11 Sex Tips to Fuck a Woman Longer and Harder

Want to know how to fuck her good?

How to become her best sex partner ever?

In this article you will discover cool tips on how to fuck her longer & harder, so that she will beg you for more sex.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or single.

Learn how to become her best sex partner ever with these 11 sex tips
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One thing before we start:

Hot, long and hard sex depends on the both of you.

The maximum of pleasure that can be achieved during the hot sex is largely determined by the weakest link between you both.

So it’s not just important to fuck her good, it’s also about how long you can last or how long you can stay hard.

This article will help you bring sex to the next level.

Get ready to learn 11 tips to fuck here hard and last longer

This is What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to dominate her. You will discover exactly how to be dominant in bed, so that she'll get more turned on and so that she'll come harder. (Push her up against the wall, pull her hair etc). Check tip #3
  • Discover the best dirty talk to fuck her hard. Saying shit like "You're my little slut". More suggestions in tip #4.
  • Find simple exercises and an easy technique to fuck her longer. With these exercises and this technique, you can easily delay your orgasm and fuck her for as long as you want. More in tips #6 and #7.
  • A cool position to give her G-spot optimal stimulation. If you do it right, you can even make her squirt. Read more about this in tip #5.
  • Learn how to make her beg you for more sex. Massages, fantasies and variety. Everything about this in tip #11.

The 11 tips are in the same order as the 6 steps of the master lover system. Now let’s kick off with these cool tips.

11 Tips to Fuck Her Better, Longer & Harder

Us men want nothing less than to be the best she’s ever had. To get her saying stuff like:

“Wow, that has never happened to me before”

“No one has ever done what you do to me in bed”

If you want to hear things like this, it’s important to start at the beginning. And that is making her horny. The following tip will tell you how to do that.

1. How to Get Her Ridiculously Turned on

Where sex is concerned, men are sprinters and women are marathon runners. Men come quickly, and women need a lot of stimulation.

A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that chicks are sprinters too.


Sex in a sprint (quick, hard and short) without your girlfriend coming.

How do you make her come more quickly?

By turning her on very quickly.

The result of a woman who is very turned on:​

  • She comes sooner
  • She has harder and more intense orgasms
  • She can have multiple and special orgasms; anal orgasms, squirting orgasms etc.

So how do you make this happen?

There Are 2 Ways to Turn Her on

  • Mentally
  • Physically

You can turn her on mentally by acting a certain way, saying certain words and dirty talk. Read more in tip #4.

Turning her on physically is easier. Touch her in her favorite spots. The right technique, speed and place are essential.

As soon as you’ve turned her on, you can get started with foreplay.

2. This is How You Make Her Come During Foreplay

Foreplay is not just a preparation for sex. The most important goal of foreplay is making her come. It’s crucial if you want to become a boss in bed.

I get a lot of emails from men asking why they have to give her an orgasm during foreplay. Why can’t they just do that during the sex itself…..​

Here Are the 4 Most Important Reasons:

  • It's difficult to stimulate her clitoris during sex
  • There's more chance of her coming again during sex, if she's already had one or more orgasms during foreplay
  • If you lick her until she comes several times, you'll already be the best bed partner she's ever had, compared to all the other men she's had sex with
  • Only 17% of women always come during sex. Check the results of a survey Cosmopolitan conducted among its readers below
How often do you have an orgasm?

How to Give Her an Orgasm During Foreplay

1. Finger her. Mostly use your hands in addition to licking or fucking her. Giving her an orgasm with your fingers alone is not very exciting. However, it is a good way to bring variety to your sex life. If you add fingering to the mix, you can give her combination orgasms. Check this article to learn everything about fingering.

2. Lick her. Just like with fingering, cunnilingus is best done in combination. If you notice that she’s dry, licking her pussy is a good solution. Read this article on oral sex to learn what you should and shouldn’t do.

3. Stimulate her with toys. I advise you to use this every now and then, to establish variety, and not make it a standard thing.

  • Please note: Before you start with toys, you have to make sure that you're very good at stimulating her with your mouth and your hands.

The preparations are done, and now you can fuck her hard. Now you will read how to do this.

3. How to Dominate Her Like a Boss

Who takes the lead and who obeys?

