12 Simple Dirty Talk Examples & 7 Tips

Dirty talk is one of the most underestimated techniques for in bed.

A lot of men and women are afraid it sounds stupid, or that the other person will be insulted.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Because in this article you will learn how to make the sex better with dirty talk – without it being stupid or insulting.​

Please note: This article is for men AND women. And if you’re a woman, scroll down to go to the specific part for women.
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Why Dirty Talk is F#king Awesome

If you’re thinking of sex, you’re thinking of something physical.

Penises and vaginas?

2 bodies moving up against each other?


That is how most men see sex. But such men will never be good lovers. Let me tell you why.

​Look, the truth is:

Sex is a Very "Psychological" Occurrence for Women.

That means that if you want to give your wife or girlfriend amazing sex – the kind that literally makes her addicted to you – you have to stimulate her mentally.​

So, how do you do that? How do you stimulate her… mentally?

Simple: Dirty Talk​

Dirty talk is the only way to ideally stimulate a woman mentally.

4 Reasons Why This "Kinky Talk" Works Well:​

  • You make her feel attractive and wanted. Look. Usually you are a very decent and polite man. Whenever you use dirty talk, you show her that you can completely forget this "politeness" and can push it aside because she's so sexy.
  • You make her feel beautiful. Covers of Cosmopolitan, billboards, and movies all tell her that she has to be good-looking and sexy. Whenever you "objectify" her and use her as a lust object, she'll get the validation that she's "good enough" and that she looks good enough to answer to that image of the perfect woman.
  • You give her more self-confidence. Being found beautiful and wanted is always good for your self-confidence.
  • It's good for your sex life. It brings more variation, more pleasure and maybe she will also become more adventurous and act more like you want her to.

Cool. But how do you do dirty talk?

7 Dirty Talk Tips for Men

Below there are 7 tips for good dirty talk. You learn how to say hot things to a woman, what women want to hear in bed and what you should and shouldn’t say (you will get the dirty talk examples afterwards).

1. Talk Seductively - in This Way

Your voice is one of the most important things with dirty talk.

If you use it the wrong way, she will laugh, or think you’re a serial killer.


Every man has a good voice. But most men use it completely the wrong way. They sound like a little boy, or even worse, they’re completely unintelligible.

Here are 2 examples:​

Bad voice (from 0:35)

  • He talks quickly.
  • Tone is very high.

Good voice (perfect, even)

  • Talks slowly.
  • In a deep voice.
  • Takes a lot of breaks.

Tom Hardy’s voice is a perfect example of how it should be done. Slow. Deep. Breaks. See what people think of it:

12 Simple Dirty Talk Examples & 7 Tips

How Do You Get Such a Voice?

It’s a very complicated process, but the most important thing to focus on, is this:

Talk slowly.

If you talk more slowly, your voice will be deeper automatically.

Two birds with 1 stone.

But whenever you say something, you do have to say it in the following way:

2. Talk Dirty with a Lot of Confidence

Dirty talk is not something you can do half-baked, and get away with it.

That will make you seem insecure. And the result of that is usually a lot of laughter. It can ruin the atmosphere so badly that you’ll stop the sex.

If You've Said Something With Confidence - Even if You're Not Feeling Confident

You may wonder how you should be confident if you don’t have any experience with it yet. And I understand what you mean.

But this is one of those situations where this applies:

“Fake it till you make it.” (Pretend you can do it until you can actually do it.)

​Get your balls together. Take a deep breath. And then say something you’re thinking that she’ll respond well to. Say it in a way that makes you seem confident (even if that’s not how you’re feeling).

This is part of the next point:

Sexual Confidence

Women love confident men, the way bees love honey. They are attracted to it, and can’t stay away from it.

That fact that you used dirty talk alone is already a sign of sexual confidence.

The truth is that, the more dirty talk you use, the more sexual confidence you get. Just like with sex: the more you practice, the better you’ll get.​

3. Discover Where Her Boundaries Are.

Before you start, you have to know where her boundaries are.

This is different for every woman.

Maybe she doesn’t like the word “slut”… and if she doesn’t, you shouldn’t use it (for the time being).

These are usually simple things. If you ever doubt whether you should say something, don’t do it and wait. And then try after a week or month.​

4. How to Make Dirty Talk "Dirty"

Good dirty talk doesn’t just depend on what you say.


12 Simple Dirty Talk Examples & 7 Tips

Timing is a lot more important.​

What is and is not acceptable to her is different at every moment. If you say “I’m going to fuck your pussy until you can’t walk anymore,” this is fine for some women. For others it’s too much, so it’ll ruin the atmosphere.

But, if you say she smells good while she’s almost coming, that’s a little too soft for most women.

Dirty Talk Light​

Timing is a lot more important.​

What is and is not acceptable to her is different at every moment. If you say “I’m going to fuck your pussy until you can’t walk anymore,” this is fine for some women. For others it’s too much, so it’ll ruin the atmosphere.

But, if you say she smells good while she’s almost coming, that’s a little too soft for most women.

