Top 18 Outside Sex Spots for Exciting Public Sex

There is nothing more exciting than having public sex.

Just letting unquenchable lust lead you to a remote and private piece of nature where you can fuck like animals.

Would you sometimes just like to leave behind that boring bed and switch it up with something more exciting, but you have no idea where to go for the best outdoor sex?

Then do continue reading…

Below you will learn about the 18 best places to have sex in public:

Before you let yourself go completely, it’s helpful to know where it wouldn’t be too clever to have outdoor sex.

These aren’t just obstacles that make sex outside tricky, but they can actually also make it exciting.


Be sure to first read our guide on how to fuck without getting into trouble.

I probably don't need to tell you about the
amount of sand in your butt crack

Why Outdoor Sex is Good for You

Let’s face it: most people just have sex in bed. Nice and warm, no hassle and above all: safe.

But that’s not why you are here, let alone why you are reading this article.

You want more. Something extra. You want them to NEVER forget sex with you.

You have to be quick and careful if you want to be unseen.

And if you fuck her outside, you are actually saying that you can’t wait until you get home. You want to take her on the spot.

Guess what that does to women…

It gives them an enormous ego boost. Because she feels desired.

And that’s also good for you;

For if a woman feels desired, she gets a lot naughtier. You can take her harder and she can enjoy it more. You bet that she’ll be prepared more often to jump into the bushes with you.

In addition, a little change of environment can give your sex life a real boost. Switching it up and variation are things that women like in bed.

Fantasizing together creates a bond. And if you really do it, it will be your secret.

What if She’s Afraid?

Doing something which isn’t actually allowed and where you run the risk of being caught. Not every woman dares doing that.

Or does she?

4 Steps to Let Her Get Used to Outdoor Sex

1. Let Her Imagination Run Wild

Every woman has sexual fantasies. Women get excited by their own imagination. The chance that she’ll let you fuck her in public is way bigger when you get her super horny.

Outdoor sex is intimate, bold and an incredible turn on at the same time.

Once that fantasy is in her head, she is more willing to have real sex with you in public.

2. Sex in Front of a Mirror

This also excites her imagination, especially since she now has an image of it.

It’s just one step further from normal sex in bed.​

3. Make Your House More Public

The next step is to make yours or her home less private. So she can get used to it and feel how exciting it can be.

For example:

4. Switch to Outdoor Sex

Here are the 18 best places:

Top 18 Outdoor Sex Spots for Exciting Public Sex

1. Sex in the Car

The number 1 spot for outdoor sex is the car. This is still somewhat safe, especially if you have tinted windows. Or if you let them fog up.

You can drive anywhere and have sex without having to rush. She can blow you while you are driving, sitting on top of you in the car (tip for in the winter), or if it’s a warm day, take her up against the car or on the hood.

2. At Festivals​

All hail the festivals! You can frequently find amazing secluded spots. Let the music get you excited, find the most hidden spot or dark corner that you can find.

3. The Cinema

While it is dark you quietly finger her until she comes. Super Horny, because she can’t moan.

If you really have guts, you reserve a seat in the back row and go all the way.

4. Public Transport

At the back of the bus, you won’t be bothered by prying eyes so you can get an amazing blow job or finger her.

Even better is the train.

If you’re lucky and you’re in an empty compartment, take her standing from behind.

The risk of being caught is high, but oh so fun.

5. In the Yard

Romance under the stars in a tent or on a lazy chair. The neighbors are asleep after all, right?

6. Alley or Hallway

It sounds a little wrong, but having sex in an alley can be great. And often easier than you think. You can find dead ends or dark alleys everywhere. The hall of a flat or apartment can also be super sexy.

7. Sex in the Fitting Room

What do you mean, shopping with a woman is boring?

Some fitting rooms seem to be made for sex. If you want to fit something it’s very annoying when you can’t see from the outside whether it’s taken, but that’s perfect for sex.

The mirror and hooks to hold on to are just the cherry on top.

8. At the Office

Are you often alone at the office late at night or do you have the key to your office building? Then why not try a quickie on your desk?

Even more exciting: Do you have your own room where you can close the blinds? Then you don’t even have to wait until your colleagues leave, you just need to be quiet…

9. Do It in an Elevator

Better suited as foreplay than the real thing, but no less fun.

