Taboo Sex Acts Women Everywhere Secretly Wish Their Partners Would Try

Got a kinky fetish you’d like to try to spice things up in the bedroom?

Or is your girl dropping hints that she’s got one?

And so now you’re left wondering how you navigate these dark and spooky woods in the bedroom known only as ….“taboo sex”?

taboo sex

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

As long as what you’re into is legal and consensual, there will always be someone out there into it too. 

Fetishes and kinks are meant to be exciting and arousing, and what one considers a taboo is perfectly normal to someone else, so the word taboo can either mean ‘off limits’ to you. Or, if you’re a rebel, it could mean ‘no limits’. 

Either way, let’s take a walk on the wild side.


In this article, you will learn:

  • 3 “Taboo” oral sex positions that will make you the king of eating her out.
  • What kind of freaky sexual pleasures make the “taboo” sex list
  • Sex deeds that are considered “less risqué”
  • The 15 most common taboo sex fantasies women have

What makes certain sex taboo?

The short and sweet answer to this is: people

People from different societies, religions, and cultures find certain fetishes unacceptable. 

In some regions of the world, ‘plain sex’ is considered a taboo and porn videos and kinks are a legitimate crime. 

In places like these, people can feel bad about even thinking about sex at all. 

For example, rape fantasies are considered one of the highest taboos – because people don’t know how to comfortably take responsibility for their feelings towards pleasure. So it feels better for them to imagine that they’re forced into things.  

While in other regions, people are happy to see everyone’s freak flag fly high and proud in the sky.

We'll see

Either way, conversations about naughty sex are being challenged every day and many are becoming less and less of a bad thing and more and more of a real good thing.

Liberating yourself from thinking that some sexual relations are forbidden could be your ticket to giving and having mind-blowing orgasms. 

It’s the “oo” in Taboo Sex That Makes You Want to Try

the “oo”

Nothing titillates the human mind more than defying norms. 

Forbidden acts of love-making arouse curiosity, which could lead to the best sex of your life. 

Think about Romeo and Juliet sneaking off to do the nasty. Now, if they were allowed to be together and if it was not considered taboo, would they have done it? 

We’ll never know, but my guess is….probably not.

That is why the very nature of “taboo” sex makes it sexy and desirable. 

People are searching for a bed-rocking climax, and sometimes good old missionary ain’t gonna hit the spot. 

Taboo sex activities are growing popular because people are getting curious about their sexuality, they want to explore all their pleasure points, and they want to have great sex. 

And despite the stigma attached to its names, exploring new territory with your lady can bring you closer together. 

Whether you are introducing sex toys, trying out impact play, or bringing in a 3rd party, the rush you get from being “bad” feels so good.

I'm the baddest boy

Surprisingly, most of the sex acts that a lot of people consider “taboo”, turns out are kinda normal. 

We’ve categorized all sexual acts in this article from the least taboo to some of the most hair rising acts you’ve ever heard!

Let’s start with… 

The Not-So-Dirty, Dirty Sex Acts

(But don’t worry, we’ll get to the kinkier stuff shortly)

Oral sex acts

What is it? 

If you didn’t already know, oral sex is acts like blowjobs, going down on her or licking the anus. 

Why is it taboo?

Believe it or not, oral sex was once prohibited. 

In many cultures, anything out of the ordinary and beyond the conservative meaning of sex becomes taboo. Mostly this is because of the lack of information and influx of misinformation. 

Today, people are using their fingers, mouths, and tongues to please each other in more ways than one. 

However, women are twice as likely to go down on their partners than men are. So for the sake of keeping your lady satisfied, we gotta fix this asap.

Standing O

3 “Taboo” Oral Sex Positions

Standing O

How do you do it?

Start by getting on your knees, while your partner stands up-right with one of her legs draped around your shoulder (for more access to her clitoris) as you eat her out.   

Things to consider:

If you’re trying this out for the first time, have her supported against a wall in case she loses her balance from all the action down there. 

Don’t be afraid to add some props to make things sexier, strap her hands up above her head to make things more intense. 

The 69 Bridge

Only the flexible can survive this one. 

How do you do it?

Lay flat on the ground while she sits on your face and arches  her back towards your penis and gives you a blowjob. Quite the acrobatics, huh?

