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Sex expert reveals how to become better in bed. Use these simple sex tips for men and leave women amazed.

12 Oral Sex Tips & Pussy Licking Tips You Should Know (How to give her mind-blowing orgasms)

Good oral sex is important for a good relationship - if you've known each other for a long time, but especially if it's your first time together.

Here you can learn how to give her mind-blowing orgasms, with 12 simple tips for licking & oral sex, that women would never dare to tell you.

If you apply these oral sex tips:

  • Your wife or girlfriend will be a lot happier with her sex life (which means more loyal).
  • Women will beg to meet up with you more often (even if they don't like you, they just want you for the good sex).
  • Your wife or girlfriend will make a lot more effort for you in bed (like more BJs, sexy outfits or even threesomes).

Why a lot of women want you to learn to lick them better:

It might be a surprise to your man-brain, but a lot of women do NOT come during sex.

Below you can see the results of a recent survey by Cosmopolitan among its female readers...

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How to stop watching porn in 5 steps

You are just tired of your internet porn addiction.

It affects you, your friends and your family.

Or you have already tried to stop (several times).

This is the only article you will ever have to read on the subject again. You will read how to solve your addiction step by step.

If you are REALLY ready to quit, read on.

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