Your girlfriend or fling wants to be dominated by a real alpha dude. Just about every chick thinks this is hot.

  • Do beware. Just because she wants to be dominated in the bedroom, that doesn't mean she also wants it outside of the bedroom.

Four Ways to Dominate Her

1. Pull her hair. The palm of your hand against her neck and your fingers up. Slowly push your fingers against her head and upwards. Carefully turn your hand into a fist. Now pull her hair, close to the roots. This is not painful, and extremely dominant.

If you grab her hair closer to her head, she won't be in pain.
If you grab her hair closer to her head, she won't be in pain.

2. Push her up against the wall. Grab her and slowly push her up against the wall. Whisper in her ear and kiss her neck.

  • Please note. Keep a hand behind her head, so that she doesn't hurt herself.

3. Choke her. What I mean is, that you should apply some pressure to her throat. Make sure she’s ready for this, by taking hold of her neck a little more softly during sex. Almost every woman thinks this is ridiculously hot.

4. Spit on her. I’m not talking about a big wad of spit right into her eyes. I’m talking about collecting a small amount of spit in your mouth, and spitting it on her tits, her pussy, or into her mouth. Start with her pussy, then her nipples, and then you should command her (“open your mouth, my little slut”) and spit right into her mouth. This may seems gross to you as you’re reading this, but it’s really very erotic.

Disclaimer: some of these tips are quite extreme and you need to talk to your girlfriend to see how she feels about them before you try them, Don’t be a fucking idiot if try this on your 18 year old virgin girlfriend, you’re gonna have a bad time

This last point is an introduction for the next tip.

4. The Best Dirty Talk to Fuck Her Harder

Now that you know how to turn her on physically, it’s also important to make her hot mentally.

Dirty talk is an ideal solution for this.

I often get questions like:

“What is the best position for fucking a chick?”

“How long do we have to have sex before we come?”

This is my standard reply:

“Fucking a chick ‘good’ is only partly physical.

The rest is mental, so you want to get inside her head.

This knowledge will set you apart from those guys who use every sex position there is to impress her. That just doesn’t work. They don’t impress her at all, and she’ll get tired of switching every 2 minutes.

How Do I Use Dirty Talk?

Try to ask her as little questions as possible, and give her as many orders as possible. This way you won’t have to ask permission, and you stay in complete control.

​So this is what you shouldn’t do:

“Do you want me to fuck you hard?”
“Want to go doggy style?”

This is what you should do:

“You’re my slut.”
“You’re my bad girl.”
“Suck my dick hard.”
“Open your mouth. Open your mouth, my naughty little slut. Swallow my sperm.”

ALWAYS use the word ‘my’, to let her know that she is your property. “You’re a slut. Swallow my sperm” can sometimes go down wrong. She might think you’re judging her. Always use ‘my’.

If you’d like more examples of dirty talk, click here.

That was the Dirty Talk. Now I will share a position with you, that I think every boss needs to know about.​

5. A Cool Position to Stimulate Her G-spot

The G-Spot is a place that is not stimulated in a lot of positions.

But body surfing does stimulate it, and it’s a perfect position to make you both come. If you do it very well, you can even make her squirt.

The G-Spot is a place that is not stimulated in a lot of positions.

Body Surfing is a variation of the Doggy style. I have made a comparison below.

Body Surfing

  • Flat on her belly
  • A lot of physical contact
  • A lot of control

Doggy Style

  • Hands and knees
  • Not a lot of physical contact
  • Little control

If you’re prick is long enough, Body Surfing really only has advantages if you compare it to Doggy Style.

  • She likes to be touched a lot. There is a lot of physical contact.
  • You enjoy being dominant. There is a lot of control.

6. The Best Fuck Technique to Fuck Her Longer

If you want to avoid coming too soon, the next trick is an important one. You won’t just learn how to delay your orgasm with ONE simple trick…. But at the same time this trick will also feel very good for her.

It’s a sex exercise that books tend to describe as the 9-1 thrust technique. This will ensure unpredictability and variety.

The variety in the fuck technique consists of:

  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • Depth

The thing men should avoid is monotonous sex

  • Same rhythm
  • Same depth
  • Same speed
  • Same position

The same position is not entirely wrong, but if there’s no variety at all it can lessen her pleasure and her horniness.

