9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast

Are you looking for simple tips to last longer in bed?

Do you rarely get a second chance, because you came too soon?

Or worse: is it ruining your relationship?

9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast
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It's Logical That You're Ashamed of This.

These 9 tips are easy to apply, and will ensure that you enjoy the sex you have more, and for longer.

And more importantly:

You will NEVER have to be ashamed of the way you perform in bed again.

So, What is the Secret?

As a man, you really want to show your wife or girlfriend a good time. If you want to do better in bed, it’s important that you can last longer.

The secret of good sex has everything to do with CONTROL…

You can avoid premature ejaculation by taking control of your orgasm.

Good News!

You can master this control in several ways.

But, beware of spending time on things that don’t work….

The internet is full of tips from so-called experts, who want to sell you “magic” substances that you wouldn’t even feed to your dog…

But, How Do You Know What Does Work?

Fortunately, we have already done the research for you.

Use these 9 simple tips and:

  • You are guaranteed to have more sex - with your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stands
  • Let her initiate exciting things - make her crazy with desire.
  • You're sure to receive a call back after that wild night - women don't say no to good sex.
  • Your wife or girlfriend won't look for pleasure with anyone else - she gets enough from you.

Sexual Dissatisfaction is a Reason Why Relationships Fail – Learn How to Make Sure She Won't Leave You.

Good sex is not just fun. It’s also good for your relationship.

Below you can see the result of research with over 1000 participants

9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast

Painful, but unfortunately, it’s true…

What Are You Waiting for? With the Help of These Tips You Can Decide When You Come.

Some tips can be helpful during sex. Here are a few on how you can train yourself never to come too fast again.

1. Wear Special Condoms (but Don't Buy Them Before You Read This).

You may wonder why…

A lot of men prefer not to wear a condom, because it makes you feel less.

Use this to your advantage if you come too fast

Because you’re less sensitive, you’ll be able to last longer.

Better yet:

There are also special condoms that can delay your orgasm. These make sure you don’t come too soon.

It works like this:

A lube made with lidocaine or benzocaine on the inside of the condom provides a lightly numbing effect.

"Why Do Some People Not Want to Use Numbing Condoms if They Come Too Fast?"

It makes your glans MUCH less sensitive, so that you can enjoy the sex for longer.

At the same time, this is a big disadvantage.

Who wants to feel less during sex?

This bothers some more than others. So, it’s a matter of trying it out.

2. Use Numbing Substances Like Emla Cream - but Do Take Into Account That There Are a Lot of Disadvantages.

Don’t be shocked:

The creams that are in some condoms in order to delay ejaculation are also available separately.

Maybe they work well, but if I were you I wouldn’t use them.

This is why:

If you use such a cream, your glans are numbed. So you’re less sensitive.

And Why Did You Want to Avoid Coming Too Fast?

Less pleasure during sex is too much of a disadvantage if you ask me. And to make matters worse…she’ll also be less sensitive.


It’s not very spontaneous (or attractive) if you take a moment to put cream on your dick before you have sex.

You can also forget about getting a blowjob!

  • It works - you won't come too fast.
  • It looks unattractive.
  • You feel a lot less - you may not be able to come at all.
  • She feels less (she won't come).
  • No spontaneity.
  • It's effect is only temporary.
  • It costs a lot of money.

3. Ask Your Doctor if These Pills Are a Good Fit for You – and Then the Problem Will Go Away Instantly.

Sounds good, right?

“Unfortunately, These Pills Don't Work for Everyone.”

Because the pills that stop you from coming too fast are SSRI antidepressants, with the positive side effect that it’s harder for you to come if you take them.

For most men, this is a good reason to avoid them. But, do you come too fast? Then it’s very helpful.

In short:

It can be a good trick to delay ejaculation. If you are not depressed, it may be a bit farfetched.

Fortunately, there are other simple tricks, which are also fun to do.
These were all medical tips, with side-effects. Now let’s talk about the sex itself;

4. Switch Positions - and Make Her Feel on Top of the World.

Switching positions doesn’t just make sex more fun; it will also make sure you don’t come too soon.

Now of course, you probably already switch positions sometimes. At least, I hope you don’t always have boring sex in the missionary position.

9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast

If you come too soon, I want to advise you to switch positions EXTRA often.


For These Three Reasons:

  • By pausing the sex for a moment, you will delay the ejaculation.
  • The more effort you put into it, the faster you'll come. So it's not just hot if a woman is on top - it can also delay your orgasm.
  • You learn to recognize what turns her on - and what will make her come faster.

It works like this:

Find a position that doesn’t stimulate your penis too much.

Switch positions!

5. Train Your Pc Muscle With Kegel Exercises - You Will Be Amazed by the Other Advantages.

If you notice that a certain position makes you come faster…
What muscle is that?

I’m sure you’ve used it before…

Because the PC muscle is the same muscle you use to stop while you’re peeing.

I will explain what this has to do with your orgasm:

The PC muscle gives you the control of the moment when you come. Like a kind of brake – which you can pull yourself (or actually push) if necessary.