Things to consider

You might need to help your lover out by thrusting your pelvis up so she can reach your penis. 

The David Copperfield

You’ll have her eating out of your hands with this one…

How do you do it?

  1. Put a pillow under her hips to keep her pelvis up. 
  2. Bend her knees and place her feet on your shoulder blades. 
  3. Rest your tongue flat against her vaginal entrance and rock her back and forth against your tongue.

For double the pleasure and double the fun, reach over and rub her nipples with your fingers to stimulate her orgasm.

Common hiccups:

And if anything feels uncomfortable, say something, make adjustments, and try again or find another oral position to try. 

How to introduce it?

Don’t forget to communicate honestly and openly about what positions you like and don’t like. 

You don’t have to be a sex expert to try these, just go for it. 

“It Don't Mean a Thing If it Ain't Got That Swing”


Much has changed about this taboo sex activity since the era of the “free love” sixties. For one, not everyone that swings is a hippie with sunflowers in their hair and a vintage VW van.


What is it? 

Swingers are mostly people in committed relationships looking to spice things up by sleeping with other people. 

Why is it taboo?

The misconception about swinging is that it promotes infidelity and unsafe sex practices. But that is not at all what swinging is about. 

Majority of the time couples become swingers because they want to improve their relationship and have better sex.

Swingers are often: 

  • Married or in a committed relationship
  • Willing to have sexual relations with other consenting adults
  • Aiming to make the experience a shared one with their lover

Some enjoy “same room” sex, while others prefer some privacy. 

Common hiccups

It goes without saying, but I’m saying it here anyway. Try to really think about the implications of this “taboo.” 

Think about it before bringing it up to your partner. 

Don’t use this as a solution to a problem in your relationship or even sex life.

And if you do believe that this can improve your relationship, don’t be afraid to bring it up. 

You might be surprised to know that more women than men initiate open marriages. 

The belief that only men struggle with monogamous relationships isn’t true at all. Women and men both want love and sex, swinging is a way to have both. 

Women are becoming more comfortable with the idea of open relationships and are doing so because they love and respect their partners. 

How do you introduce it?

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, you can get your feet wet by starting with a “soft swap” which involves only oral sex or jump in the water with a “full swap” or “hard swap” which involves everything and anything you like. 

Find out how else you can explore your swinging curiosities.


What is it?

Sex between three people.

Why is it taboo?

With 1 in 7 Americans have already had a threesome and 1 in 5 willing to, it’s weird that this would even be considered a forbidden sex act, but for many, the idea of bringing someone else into their bedroom is a still No-No. 

The biggest assumption for couples is the belief that a threesome could ruin their relationship. Or that intercourse with the same sex means you’re confused about your sexuality.

Common hiccups

The most important thing to consider if you’re thinking of adding a third is…

Picking the right people is crucial. 

It’s like a dinner party, one bad guest can ruin the whole thing. 

And if you are in a relationship with one of the people you are doing this with, make sure they are the guest of honor and not your new guest. 

Treat your guests well, of course, show them a great time. But you want to reduce the chance of jealousy. 

For this reason, it can be very beneficial to discuss ground rules before it begins…

  • Is it ok if you have sex with the guest or only oral?
  • Maybe your partner is ok with sex, but doesn’t like you kissing them?
  • Is it ok if you finish as a guest? (hint: always finish in your partner)

There are no right or wrong answers, but everyone is going to have a better time if these things are clear first.


How to introduce it?

There are 3 common ways threesomes can happen.  

  • If there’s a vibe already happening between you and other random people, and then suddenly you all find yourselves making out in an empty room, then let things happen naturally. 
  • If you’re in a relationship and you both find yourselves unexpectedly attracted to a 3rd person, who also happens to not only be attracted to you both but willing to get erotic. Is this you? ? Then the threesome Gods are looking down on you. 
  • The third and most common is when you and your lover are on the hunt for the perfect 3rd wheel in your You, Me, and Her sequel, and you won’t stop until you find this magical unicorn. If your partner is into this idea, something that has worked for me in the past is to create a tinder account for the both of you and start swiping.

Role-Play and Dirty Talk‍

What is it?

Role-playing isn’t just about getting a couple bank robber outfits to run around town in, it’s also about discovering your fantasies and what turns you on. Even if it includes a sexy bank heist.


Why is it taboo?