The variety will give you ‘breaks’, short periods with no stimulation. This will help you delay your orgasm.

How to Do the 9-1 Thrust Technique

The technique consists of a total of 90 thrusts. These 90 thrusts are divided into groups of 10.

The first group of 10 consists of 9 shallow and 1 deep thrust. Afterwards, every group of 10 has 1 more deep thrust. Continue until you have 9 deep thrusts and 1 shallow.

It looks like this:

9 shallow thrusts – 1 deep thrust
8 shallow thrusts – 2 deep thrusts
7 shallow thrusts – 3 deep thrusts
6 shallow thrusts – 4 deep thrusts
5 shallow thrusts – 5 deep thrusts
4 shallow thrusts – 6 deep thrusts
3 shallow thrusts – 7 deep thrusts
2 shallow thrusts – 8 deep thrusts
1 shallow thrust – 9 deep thrusts

Check the video below; after 10:30 it explains the 9-1 thrust technique.

If you give her short, shallow thrusts, she will crave long, deep thrusts, because it will make her feel more full. 

Do I Have to Do It Exactly Like This?

No technique requires complete black-and-white thinking. Of course you can try them exactly how they are described, but you can adjust according to the reactions of your chick. As soon as you stop fucking her exactly by the sex book, you will notice that you start to drive her crazy with desire.

7. Four Simple Fuck Tips for Maximum Pleasure

Aside from the 9-1 thrust technique, there are 4 other methods that provide variety when it comes to rhythm, speed and depth.

1. Deep Sea Diving in Her Personal Swimming Pool

When you’re close to your orgasm, keep your penis deep inside her. As you may know by now, the root is less sensitive than the glans. With this technique you can delay your orgasm, and keep stimulating her.

  • Keep giving her short thrusts while you're deep inside her. This way you can keep stimulating her clitoris, and she'll stay turned on.

Now you have some time to give your dick a rest. As soon as you’re ready to continue, you can carry on with full thrusts, and use the following technique, for example.

2. In, Out, In, Out

Most erogenous zones of a pussy are around its opening.
This makes it interesting to put your penis in and pull it right back out.

You may think that’s not a good idea, because it can be painful. But that’s not true at all.

  • Please note: Of course she has to be sopping wet, because if she's completely dry it will hurt.

If you go in and out a few times, you’ll notice that she has no idea what to do with herself.

You shouldn’t carry on with this technique for too long, but if you want some variety it is ideal. Speaking of variety, let’s move on to the next technique.

3. Slow, Soft, and Deep

If you go all the way inside her pussy slowly and gently, she will feel all the stimulations, one by one. If you go fast, deep and hard, she feels everything all at once.

Your thrusts are longer than in other techniques. It gives you more control, so you can stop your penis from coming out.

Chicks love this tehcnique. If a technique doesn’t work, or the sex is less good… you should go even slower.

The next technique is the complete opposite.

4. Extra Fast, Deep and Hard

Remember what I said in the introduction?

Right. Men want to fuck her hard as quickly as possible.

This is the ideal technique for that. But it’s the wrong motivation to choose this technique.

The two reasons why extra fast, deep and hard are the way to go:

  • Your chick will love this technique
  • It will delay your orgasm

Push your penis inside slowly the first time, so that her pussy can get used to it. Once you’re in paradise, you can fuck her deep, and give her hard thrusts.

This way you will stimulate her G-spot and maybe even her A-Spot or Deep Spot.

These were techniques combining speed, depth and rhythm.

Especially for you, I have added 2 extra tips to fuck her longer.

8. How to Fuck Her Longer by Training Your PC Muscle

If you train your PC muscle, she will always be satisfied. You will be a lot more successful between the sheets (if you don’t know what your PC muscle is, you should read this article).

The musculus pubococcygeus (PC Muscle) starts at your pubic bone and goes to your tailbone. The muscle is wrapped around your rectum and urethra. ​

When are you successful in bed?


