweet (yeah, I did that).

And it’s not just me; countless women will attest the same. Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine:

And with that said, let’s be honest, who cares either way:

If it turns her on, and makes her cum does it really matter – put some towels down and enjoy yourself!

Can all women squirt?

different women.

In my own experience, most women have never really squirted before, but using the technique I am about to teach you, I have almost a 100% success rate.

(I’ve only ever met one woman who I couldn’t do it with).

If you – talking to the women reading – have never squirted before, fear not.

It takes a lot out of you.

You have to be relaxed, you have to be excited, and above all:

Your boyfriend has to be experienced.

(A big problem with a lot of men, I hereby apologize on behalf of all of us).

If you’re a man, and you want to make your wife or girlfriend squirt for the first time, pay close attention as you read on.

Take note of this:

Whether or not a woman squirt is 95% your responsibility.

The question is not if a woman can squirt, but if she can squirt with you.


Ultimate guide on how to make her squirt

Ok, enough of the theory and backstory, let’s get to it and find out how to make a girl squirt – this is why you’re here after all!

In the following guide, we will cover 7 steps:

Step 1: Make her feel relaxed and comfortable
Step 2: Talk to her about trying to make her squirt
Step 3: Turn her on & give her a massage
Step 4: Find the G spot and massage it
Step 5: Make her squirt
Step 6: Make her squirt during sex
Step 7:
Stay with her afterwards

Note that what I’m about to teach you will give your woman extreme pleasure even if she doesn’t squirt, and that is how the whole thing should be seen:

Enjoy the experience and don’t put a lot of weight on the goal.

Process over outcome, if squirting happens see it as a bonus.

Essentials needed for squirting

Make sure you have these four essential things close to hand:

  • Old towel. You should put this under her butt when she’s close to coming. An old towel. Not your favorite towel, given to you by your late grandma…
  • Glass of water. She’ll be thirsty after she’s come a few times. Get extra gentleman points and offer her a glass of water after she’s had a squirting orgasm.
  • Lubrication. Some women are like a small mountain stream, where others are like the Niagara Falls, so lube is always practical and will also make her feel calmer.
  • Massage oil. Every woman likes a massage. It’s also practical, because it will help her relax ,which makes it easier for her to squirt – I recommend coconut oil.

Here’s how to make a woman squirt:

Step 1: Make her feel relaxed and comfortable

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Preparation is everything.

Let me say that again to reiterate it;

Preparation is everything.

It’s essential for regular sex, but even more so if you want to make a woman squirt.

The main reason women don’t know whether they can squirt or think they can’t – by themselves or with a partner – is that they ask their partner to stop before they get to the point of release as it feels like they are going to pee themselves.

For your partner to squirt, she has to be willing to let go and release fully, and the only way that can happen is if she is relaxed and comfortable.

This is the most crucial part of this experience.

The actual technique for squirting is more simple than the actual process of getting your partner relaxed and at ease enough to be able to.

In more concrete terms, think of it like this:

You have a dirty toilet? = She thinks “Oh gross, maybe he hasn’t showered in days.”

You leave the lights on = She thinks “What if he sees my left boob is bigger than my right boob.”

You have roommates? = She thinks “Oh no, what if his roommates hear me, and think I’m a slut.”

You have dirty nails? = She thinks “Shit, what if I get a urinary tract infection.”

You still have some of your ex’s things? = She thinks “Maybe he doesn’t like me at all, maybe he’s just using me.”

Of course, not every woman has all of these thoughts.

But I don’t know any girl or woman who gets horny over bad hygiene.

And what do all the above things have in common?

They make women think logically, and the result of that is she won’t be able to relax, and therefore no chance of squirting.

6 Things you can do to make her feel relaxed and comfortable

1. Tidy and clean

Yes, you’ll really have to do it. And I don’t mean it has to be spotless all over, but you should at least make sure that it’s clean in the toilet, the bathroom and around your bed.

2. Get rid of nasty odors

You may not realise it or care, but for her this can be an annoying distraction. So open the windows beforehand, let the outdoor breeze in and light a scented candle.

3. Avoid the "porn studio feeling"

I mean that the lighting shouldn’t be so bright that all that’s missing for a full film set is a camera. Use candles, or other special lights you can dim.

4. Play relaxing music

Not just your favorite rap/70’s/pub songs, but something relaxing that doesn’t distract her. A simple mix is fine (here you’ll find my top 30 songs and playlists).