Taboo or not, it’s a thing our minds can drift onto sometimes. 

Like, pretending to be students having sex in the classroom…while the MILF teacher watches and whispers naughty stuff like “I want to make you cum”.  

It could be anything.

Dirty talk can be as un-taboo or as taboo as you want it to be.

This kink comes from your imagination, so there are no limitations, you go as far as you and your partner are comfortable to go. 

Common Hiccups

But, before you do anything, you should talk about expectations, boundaries and set safe words.

How to introduce it?

Once you do that, it’s time to play!

Figuring out how to set the scene for your first role-play doesn’t have to be hard. Just think about what turns you on. 

Maybe it’s the sexy college professor you used to have. 

Or the hot, flirty step-sister that you did extended family vacations with. 

Use all your dirty thoughts to inspire role-playing ideas

5 Role-Playing and Dirty Talking Tips to Increase Her Sexual Desire

1. If you aren’t ready for costumes and scripts, try talking through your fantasies, sharing every little detail you have in your imagination. 

You’ll be surprised at how hot this can get. 

Dirty talk can stimulate her mind while her body is being pleasured. But if you or her aren’t into it, it can get a little weird. Sometimes telling her how sexy or beautiful she looks while you’re having sex can be all the dirty she needs.

2. Keep it short and simple to begin with. 

Most people feel very overwhelmed, nervous and awkward when they think about roleplay. They imagine playing out this whole scenario in their head having to create a script on the spot. 

So they just don’t do it. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

To begin with you can just use a few lines to set the scene/introduce the idea and then mostly forget about it and have sex.

Over time you can add more and more to each scenario as you both get more and more comfortable

For example a massage therapist is a great one to begin with, because once the initial introductions are done, there is not too much talking involved which, for many, takes a lot of the pressure off.

3. Let out some frustration by using your crappy days to inspire your sex games. If you had a bad day at work, explore a boss-employee dynamic together and make her work for that raise. 

4. Who said this phrase was just for medical practitioners? Next time you are having sex, lean in real close and ask her “how does this feel”, a short and sweet way to a steamy encounter in between the sheets. 

And if you really want to turn her dreams into reality, and give her the orgasm her body is yearning for, then allow me to introduce you to these strange and wonderful fantasies to try.

Sex Toys

What is it?

Sex toys. Helping women orgasm since the first woman who sat on a running washing machine. 

A sex toy is any device that’s designed to give sexual pleasure.

Why is it taboo?

Some men feel emasculated when it comes to adding sex toys to the bedroom.

And a lot of women feel that sex toys are exclusively just for their sexytime alone. But, sex toys can bring love, liberty and selflessness into your relationship in more ways than one.

Just think of them as your sexual “associate” or “colleague”.

But really, there is absolutely nothing to worry about here. 

Introducing a sex toy isn’t some sign that you’re unable to satisfy your partner. 

In fact it’s the opposite… 

…it’s only secure men, confident in their ability to leave their partners in post-orgasmic puddles on the bed,  that are happy to experiment with toys. 

Common hiccups

The truth is that a lot of females can’t orgasm on penetration alone. And that doesn’t mean that you’re not a good lover. 

What it does mean is that women and men are wired differently and satisfaction and orgasms are distinct things. 

She could be having the time of her life during sex with you, and feel completed satisfied after you’ve ejaculated without achieving an orgasm. 

Introducing sex toys can increase the intensity and number of times she has an orgasm. It will also add a new sensation into the bedroom for you too.

How do you introduce it?

For the very first toy, the focus should be “not intimidating”.

So just get something small like a little bullet vibrator, and play with it on her clit while having sex. 

The more adventurous toys can come later, but take it one step at a time, if you focus on making sure you both have a great time and things will progress naturally.

And lucky for you, we no longer need to go to the dark corners of the streets looking for dodgy shops with blocked windows marked ‘XXX’, we can take our time researching different sex toys and order them online. 🙂 

From vibrators, blindfolds, and bullets to cock rings, there are so many fun and exciting toys out there, it would be a shame not to try them all. 

Crossing Over to the Dark Side

How nasty is your nasty? 

Let’s stop talking about what we think she wants and start talking about what she really wants. 

This may surprise you, but many ladies are secretly into a little light bondage action, spanking, and male domination. 