10. Park, Forest and in the Dunes

The risk of being discovered is very high, but the excitement of outdoor sex is so worth it.

Tip: Pretend you’re spooning to enjoy the beautiful weather, meanwhile you have lifted up her skirt and fuck her softly while nobody realizes anything out of the ordinary.

11. On the Balcony or Roof Terrace

Recommended because it is easy and you’re a little sheltered.

12. The Beach

This HAS to be on the list. You can have a romantic fuck on a white deserted beach or just a wild quickie, standing in the sea while everyone can see you.

13. Toilet of a Restaurant

Maybe not the cleanest option, but a kinky one. And you have enough time during dinner to arouse her, already playing with her and making her wet.

14. Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi

In the pool you are already wearing next to nothing, so why not let your hands have a touch. You can go all the way in the Jacuzzi or steam room. Nobody will notice.

And hey, the changing rooms of the swimming pool are not just for changing.

15. On a Boat

Did you know that there are a lot of lakes, ponds and ditches where you can sail through with a small boat? Ideal for a wild fuck.

The busy waterways may perhaps not be the best option, but in most cities you have spots that don’t attract that many tourists and sheltered bridges where no one sees you and you can still have nice outdoor sex.

16. Ferris Wheel

If you are lucky and you don’t have to share a gondola, you should take advantage of it!

A ride in the Ferris wheel does take about 20 minutes. Enough time to have her wet before you are high in the sky.

Do watch out, the rickety compartments aren’t the best place for wild sex.

Sometimes you even have special “VIP” cabins with tinted windows. Almost like it was made for it!

17. In a Meadow

Two asses high, that’s how high the grass should be, so that no one bothers you during a steamy sex session.

18. The Plane - Mile High Club

Not in the toilet, because it really is too tiny, but under a blanket during a long flight is just as fun and perhaps even more exciting. Welcome to the Mile High Club!

Can’t wait to try out these tips?

Don’t do it without reading this first…

Guide with 9 Tips for Undisturbed Outdoor Sex

Sex outside can sometimes sound like more fun than it actually is.

And that is not because of where you do it, but because of your preparation.

That being said…

1. Choose a Smart Location

An impulsive fuck can only happen if you already know about a location nearby in advance. Spending hours searching for the perfect alley, can really create quite a damper on the horniness you actually want to achieve.

Just like fucking in the nettles…

2. A Quickie is Possible

Outdoor sex is not ideal for a sex session that takes hours. There is no time for extensive fingering, licking or sucking.

Of course you don’t need to skip it completely, but a quickie would be great for outdoor sex. If it normally takes a lot of time to make her come (while licking her), you better skip it.

3. Take a Blanket

Do you still prefer the missionary position? Then take something to lie on. A blanket or a coat for example. Also useful if you have to dive out of sight or want to cover something.

4. Check the Weather

You want her to be soaking wet, but not from the pouring rain.

Check the weather forecast.

5. Try to Be Quiet

Keep primal screams for fun indoors or if you REALLY are alone. The last thing that you want is for someone to think that there’s a wounded animal in the meadow.

6. Do Not Wear Bright Colors

Even if you lie well hidden behind the bushes, when you are wearing a red shirt, you are still quite visible. A brightly colored shirt screams for attention.

“Look at me! I’m fucking in the bushes. Hey! We’re here!”

Uh yeah you DON’T want that.

7. Choose an Easy Position

Is your public hump so impulsive, you didn’t think of wearing comfy clothes?

Then this is the solution:

Doggy-style is also handy for fucking outside. It spares you from rough grains of sand where you do not want them.

8. Make Sure You Really Are Alone

Making a sex tape yourself is fun for your private collection, but being caught fucking on the internet isn’t appreciated by everyone.

Privacy is a must. So check at least once whether someone is around before taking your clothes off. And look up to check for security cameras.

That saves a lot of hassle (especially for her: leaks etc.).

And if you are still disturbed at the decisive moment, you can easily lift up your pants and run away.

9. Get Bonus Points if You Can Make Her Cum

Good sex (even in public) is essential for a relationship.

It all starts with making her horny. The more excited she is, the harder she cums and the more she will fall in love with you. Then you continue with the foreplay (fingering and licking). Then the sex.

Variation in this is fun:

Most important of all (and particularly for outdoor sex) is that you can make her excited so she’ll come fast.

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