5. Cut your nails

This is something you have to do. As in yesterday. If you don’t, it can have very. nasty. consequences. for. your. bedsheets.

6. Turn the heating up, if you feel cold, she feels colder.

A study in the Netherlands increased the likelihood of orgasm from 50 to 80% just through women wearing socks because they were warmer. The ideal room temperature is 27C or 80F.

Step 2: Talk to her about trying to make her squirt

Now that you have prepared the environment to make her feel relaxed, if this woman is your long term partner, I would suggest having a conversation with her about it.

If she feels uncomfortable at any point, it’s over, and you can forget about it.

I would tell her you to want to try and make her squirt, letting her know it’s something special you can do together.

Tell her it’ll feel amazing, but also make sure she understands that there is no pressure:

It doesn’t matter whether or not she squirts – it turns you on to try new ways of pleasuring her, and it’s just something fun and sexy to try together.

She needs not to feel like she has to ‘perform’ this will only make her reluctant.

Remember this is a shared experience, not something she is doing for you.

Tell her when she comes close, it’ll feel like she needs to pee, and when she feels this, she needs to let it go, release, push it out and experience the orgasm.

There is nothing for her to worry about – no matter what happens, you find it sexy.

So how do you make sure she doesn’t get uncomfortable?

1. Take your time

No one feels comfortable with someone who’s in a hurry.

It causes unrest.

Are you used to just shoving her panties aside and going for her vagina as soon as her jeans are off?

Chill the hell out.

To give your best chances of making a girl squirt, go slowly.

How Long Should I Take, Charles?

Keep this in mind:

Undressing: 30 min to 1 hour + (every woman loves it when you show her that you can tease her and undress her slowly).

Erotic massage: 30 min

Foreplay (cunnilingus): At least 15-30 min before you get started on the squirting

Squirting itself: usually she’ll come after 10 seconds, if you take your time for the previous 3 steps. It depends on her (over)sensitivity how long you can keep going.

Sex afterwards: As long as you want. Usually 10-15 minutes if you want to give her multiple orgasms again.

Afterplay: At least 15 min. Don’t forget this. It’s important. 

Total: 1.5 hrs – 2.5 hrs

Make sure you have at least this amount of time.

2. Talk (dirty) to her

If she’s about to squirt for the first time, it’s essential to try and control her thought (bear with me on this one).

It may sound over the top, but if you pull it off, you can make her come on your command.

This is what you should do:

Give her compliments.

Tell her (later, while you’re licking her) how good she tastes.

Tell her she turns you on.

That she makes you so hard.

This will make her understand that the sexier she behaves, the more turned on you’ll be and the more you’ll like and appreciate her.

Give her small commands when you get started.

“Give me… a minute”.

“Turn around”.

“Stand still”.

This way she’ll get used to your commands, and you can keep making them bigger (in step 5 you’ll learn why this is important).

3. Make her physically comfortable

This is the point when you get started on foreplay.

Make sure she’s:

  • On a soft bed.
  • Got a pillow under her head
  • A pillow under her butt.

Bonus tip:

Let her go to the toilet to pee beforehand.

She’ll feel more relaxed that way.

If you want to know why it’s important to make her comfortable, read this: 6 Steps For Getting Better In Bed – The Ultimate Guide.

Step 3: Turn her on & give her a massage

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Duration: 60-120 minutes.

At this point, you are both on the bed.

You’ll turn her on now.

Make her horny.

This is a small overview:

Play hard to get. You can find an excellent step-by-step guide for playing hard to get in tip #2 of this article.

Use dirty talk lightly.

No more of the really dirty stuff.

But simple things like:

“You look so hot right now.”


“You turn me on so much.”

Make sure you’re a good kisser.


Without spit.

Relaxed lips.

Not too much tongue.

With a bit of biting or lip sucking every now and then.

Short moments of 3-4 seconds.

Avoid the typical erogenous zones.

Avoid her:

  • Breasts
  • Vagina
  • Ass

She’ll only want you to keep touching her there. (Here you can find 12 erogenous zones you should touch).

Be dominant.

As we discussed, you’re the boss now.

She’ll listen to you.

This is important, because she’ll be able to put her trust in you while she has a squirting orgasm.

She’ll follow your voice.

On the topic of being physically dominant:

Do things like (gently) push her down on the bed etc.

Massage her.