Even though a lot of progress has been made to destigmatize the negative connotations attached to fetishes and kinks, there are still a lot of taboo sexual activities that people don’t openly talk about. 

Anal Sex and Rimming

What is it?

Anything that involves the butt-hole

Why is it taboo?

Many people still see that area for one thing and one thing only. 

Even though anal sex is not new, it’s still considered a taboo for obvious reasons.

Even though the ass is where the man’s G-spot can be found, it’s very pleasurable for her too. There are enough nerve endings in and around the anus to go around for everyone to feel amazing.

Anal Sex and Rimming

So, if you’re not squeamish, and you are ready to explore this taboo, then stir some shit up in the bedroom. (No pun intended). 

Common Hiccups

If you are going to go exploring here, the last thing you want is… well… a mess. 

So take some precautions beforehand.

Minimum, the receiver should go to the restroom first. Ideally they douche, but if you’re just starting to begin backdoor exploration then this can be a bit much. 

How to introduce it

Many women feel a strong aversion to anything going near their ass because of men who had no idea what they were doing and gave them uncomfortable and unenjoyable (at minimum) experiences.

Word of advice? don’t try putting anything in there, don’t suggest putting anything in there.

To begin with, treat it like a nipple and gently massage the outside, either with a lubed finger or your tongue (immediately after a shower).

The outside of the anus is very sensitive, so get them used to and enjoying this before you even think about putting something in there. 

(Try stimulating it close to orgasm for maximum enjoyment.)


Period Sex

What is it?

If you like pussy, then you should not have a problem with this taboo, menstruating is a perfectly normal and natural thing that shouldn’t come in the way of a woman’s pleasure. 

Why is it taboo?

It’s normal to feel that if something is bleeding, you should seek medical attention, not stick your dick in it. 

Plus, some guys (and people in general) are squeamish about blood.

Common hiccups

Most hiccups here arise from one partner being shocked by a mess that they weren’t expecting when they turn the lights on after a session. 

This can be avoided when you both know what is happening and what to expect.

There’s also a shame element added to this on the woman’s side of things. 

Aside from making a “bloody” mess, period sex can make her feel, icky, uncomfortable and self- conscious. So, don’t freak out about the mess and ruin the mood, just concentrate on how good it feels and clean up afterwards. 

Let her know that you couldn’t care less about a little red on the sheets, you think she’s the sexiest thing in the world. 

If you’re really not comfortable getting blood on you, wear a condom. To protect your sheets, place a thick dark-colored towel underneath her to absorb the blood.

Or have sex in the shower to avoid the mess completely!

How to introduce it?

Some ladies on their period actually crave intercourse more and shouldn’t be shamed for wanting it. 

So, if you’re ready to experience her while her sexual excitement is more heightened, then get ready for some good red, hot nooky. 

Again, if you’re both up for it, simply lay a towel or spare sheet down before you start, and you’re good to go.



What is it?

What started out as a man being cheated on by his wife is now a fetish called, cuckolding. (Cuckolding, however, is not cheating. It is a passionate, sexual fetish between 2 consenting adults). 

Cuckolding is when one person gets turned on by seeing their significant other sleeping with someone else, so much so that they want to hear every detail of the affair and sometimes even watch. 

This fetish links with BDSM because it focuses on doms, subs, and humiliation.  

This could be linked to sexual jealousy, the fact that other people want your partner could make you want them even more. 

Or it could be compersion, seeing your partner sexually satisfied by someone else makes you happy because they are happy. 

Why is it taboo? 

While this turns some people on, for others it’s their own personal worst nightmare. Watching their partner enjoy themselves with someone else certainly isn’t for everyone.

sexual fetish

They think this and assume that the person who is allowing their partner to sleep with someone else is “weak”. And that someone is only doing it because their partner makes them or because they have no respect for themselves. 

They don’t understand that people who do enjoy this simply see it completely differently. 

For many, it has nothing to do with self-respect, it just turns them on. Although there are plenty who are actually turned on by the humiliating aspect of it, which is a taboo in itself.

Common Hiccups

Stop when emotions get too high. Even though cuckolding is a mutually consented affair in a relationship, sometimes things can go too far and emotions can get out of control. 

Always wear protection. This one goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, if you are playing with strangers, always wear protection. 

How to introduce it?

