9 Ways to Make Sex With a Condom Better

Having sex with a condom is like non-alcoholic sambuca shots.

Theres no point to it.


What if I told you I could teach you how to make sex with a condom just as good as sex without?

In this post I’m going to give you 9 ways to make sex with a condom as good as having a Saint Bernard lick peanut butter off your nipples after a pill and a half of ecstasy.

Ok, nothings that good.

Or so I’ve been told…​

But I’m going to teach you how to make it just as good as hitting it raw.

I don’t eat fast food, not because I’m worried about it making me fat, but one McDonalds and my whole day is ruined, I lose all energy, motivation, I’m glued to the couch.

It fucks me up

But on the rare occasion I do get some fast food I get a whopper.

The best burger there is, full stop.

Two lightly toasted buns either side of lettuce, tomato, ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, sliced onions and cheese. All in perfect proportions on top of a mouth watering piece of beef.

​I love it.


If i found out that 1 in 100 times they dropped the onions and the floor and put them back in and when they did that either my dick fell off, i died, or even worse a baby ended up on my doorstep

Do you think I would keep eating Whoppers?

​Of course not.

​Well good sex is almost as enjoyable as a Whopper and the risk is this high with sex

Although maybe your odds are even worse.

You must wear a condom.​

​I know, I know condoms suck, but so does a Whopper without onions

We’re going to solve that problem.

First the most common mistake guys make is buying the wrong type of condoms.

1. Get the Right Size

If you had a friend who hated wearing shoes, said walking everywhere ​barefoot is much better

But then you found out that whenever ​he had been to buy shoes in the past, instead of trying on the shoes before he bought them he just went up to the store assistant and said just give me whatever size is most popular, you wouldn’t be surprised at all that they don’t like wearing shoes.

You’d probably also question your relationship with this not so gifted friend.

But this is how the vast majority of people buy their condoms.

Just because condoms are very stretchy doesn’t mean you should take a one size fits all approach.

Getting the right size can make a big difference in the fun you have with condoms.​

​The company mysize is a condom company built specifically for this purpose, here’s a guide to finding the right size for you.

2. Go Thinner for More Pleasure

The thickness of the condom makes a massive difference.

Which is why in other articles I have ​recommended using thicker condoms if you have a problem with premature ejaculation.

And the opposite is true.

If you’re having trouble coming, or enjoying yourself with condoms, thinner condoms are the answer.​

Thin Condoms

Thick Condoms

​After trying every condom i could get my hands on I have settled on a favourite with regards to thinness.

The closest I’ve found to nothing at all and as tough as a midget in a gang of dwarfs … you know he did something fucked up to get into that gang.

Crowns skinless skin condoms

3. Try Non-Latex Condoms

I’ve had several girls in the past who hated condoms, but in every case it turned out that they were allergic to latex.

Although looking back now I’m pretty sure a couple of them were just trying to steal my babies.

So if you’re in a situation where your lady friend looks at condoms like a Malfoy looks at a Mudblood

(Yeah that was a Harry Potter reference, and what?)

Or you think they might be irritating you

Non-latex might be the solution.

There are a couple of good options for non-latex:

My favourite being the Durex Real Feel, actually these are my second favourite condoms overall after Crowns.

4. Add Lube, Always

When you’re having sex with condoms you should always use lube.

How much is a personal preference, some of you will like a couple of drops, some of you will squirt the whole bottle on your dick, whatever floats your boat.

​Just make sure its either water or silicon or based.

Oil based lube damages condoms.​

5. Add a Couple of Drops of Lube Inside the Condom

This one is just for the men reading.

Add a couple of drops of lube into the condom.

This makes a big difference in how good it feels.

Only a couple of drops though

Too much and the condom can slip

6. Don't Touch Your Dick to Cut the Adjustment Period

Even with all of the previous advice ​there is going to be an adjustment period.

If you have been having sex without a condom for any period of time even if you follow all of the advice I’ve given so far it’s just not going to feel good for a while.

Unless you follow this next piece of advice.

It might sound crazy and extreme to some of you and be the point that you stop reading this article

But i promise you that ​if you do follow this piece of advice you will have no problem at all enjoying sex with a condom.

The tip is to not touch your dick for a week.

Go at least a week, but the longer the better.

7.​ Stay Consistent

​Once you start using condoms stay strong!

If you keep swapping backwards and forwards between condoms and no condoms it will never feel good with condoms.​

And you will never stick to it.​

8. Get Her So Turned on You Can't Make a Mistake

One of the big problems with condoms is that putting them on can ruin the moment.


You’re finally in bed with the cute girl from work you’ve had a crush on for months.

You’re kissing, the clothes are coming off, you can’t believe it’s finally happening.

You’re terrified that one misstep will put an end to your luck.

These are the moments where guys make very bad decisions.

Where they risk everything for (probably drunk and in all likelihood mediocre) sex​.

You want to do everything you can​ to minimise the chances of this happening when your ability to make rational decisions is close to 0.

The best way to make that happen is to get her so turned on that ​you feel confident that there is almost nothing you can do to ruin the moment.

And the only certain way to do that is to follow The Don Of Desire Method​.

The most effective book on sex ever written, 180 pages of no fluff, step by step instructions on how to get her more turned on than she’s ever been and how to give her the most intense orgasms of her life.

Check it out here

9. As the Scouts Say "Be Prepared"

One of the most common reasons people don’t use condoms is lack of preparation.

They don’t have condoms in the house, or they don’t know​ where the condoms the have are.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t ​had sex in 2 years always keep a stash of condoms.

You’d be surprised what a woman will do when she’s the only single girl on a bachelorette party.

​and when you’ve ordered your condoms keep them within arms length of the most likely sex location in your house.

I would say your bed, but sometimes the couch is a far better option.

10. Use the Least Moment Ruining Condom in Existence.

Bonus tip!

I’m such a great guy!

The wingman condom was built for the first time you have sex with a girl

You can have it on in less than a second

it only requires one hand.

it’s impossible to put it on the wrong way round.

Check it out here.​

And because I’m such a great guy, I’m going to give you another bonus

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Happy (safe) fucking 😉


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