12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous zones are the perfect places to use to turn women (and men) on easily.

Some are even so unknown that she doesn’t even realize that you are sneakily turning her on.

Below you will find all the zones, and learn how to stimulate them.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of
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First, I want to explain what exactly an erogenous zone is.

What is an Erogenous Zone?

Wikipedia gives the following definition:

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

So, Why Are Female Erogenous Zones So Important?

If you know exactly what her favorite erogenous zones are… It’s easier to make her horny. If you also know how to stimulate them, you’ll drive her completely crazy.

Sometimes it will even be so intense that she won’t be able to control herself anymore, and all she’ll want to do then is get into bed with you.

​(Also, there are no specific erogenous zones with star signs such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Acquarius and Pisces.)

Let’s begin with the top 12 erogenous zones

The 12 Most Erogenous Zones for a Woman

The information you are about to read will be of the utmost importance for the rest of your life. Make sure you remember this top 12, so that you’ll have this knowledge when you need it.

The first one is fun, and also by far the most important erogenous zone…

I will keep dividing every erogenous zone into two parts, in order to make it easier for you. The first part will describe why it’s an erogenous zone, and the second will describe how to stimulate it.

Erogenous Zone 1: Brain


The brain is the center of all of her emotions and thoughts.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

It’s her biggest sex organ.

Her thoughts have a bigger role in making her horny, than any touches whatsoever. ​

A woman has to be in the right “mood to have sex.

Whether she is in the right “mood” or not depends on the following points:

  • How she's feeling about herself, her life and her relationships
  • If she feels loved, appreciated and respected


  • Learn what women fantasize about and make those fantasies come true.
  • Use dirty talk to get her hot during sex.
  • Learn how to make her horny in other ways besides stimulating her erogenous zones. Here is an article with 10 tips to make her horny.

Another fun way to stimulate her brain is through sexting. You send her sexual photos or messages, which will stimulate her

The following zone is outside of her brain…

Erogenous Zone 2: Scalp


A head massage will release a certain hormone. This hormone is called oxytocin. It’s a stress-relieving hormone that provides a sense of peace and turns her on.


Softly massage her scalp with your nails or fingertips. Move them from the top of her head to her neck. Keep doing this for a while, with all 10 fingertips at the same time.

Next are the two things at the sides of your head that allow you to hear.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 3: Ears & Temples


Her ears and temples are incredibly sensitive.

She usually has a lot of tension in this zone. If you massage her here, her whole body will relax.


Dirty talk or saying romantic words aren’t the only ways to turn her on…

Very subtly massage her ears and temples with your fingertips, your lips, or your tongue.

Also, try nibbling them or biting them softly and see if she likes that.

Then, there’s the thing at the front of her face, with which she smells.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 4: Nose


This is a striking erogenous zone, which is often overlooked. That’s a shame. This spot is sensitive, because the nerve endings are just below the skin.


Rub this place with your thumbs or tongue, or try biting it softly. A lot of women will think it’s amazing if you know this erogenous zone, because you’re probably the first.

Then, the part that’s just a little lower on her face, which she uses to talk.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 5: Lips


A nice, passionate kiss will release hormones, such as dopamine. This is shown in research.

If you keep kissing her, oxytocin will also be released. These are “feel good hormones,” which will get her in the right mood.


First of all, check out this video of two women who kiss passionately. That’s how you should do it too, like a boss.

Another thing that will turn her on… Kiss her back the same way she’s kissing you. Aside from kissing, kissing with tongue, nibbling, and biting, you can also spoil her taste buds with the following things:

  • Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit
  • Her favorite snack

The following erogenous zone can be found at the back of her head.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 6: The Back of Her Neck


There are muscles here that are extremely sensitive. If you pet or kiss her here, she’ll get turned on very quickly. Please note… You have to be careful with her neck, because it’s so sensitive.


Once again, it’s important to start by stroking her very softly and slowly with your fingertips. Afterwards, you can slowly build it up by kissing her, nibbling her skin, or biting her softly.

If you can tell that she likes everything, try biting her a little harder or bite her on the side of her neck with your mouth open. Always find the balance between stroking, kissing, and biting, by paying attention to how she reacts.

Moving down her body, you’ll end up at the next erogenous zone, just above her buttocks.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 7: Lower Back


The lower back is an erogenous zone with a lot of muscles and nerves that are extra sensitive.

If you stroke this area, it will do more than just make her relax…

It’s a good stepping stone towards more intimate parts, because an erotic massage of the lower back enhances the blood supply.


Kiss and stroke her softly. Try to do this as slowly as possible, and make sure you are unpredictable. Work from the top down. Massage the area above her buttocks with your thumbs.

Then you’ll reach her buttocks. This is also a sensitive place for her, but most women don’t get very excited if you stroke or kiss this area. That’s why I haven’t put it on the list

  • Tip: If you're having rough sex, it can turn her on if you slap her buttocks at some point (spanking).

Below her buttocks there’s a very sensitive spot…

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 8: Backs of Her Knees


Knees are very ticklish (try it out on your partner). This is because there are a lot of nerve endings there, which means it’s an extra-sensitive place for her.

The backs of her knees are even more sensitive.


If she thinks you’re going to lick her, you can skip her groin and play hard to get. Start by kissing her knees and slowly move upwards.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 9: Feet


A lot of the nerves in her brain are connected to her feet. If you massage her toes or feet or nibble on them, she’ll automatically get turned on


Push your thumbs up against the underside of her feet. Softly pull on her toes and then build it up slowly, until you finally suck her toes. For her, this could feel just as pleasant as being licked by you.

Now we’ve been over the whole back of her body, and we can get started on the front…

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 10: Breasts and Nipples


There are a lot of nerve endings in her breasts and nipples. Aside from her groin, this is the most sensitive erogenous zone on her body.


If you stimulate her nipples a bit longer, oxytocin and prolactin will be released. These two hormones will make her more relaxed and turned on.

Stimulate her breasts and nipples with your hands, mouth, or toes. For some women, they are extremely sensitive, and with some it’s okay to be a little rougher. You can experiment with this yourself.

Just above her groin there is another erogenous zone…

Erogenous Zone 11: Abdomen (Sometimes Including Navel)


Her abdomen is a very sensitive and erotic place. The muscles of her abdomen are connected to her pussy. This can even cause some women to have an orgasm when they are doing core exercises at the gym.


Softly stroke your fingers up and down and sideways. The part between her navel and her pussy is especially sensitive. Keep moving lower to turn her on more and more.

  • Tip: Also try dipping your finger or your tongue into her navel. This because her navel and clitoris are connected. If she doesn't like it, she'll let you know.

The very last zone is also the most sensitive erogenous zone of a woman’s body.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

Erogenous Zone 12: Her Inner Thighs


A woman’s inner thighs are the most sensitive erogenous zones. There are a lot of nerve endings, and this zone is close to her pussy.


The next time you go down on her… stroke and kiss this zone first. Also, try out just blowing your warm breath against this area. This alone usually turns her on a lot.

Also, stroke her inner thighs while you’re licking her. This will make her feel an extra sensation, so she’ll come sooner.

12 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Be Aware of

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