Either way, if you’re in a relationship, and you want to explore your cuckold fetish, it would be a good idea to discuss this fetish upfront and set some ground rules to keep things fun and under control. 

Consider putting an agreement in place. Create an agreement that will clearly define things and make both of you feel more comfortable. 


What is it?

Pegging is widely used within the LQBTQ+ community and usually involves a woman strapping on a dildo and penetrating her partner. 

However, many straight men today peg, either because it feels good or because they are curious to know what it feels like to take in. 

Why is it taboo?

Either way, anal penetration doesn’t have to mean that you’re gay or straight, it can just mean that you enjoy the explosions of orgasms hidden in anal stimulation. 

And you might be surprised at how sexy and super-hot your girl looks with her newfound power tool. 


Common hiccups

Before you peg, make sure you have a dildo with a strap that is breathable and comfortable, as well as some water-based lube.

How to introduce it?

You don’t have to dive in the deep end here, just try a well lubed finger with a blowjob one time and see how it feels. 

If that’s enjoyable then baby step it.

And clean up first 😉 (go to the toilet).

Being Degraded

What is it?

This taboo involves being insulted during the act. 

Why is it taboo?

Some people enjoy it when they feel used and abused by someone they trust and have given permission to do so, of course. 

Many label this a taboo sexual act because it can be seen as negative towards female empowerment, but many women find their power in giving a man permission to insult them during sexual activities. 

Common Hiccups

Taking things too far and actually upsetting your partner.

Before you attempt this, make sure you and your partner talk it out and establish some rules. 

The last thing you want to do is yell out a possibly hurtful obscenity unplanned.

How to introduce it?

Explore gentler dirty talk first and work your way from there, progressing slowly with communication outside of the bedroom to make sure you’re both enjoying what’s happening.

Start with some light phrases to test the waters.


You’re a worthless whore, only good for sucking my dick.

More along the lines of:

I’m going to use you today and you’re going to enjoy it.

BDSM and Impact Play

What is it?

BDSM is all about bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism, and masochism. 

Spanking, biting, using your hand or other objects during sex is a major turn-on for this community. 

Think 50 Shades of Grey…

Many people are pushing the boundaries on what is “normal” sexual acts are, and it’s no surprise that this taboo is so popular. 

Why is it taboo?

Getting aroused by being tied up, experiencing physical pain, and wanting to be in control or controlled aren’t typical sexual desires. 

But, many people are pushing the boundaries on what is “normal” sexual acts and because of this, BDSM is becoming very popular.

BDSM and Impact Play

If you’re locked up in a cage, tied up, restrained, or you get turned on by doing the tying and restraining, there is nothing wrong with you. 

Common Hiccups

Safety and comfort are the most important aspects of BDSM and Impact Play.

The last thing you want to do is tying up knots you don’t know how to undo or smacking your partner well beyond their comfort zone. 

Make sure everything is clearly communicated and agreed upon before anything happens. Safety is key, so pick a safe word and pay close attention to what you are doing. 

How to introduce it?

If any of these tickled your fancy, don’t be shy to give it a try. Just remember that they do come with risks, so play safely, have lots of fun and reach your climax.

Here are some BDSM ideas to help you get started safely and learn how to unlock new orgasms for her and for you!

The Most Taboo Fetishes

These next taboos are technically still on the extreme side of the spectrum. 

But people still enjoy them in a consensual and sexual manner.

However, they have to be carefully experienced as they are high-risk sexual experiences. 


What is it?

Asphyxiation, also known as breath play, is all about cutting off your or your partner’s air supply during sexual play.  

Why is it taboo?

Practicing asphyxiation during intercourse or masturbation is almost always going to be dangerous, but that is the spark of arousal. The danger of this taboo is its biggest draw card. 

Some studies say that people who practice this act do so because of the risk of flirting with death, not just because having an orgasm without oxygen feels good. 

Common hiccups

Assuming your partner likes it, without communicating 

Going too hard, too fast.

Most people avoid erotic asphyxiation because they think it is too dangerous to try. 

Yes, it does come with risk, but when done correctly it can bring sexual excitement. 

This act should be practiced in a sober state, with a trusted partner, and a safe action like a “tap out”.

How to introduce it 

Simply start by placing your hand around her throat during sex with no pressure whatsoever. 