If you want 1 simple trick to give a woman a squirting orgasm, this is the one:

Massage her beforehand, for a good half hour.

This way she’ll be much more relaxed, and she’ll have a harder squirting orgasm.

When it comes to massage, a few tips:

  • Use an edible oil like coconut oil or nut oil (careful of allergies!), knowing your tongue will be all over her; you don’t want to be licking something that isn’t meant to go in your mouth!
  • Warm the oil in your hands before applying it to her body, so there is no cold shock when you touch her, and when applying use small strokes before working into longer ones.
  • To begin with, stay far away from her pussy; this is about anticipation and building – focus on the shoulders, arms, calves, and back before you go anywhere near her vagina
  • Use your whole hands; this makes it more difficult for you to apply too much pressure that could hurt her – this is not a deep tissue massage, keep it light
  • Go slow; whatever you think is slow, go slower than that. Take your time – aim for 20-30 minutes just massaging her.

For a more detailed explanation of these tips, read this article: 10 Tips On How To Make A Woman Horny Quickly & Subtly.

You can end the erotic massage by licking her pussy.

You can learn how to do that properly in the next step:

Step 4: Find the G spot and massage it

Duration: 15-45 minutes

If you want to make her squirt, you should stimulate the area around the G-spot (shallower than the A-spot).

Before you stimulate her G-spot, you should first:

Lick Her Pussy Like a Boss

If you can’t, or if you’re awkward, she’ll laugh.

Or worse, she’ll hope you stop quickly because it hurts.

This usually only happens to guys who are 16 and licking pussy for the first time.

(You can probably understand why women fall for older men).

This is how to do it right:

  • Avoid the clitoris when you get started.
  • It can be a bit sensitive.
  • Don’t lick this until later.
  • Don’t add any fingers during the first 10 minutes.
How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

This way you can delay her squirting orgasm, so she’ll come harder later.

Lick her outer labia first, and the area around her vagina.

Then you can move upwards, and start on her clitoris.


Stop before she comes. Then let her rest, and kiss her legs or breasts.

Now you’ll need to find her G spot.

Look at the picture below.

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

You can find the G spot on the upper side of the vagina, about 3-4 centimeters inwards.

That’s about 1 or 2 phalanges.

The spot feels a bit rubbery and sponge-like.

How to massage the G spot

Please note. This is important:

You have just been licking her for 10 minutes.

So, this is the first time you go inside with your fingers.


Use lubrication, if necessary.

Put your middle finger (with the nail down) into her vagina S L O W L Y, and gently push down while you do so.

This is the best way to go inside, since you’ll be avoiding the sensitive side.

Go deep, then press upwards and slowly pull back.

Now you will encounter a spot that feels sponge-like.

This is the spot you should finger.

Make sure you’re touching the middle, the sides are less sensitive.

squirt technique with two fingers

How should you finger the G spot

Make a ‘come here’ gesture with your hand.

Make sure you do it slowly, and don’t use your nail.

Now lick her at the same time. Stop before she comes.

After 5 minutes you can add your index finger.

When you go inside, you should keep your index finger ON your middle finger, so your nails won’t hurt her.

At this point, your girl will beg you to fuck her hard (because you’ve really taken your time).

This is good.

Now continue until you have fingered and licked her like this for at least 10 minutes.

Now it’s time to make your girl squirt:

Step 5: Make her squirt

Let the squirting begin:

You have licked her & fingered her G spot for 10 minutes.

Now it’s time to make her squirt.

Move your hand up and down, while you tense your 2 middle fingers

Use the following squirting techniques:

  • Get on your knees next to her (so stop licking her pussy).
  • Now put your ring finger and middle finger into her vagina (make sure they are wet before you go inside).
  • Holding your hand as pictured below, move your hand up and down. So you’re putting pressure on the upper side of her vagina.
  • Move faster and faster. You’ll see that this will make her squirt.
How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Avoid these two mistakes

There are 2 things that can happen now, which can make it go wrong and stop her from having a squirting orgasm.

1. Your arm could get tired

This happens to all of us.

It’s important to switch hands while applying the technique.

Make sure the new fingers are wet before you go inside.

2. "Stop. I have to pee"

If it’s her first time squirting, she’ll probably say this.

That’s because the feeling of squirting is the same as when she has to pee.

You can’t prevent this from happening, so you’ll have to handle it adequately.

So what do you do?

It’s essential to have built it up properly beforehand.