  • "You look so sexy all day long... it turns me on."
  • "I can't wait to grab you and push you up against the wall... and then slowly pulling your head backwards and kiss your neck softly... only to move down centimeter by centimeter... and..."

This sort of thing will make her very horny quickly.

Whenever You're Using Dirty Talk

You’ll only use the real dirty words when you’re already having sex. But you should kind of build it up. You start with dirty talk light. And then you’ll make it dirtier step by step, until you end up with sentences like:

“You’re my dirty little slut”

So you’ll start off very slowly. And you’ll build it up more and more as she gets more excited.​

5. Use Slang Whenever You're Talking Dirty

This is another important thing. If you use dirty talk – horny talk – you shouldn’t be politically correct.

Avoid words like vagina and penis.​ If you use them, you’ll dry her up faster than water in the desert.

  • Vagina = pussy
  • Penis = dick
  • Making love = fucking

Let’s move on

6. Make It Personal.

Pay close attention. The following is really a secret trick for making dirty talk awesome.

Imagine yourself saying this:

  • "You're a dirty whore and I love fucking you."​

It sounds pretty insulting. Shit. It even makes her LESS horny.

What if you turn it into:

  • "You are my dirty whore and I love fucking you."

It will turn her on more.

How It Works

The first sentence made her feel cheap. In her head she is “a whore.” But, in the second example, she’s your whore. She’s special.​

By using this, you can really say very coarse things and get away with it.

7. Keep It Simple.

Whenever I speak of dirty talk, guests often ask me: “What should I say exactly?” or “Do you have examples of dirty talk?”.

But, that doesn’t matter so much. As long as you keep it simple, really anything will work. The more complicated it is, the more she’ll have to think about it.

But, hey, if you want some examples, here they are:

12 Dirty Talk Examples

Dirty talk BEFORE foreplay

  1. “If you go on like this, you’ll be very naughty… and you know what happens to naughty girls…”
  2. “​You look so hot.”
  3. “You look very sexy.”
  4. “You get me so excited and hard.”

Dirty talk during foreplay

  1. “You’re so deliciously wet.”
  2. “I love the way you taste.”
  3. “Your taste gets me so hard.”
  4. “You get me so excited and hard.”

Dirty talk during sex

  1. “I love how tight you are.”
  2. “You have such a nice tight and wet pussy.”
  3. “You’re my little dirty girl.”
  4. “You’re my little dirty slut.”

It’s all a little easier than you think. If you follow the dirty talk tips that you’ve learned above, you will soon be able to say the coarser things.

Beware of 1 thing: After dirty sex, it’s absolutely important to make her feel “normal” again with good afterplay.​

Use dirty talk together with other techniques for getting better in bed and make it a lot easier for her to come.​

1 Simple Trick to Make Her Love Dirty Talk

That is getting her properly excited, and making her come good. If you do that before turning her on, she’ll like dirty talk a lot more.

It’s called “The Three Secret Touches” and it’s especially for men.

It won’t just make her excited and make her come, but the orgasm she’ll get will be so good that she’ll literally get addicted to it and to you.

Would you like to know how it works?

Then let me share it with you privately.

If you want to know what it is, click here, enter your email address, and I’ll send it to you, right away privately.

Dirty Talk Tips for Women

Okay. We’ve dealt with the men. So, now for the women (and probably curious men).

1. Be Submissive.

If you want to use dirty talk as a woman, it’s important to realize this:​

Most men are dominant​. And most women are submissive.

Men get a kick out of being dominant. So, if you want to turn them on, you’ll have to adjust your dirty talk to this.

12 Simple Dirty Talk Examples & 7 Tips

2. Dirty Talk From Porn?

Fact: All men watch porn. Some even do so when they’re in a relationship. So, men are used to what they see in porn. They won’t think it’s weird.

So you can say coarse things and get away with it.​

So don’t be too sweet.​

Do beware of the following:

3. Don't Use Fake Dirty Talk.

If there’s 1 thing that’ll make us men go limp right away, it’s if you use over-the-top dirty talk. Things like:

I like it so much when your big dick is in my tight pussy.“​

But that is much too long and much too complicated. It seems studied.

Instead, just keep it simple:

“​You have such a nice dick.”

4. The Simpler, The Better.

The best thing is still the simplest:



“Aaaaah aaah.”

Look, the most important thing is this:​

5. Be Loud​

We men do get it. Maybe you have roommates, or you might be afraid of the neighbors hearing you.

But, if there’s 1 thing men like in bed, it’s a woman who is LOUD. The louder you are, the better it is for us.

It shows that you like it. Without you having to use all those complicated words.​

Dirty Talk Examples for Women

Dirty talk beforehand:

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…”
  2. “The way you look at me is so sexy”
  3. “I want you so much”

Dirty talk during sex:

  1. “Oh honey, that feels so good”
  2. “You make me so wet”
  3. “Fuck me harder, harder”

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In any case, use these examples of dirty talk to experiment with. Making up new ones is pretty easy.

If you do that, you also might find it interesting to learn about:​

Or hey.

If you’re still reading as a man, check out this article with 13 strange sex fantasies women have.


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