If she seems to enjoy that, ask her “do you like that” and if she replies  “Yes”… enthusiastically.

You can go ahead and ask the question: “Do you want it harder?”

Urolagnia (Water Sports)

What is it?

A fancy word for people who are into urine, in one way or another, sexually. 


This taboo is very simple, it’s either you’re into having someone pee on you during sexual intercourse or have you pee on them.

Or you don’t, and you prefer to keep your number 1 strictly in the toilet.

But, people who like pee this much don’t even need to see it, thinking about it alone can stimulate them. 

People that are turned on by urine might think that they are weird, but being turned on by bodily fluids is not a new thing and is more common than you think. 

Urinating on or being urinated on during sex is a form of dominance and submission, and it shows a lot of trust between you and your partner. 

Urolagnia is actually a very common fetish and this might surprise you, but it’s not the weirdest out of all the taboo acts out there. We all pee, don’t we?

Why is it taboo?

When most people think “urine”…they think of sweltering, road-side restrooms that haven’t been cleaned since they were born. The hot ammonia smell that you’d swear stays on your clothes.

But then there’s people who really dig it and think it’s the greatest golden thing.

Common hiccups:

Now, before you go trying this with anyone, make sure you get the consent first. Making someone a human toilet without asking isn’t very nice.

How to introduce it?

Don’t just go in and grab the bull by the…uh…urethra.

If you want to be the pee-er: Next time you’re showering together, let your partner know, simply ask, “How would you feel if I peed on you now? It would turn me on.” Gauge their reaction.

If you want to be the peed-on: Just flip the script. “You know you don’t have to get out of the shower to pee, right? In fact…”

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

What is it?

Who can say they haven’t gotten excited when they’ve accidentally stumbled upon someone getting naked or banging at least once?

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Voyeurism is the arousal people get from seeing others have, hearing others, or even being told about other people’s sexual experiences.

This is not about gross, non-consensual Peeping Toms. 

Exhibitionism is the opposite kind of kink. 

Why is it taboo?

There are many that consider sex to be something that should be kept between two people in the privacy of their homes, not for anyone else to see.

While some people would absolutely die if they were caught with their pants down, people that are into exhibitionism feel sexually aroused at the idea of being watched while they are naked or engaged in sexual activities. 

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about voyeurism and exhibitionism but when safely and responsibly explored, this taboo opens up a new world of excitement. 

Common hiccups

The most common reason why people would stay away from voyeurism and exhibitionism is because of the pervasive stigma attached to it. 

It’s illegal in most places and has a “peeping Tom” connotation to it, it doesn’t have a good reputation. 

But there is a clear distinction between clinical definition and sexual definition of voyeurism and exhibitionism. 

And these fetishes are completely normal to have and not only is it legal in some places, but it is also encouraged. 

Places like sex clubs and swing clubs are basically open spaces where people can have sex and others can watch, it’s consensual and it’s safe. 

How to introduce it

If you feel confident and ready to get in on the action, talk to people who are willing to let you watch or would like to watch you engage in sexual activities. 

Getting consent is an important first step, once you have that you can get freaky and have all eyes on you.

These Should Come With a Warning Sign...

Warning Sign...

Some taboos are hard to understand and considered illegal in many parts of the world, such as necrophilia (sexual acts with the dead),  bestiality (sexual acts with animals) and pedophilia (sexual desires towards children). 

When it comes to violating the consent of those that can’t give their consent, like the dead, children, and animals…that is a Big Fat Non-negotiable, don’t do that. 🙅‍♂️

You’re not a bad person for having these thoughts. Most people get random, intrusive thoughts. At least at some point in their life. 

But, if you actually desire these taboos, you really need to talk to a professional about it before you act on them.  

In Closing

If people are fucking, there will always be taboos. 

These sex acts are seen as taboos because many people violate the rules of the game. 

To safely enjoy them, an understanding of how to approach it and propose it to others is key. 

All these taboos can be harmful, or they can bring you great satisfaction.

The trick is to educate yourself on the dos and don’ts.

And remove the stigmas, so you can partake in all the glorious sexual experiences waiting for you behind some of these fetishes.

Fetishes come in different shapes and sizes and vary from individual to country. There is no such thing as a “normal” way to experience pleasure. 

And you will never know what you’re into unless you explore, so safely explore. 

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