That she follows your commands and understands that you like it when she comes (tip #2 of step 2).

Say this: “No. You don’t. Let everything go. I think it’s sexy when you come like this.”

This will make her understand that she doesn’t have to feel shame around you.

If she insists on going to the bathroom, let her go.

Then build-up to the squirting again, from step #4.

If she’s okay with it, keep going.

A few seconds more, and she’ll have her squirting orgasm.

Well done.

Virtual fist bump for you.

You have just made your girlfriend very happy.

There Are 3 Options at This Point:

  1. You give her multiple squirting orgasms (if she’s not oversensitive)
  2. You have sex with her (Step #6)
  3. She’s too sensitive, and you move on to after play (Step #7)

Step 6: Make her squirt during sex

If she’s not too sensitive for further stimulation, now it’s time to make her squirt during sex.

The cherry on top.

It’s possible that she’s so excited that she’ll come right away, but it can also take 5-10 minutes.

Below you can see the position you should use:

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Be aware of these things:

She can also come without squirting.

It’s just a fact that you have less control with your penis than your hands.

If it takes too long, she can get overly sensitive and be in pain.

In this case, just stop and move on to afterplay (or get a BJ first).

Staying hard for long enough & delaying your orgasm

During sex, it’s important that you don’t come too soon and that you retain a hard erection.

If you struggle with that, check out these 2 articles:

Last 30 Min Longer With 13 Simple Tips
13 Tips For When You Have A Limp Erection In Bed

On to the afterplay:

Tip: If you’d like to try out anal sex, it’s good to learn how to make her squirt first.

Anal is a lot easier after she’s had a squirting orgasm.

Step 7: Stay with her afterwards

Step 7 Afterplay

Please note. If you ever want her to squirt again, do not skip this step

Why Afterplay is important

My boyfriend doesn´t like to cuddle after sex?

As you know, women are a little more sensitive than us men.

Things that can seem completely unimportant to us can be a big deal for them, even if we didn’t mean it that way.

Afterplay is one such thing.

If you do it, you’re showing her you care about her.

Emotionally, not just sexually.

It’s also very important to do a lot of afterplay if you want to make a woman squirt more often.

If you skip it, she might think you thought it was gross, or that you don’t appreciate her.

This is what you do:

  • Cuddle her, pet her.
  • Stay in bed with her.

You can throw the condom away later.

The same goes for going to the bathroom.

Spend at least 10-15 minutes with her.

Say this:

Now she knows that you appreciate the squirting, that you appreciate her, and she’ll do it more often.


Stroking her ego can be so practical.

(If you’d like to learn more about afterplay, read this article with 5 tips and ideas)

The next step:

Men, move on to this cheat sheet.

For women, I have a cool step-by-step plan on how to learn to squirt.

Ultimate guide on how to squirt for women

Every woman can learn to squirt. In addition to using some of the advice above, use the following 5 tips:

1. Make sure you're relaxed

It may sound stupid, but having squirting orgasms is more about mental aspects than physical.

You have to be properly relaxed, and let it happen, because it’s impossible if you’re tense.​

If you’re apprehensive about the squirting itself, ask your friends or look up other women’s experiences.

Most women really enjoy it. ​

2. Do kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a form of training for your pelvic floor muscles.

If you make these muscles stronger, you’ll have stronger and better orgasms.

(And there are many more advantages).

How To Make Her Squirt – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Here is a step-by-step training schedule and examples of kegel exercises.​

3. Go to the bathroom beforehand

This will help you relax properly, because you don’t have to be anxious about pee.

Because when you’re about to come later, it will feel like you have to pee.

This way you’ll know that, when you have this feeling, it’s because you’re about to come.​

4. Get in the right position and use the right technique

Lie down on your back.

Put your ring finger and middle finger in your vagina.

Slowly push them in the direction of your navel.

Make sure the palm of your hand presses up against your body (and clitoris).

Keep going in circles, and keep applying pressure to the front of (the inside of) your vagina.

You’ll be able to feel this better than anyone.

two finger squirt technique

5. Let yourself go

When you feel a squirting orgasm coming, let yourself go completely.

Don’t try to ‘keep it inside’, so to speak, but rather ‘push it out’.

If it feels like you have to pee, that’s a good thing.

Keep going, and you’ll have a squirting orgasm.


The next step is practicing with your boyfriend (show him this article, and tell him you’d like to try it with him).

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