This means a strong PC muscle is a genius way to prevent premature ejaculation.
And it gets even better!

Because you can apply this tip without her realizing!

"The Second Advantage May Be Even More Interesting"

Because a strong PC muscle also gives you a more intense orgasm.

Simply Train Your PC Muscle With the Following Kegel Exercises:
  • While you pee, tighten the pc muscle.
  • Try to stop peeing for 10 seconds.
  • Then you can release again.
  • For the ideal effect, do 3 sets of 10 seconds every day.
  • Consistency and commitment are important, just like at the gym.
Would you like to know more about Kegel exercises & training your PC muscle? Check this article with 14 tips and 9 sample exercises.

6. Put Pressure on the Perineum - Without Her Noticing a Thing.

This is a good alternative if the previous tip doesn’t work.

They can both delay ejaculation. Which way works best is different for everyone…

“Putting Pressure on Your Perineum is Especially Helpful in the Missionary Position, Because Then It's Easy to Reach.”

It works like this:

For the protection of your balls, they draw close to your body right before you come. If they don’t, you will have a lot more trouble coming.

So, you can solve premature ejaculation very easily by putting pressure on your perineum before you come.

The perineum is the soft bit between your scrotum and your anus.

7. Use Foreplay to Delay Your Orgasm – and Discover How You Can Spoil Her Even More

A quickie can be delightful…

Where can you find it? But what if that wasn’t the intention? An unplanned quickie is a big disappointment to women.

"Foreplay is Very Important to Women."

9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast

Foreplay is forgotten too often.

A lot of men only think about penetration. And coming is their only purpose.

Did you know this is very different for women?

Foreplay makes women come faster. And for another reason than you might think…

For women, sex is not only about achievement;

The stimulation of the clit is an important factor. The fact is that a lot of women can’t come from penetration alone. Licking or fingering is then the only way.

9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast
9 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Come Too Fast

What a lot of men don’t know …

…is that foreplay also establishes an emotional bond for women.

And for a woman, this means that she will come faster. She will feel more at ease, and this means she can enjoy herself more and let go better.

With quick sex there is no such bond.

It’s different for men. Without foreplay, a man will automatically come faster.

Foreplay is not just licking and fingering. Making each other horny with sexy text messages, a massage, teasing, stroking, kissing and cuddling – it’s all foreplay.

And it will all add to the time!

"You Don't Have to Be a Porn Star and Constantly Penetrate Her."

What you should do:

Postpone your climax by first focusing on other things besides the penetration. So, foreplay.

Women love foreplay. The chance that you will come during the foreplay alone is not so great.

So, what’s stopping you from engaging in foreplay?

8. ​Control Your Orgasm With Your Breathing - It's That Simple.

This may seem strange… but experience has taught me that it does work.

For a lot of people, their breathings gets faster and more irregular before they come. Your body needs this to be able to reach a climax.

More oxygen provides a faster rhythm, which makes the orgasm possible.


Make sure you keep breathing in and out normally during sex, so you won’t come as fast.

Control Your Ejaculation With Your Breathing.

This is How You Do It;
  • Breathe from your diaphragm, and draw an imaginary line from your head to your waist.
  • With every breath you take, try to tighten the line.
  • Breathe in deeply and slowly, without making a sound.

Do you have your breathing under control?

Then you’re making it very hard for your body to climax. You’re also distracted, because you’re focusing on your breathing instead of your orgasm.

Or, it takes longer for you to come.​

9. Practice Edging - and Start Deciding When You Come.

If you have plans to apply these tips right away, STOP immediately. You don’t want to subject your wife, girlfriend, or date to all kinds of tricks right away.

Practice them first.

So: Work on edging and try out the above tips while you masturbate.

"Edging is Finding the Edge Between Tension and Orgasm, to Delay the Ejaculation."

But here comes the flipside…

Edging is not easy to learn. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be fully in control of when you come.

The result is astounding:

Edging ensures you don’t come as fast and it also teaches you to better recognize the moment you’re about to come.

Also called PONR (point of no return)

PONR (Point of No Return)

Level 1: Forget about it, no actions possible

Level 2-3: He’s ready, you’re excited, the tent has been pitched

Level 3-4: You’re hot, but you can still stop

Level 5 -6: This is good, keep going

Level 7: You’re extremely horny

Level 8: You’re almost there


Level 10: You come

"As Soon as You Know Your PONR Moment, You Can Also Stop It."

This is how you find out when the moment is:

Step 1: Masturbate.

Step 2: Make sure you get more and more excited, until you get close to your PONR.

Step 3: Stop!

Step 4: Make sure you get a little less excited.


Try the tips above.

Step 5: Start again.

It’s okay…

BONUS: How You Make Sure She Doesn't Leave You Because of Your Premature Ejaculation Problem.


One big problem men have is that they focus too much on solving their own problem, so they don’t get around to HER enjoyment.

This is sure to make her frustrated.

If you’re dating it means she won’t get back to you, but if you’re in a relationship, it can be the beginning of the end.

That’s why it’s important that, while you’re solving your problem of premature ejaculation, you also make sure that she’s satisfied in bed.

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