  • She comes (several times)
  • She comes (several times)


  • You are THE man in the bedroom, and she will fall (even more) in love with you.
  • She will respect you a lot, because you have fucked her for so long
  • She will be extra hot for you. Sexy outfits, hot surprises, more numerous and longer blowjobs
  • You will be her number 1. No one will compare to your awesome sex skills.

Before I tell you how to make your PC muscle stronger, you should know these advantages:

  • Easier to have several orgasms in a row
  • Avoid coming too soon
  • Get harder and stronger erections

One way to make your PC muscle stronger is through Kegel Exercises.

In short: Tighten and relax the muscle a few times a day.

How Do I Find My PC Muscle

Discover the PC muscle by holding in your pee the next time you go to the bathroom, and then release it.

That is the ‘bad boy’ we’re talking about.

Discover the PC muscle by holding in your pee the next time you go to the bathroom, and then release it.

Once you know where to find it, you can find it anywhere. In the car, during work and even during dinner.

That is everything you need to know about making your PC muscle stronger. Another way to always keep her satisfied is the following masturbation trick.

9. Keep It Stiff for Longer With This Masturbation Trick

Tricks are very handy. Especially if they work and provide quick results.

5 friends of mine have done a little test. The results are brilliant. That’s why I’ve put it in this article.

Check the results

the results of the survey show that this trick to maintain an erection for longer is effective

It’s clear that it’s possible to be in control of slowing down an orgasm.


With the masturbation trick

The Masturbation Trick

1. Masturbate every day for three days

2. Set a timer on 15 minutes or longer

3. Masturbate, and stop just before you come

4. Do this until the timer goes off

Too easy?

Experiment with lubrication, and set the timer on 20 or 25 minutes.

Looking for more tips to fuck her longer? Try the following articles:

Last 30 minutes longer

3 tips to stay hard & stiff longer​

That was the awesome sex. Now on to the last part: The afterplay.

10. Why You Have to Do Afterplay

The effect of afterplay is underestimated by almost all men. That’s why they usually fall asleep right after sex.

Do women want that? Absolutely not.

Why You Have to Do Afterplay

  • The number ONE reason is that it will strengthen the bond between you both. She will respect you more.
  • You will make her feel like you care about her, and want more, and also more sex.
  • You will give each other the opportunity to be vulnerable and share your feelings.

I have made a simple step-by-step plan for you, with 4 steps.

Step-by-step Plan for Afterplay

Step 1. Make her feel at ease. Give her physical (cuddle her, kiss her) and mental attention (give her a compliment, tell her something personal).

Step 2. Make yourself vulnerable. A chick thinks it’s very attractive if you show that side of yourself.

Step 3. Be understanding when she’s vulnerable. Understand her and let her know you’re interested.

Step 4. Bask in it together. Take a shower together, or have something to eat.

If you do this during afterplay, you’ll be miles ahead of the other guys. Check this article for more tips on afterplay.

Beware of the Following 6 Things During Afterplay

  • Do NOT fall asleep
  • Do NOT check your phone right away
  • Do NOT ask if she wants to leave right away
  • Do NOT stay too long
  • Do NOT have deep conversations
  • Do NOT continue the dirty talk

Now you know how to turn her on. What to do during foreplay, sex and afterplay.

If you want her to keep begging you for more sex, it’s crucial to establish variety. This is a process which will continue to make you both better in bed.

11. How to Make Sure She'll Keep Begging You for More Sex

Sex with the same woman, in exactly the same way, will get boring after a while. That’s why it’s important to always add variety, and try new things in bed

I will give you a few short and practical examples which you can use in every phase (turning her on, foreplay, sex and afterplay).

  • Massages with massage oil. Relaxation massage, erotic massage, tantric massage.
  • Bring variety to the time. A quicky one time, and the time after that sex for 3-4 hours.
  • Do anal every now and then. This may sound painful or gross for her at first, but it's not if you do it right. Here you can read how to do that.
  • Live your dream. Discover her wildest fantasies and make them come true.
  • Buy new toys for your girlfriend (dildo, vibrator) and add them to your arsenal. Here are the 7 best vibrators you can buy her.
  • Give her a new kind of orgasm, like the A-spot orgasm.

Extra tip: Us men are usually the ones who do most of the work in bed. Really not a problem, but letting her pull the strings every now and then and relaxing is good too.

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