7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

Every man wants to stay stiff and hard for longer during sex. So, if you sometimes can’t keep a stiff erection, that is a problem.

But look:

​There are simple solutions for this, so that you can keep your erection and stay hard for longer.

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This is What You Will Learn Here:

  • 7 simple tricks that will allow you to stay stiff for longer, and save you tons of money that you might otherwise spend on Viagra or other expensive pills
  • 1 position you should NEVER have sex in if you want to stay stiff for longer
  • What Michelle Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger can teach you so you'll stay hard for longer.
  • 3 kinds of foods that make it impossible for you to keep a stiff erection

First of all, you’re not the only one.

A lot of men have trouble staying stiff for longer. Trust me. It’s more common than you think.

This results in awkward moments in bed.


“One man’s loss is another man’s gain”

Entrepreneurs know this better than anyone. ​They make a lot of money in this market. At the moment, you can buy:

  • Penis pumps (also called erection pumps).
  • The so-called "erection ointments"
  • "Magic" pills — how could it be any different? — complete with beautiful promises, such as: "take one... and your penis will stand proud and firm."
7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

These products don’t only cost a lot — they also come with another disadvantage: all 3 products only have a temporary effect.

None of these “solutions” are permanent. Do you want to take expensive pills your whole life? Do you want to risk your health? Do you want to be a man who needs supplements or tools to get hard?

There is another way.

Below, you can read 7 simple tricks that will help you stay hard for longer.

Now hurry up and read on:

1. Michelle Obama Does It. Arnold Schwarzenegger Does It. Why Aren't You Doing It?

What do Michelle Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common, you ask? ​Both of them have a healthy lifestyle.

Both eat healthy food and work out.

Michelle Obama is seen as: “The First Lady of Healthy Eating.“​

7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

Aside from healthy eating, working out is also very important.

Can I be more specific?

I certainly can.

​If you work on your fitness, you will have more endurance in bed. But that is not the most important thing. Because through “High Intensity Training” (a kind of fitness training) & power training, you will enhance your testosterone.

​Testosterone is good for:

  • Production and quality of sperm
  • Libido (sex drive)
  • Potency (duration of erection)

* Tip: Do you do “high intensity training”? Put the focus on your abdominal muscles. Trained abs will help you stay hard for longer.​

Your penis also looks bigger if you have a tight stomach. A “beer belly” is an obstacle in more ways than one 😉

“Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

-Sasha Cohen

2. Do You Have to Be an Expert in Kama Sutra to Be Able to Do This?

Um… No. Don’t worry 😉

Believe it or not, the position you’re in during sex influences how long your erection lasts.


This is connected with the blood flow towards the penis, because that is different with every position.

7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

There are positions you should avoid in the beginning, for example: “amazon position” and “bosom friend”. With these positions the woman is on top.

Gravity Will Ensure That You Don't Stay Hard.

Gravity does its work​. Because of this, less blood can flow into your penis. The result? A limp penis.

Examples of positions that have the opposite effect (read: do you want to stay stiff for longer? Then use these positions): “missionary position” and “doggy style.”

Here, the blood flow to your penis is optimal, giving you a long and hard erection.

Example of the Step-by-step Plan:

  • Avoid positions (at least at first) with her on top.
  • Make sure you are the one who is on top (at least at first). This way more blood will flow into your penis, and you'll stay stiff for longer.

3. Use This Strange Sexual Toy to Stay Hard for Longer in Bed

While one person thinks it’s terrible… the next will swear that it’s great.

Alright. What am I talking about?

I am talking about a penis ring (also called a cock ring).​

Because of the penis ring, it’s hard for the blood in the corpora cavernosa to leave the penis. Meaning you’ll stay stiff for longer.

7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

So why are there people who hate using a penis ring?

Good question. This is because of the safety risks. ​If a penis ring is used in the wrong way, there are a few risks:

  • Firstly: ​lengthy use of a penis ring is not wise. Blood vessels will become pinched, and they could sustain permanent damage.
  • Secondly: it's dangerous to wear a penis ring that's too "tight." This increases the chance of your blood vessels getting damaged.

Do you want to use a penis ring? Then use it a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Don’t use the penis ring every day & choose the right size.

4. Safety Above Staying Stiff for Longer?

What is more important to you?

I know… Both are important.​

A lot of men make use of condoms. Sex with a condom is safer, and it’s a way to prevent premature ejaculation.

There are also men who refuse to use a condom. “It makes sex feel less good”. It’s hard to find a man (or woman) who doesn’t agree with this.

Without a condom, you can feel a lot more, which means you can stay stiff for longer.​


Not using a condom comes with dangers. DUH. Despite the pill, she can still get pregnant (often because the pill was used in the wrong way). And then there are those annoying STDs…

This is a choice you have to make for yourself 😉

As Carroll Bryant would say:​

“Use a condom. The world doesn’t need another you.”

-Carroll Bryant

5. The Thing That Makes Keeping an Erection Impossible...

If there is 1 thing that makes it difficult to keep an erection, it’s:


7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

Maybe there are thoughts in your head. Insecurity.

But, what it comes down to, is that you’re not relaxed enough.


How Do You Get More Relaxed?

There are a few things you can do:

  • Mental exercises to become more relaxed
  • Physical exercises to become more relaxed


The goal is to be as excited as possible, WITHOUT thinking you’re going to fail.

So you want to be able to beat thoughts such as: “What if I get limp right away?” so you don’t end up in a negative spiral.

​You can do this by practicing “the trick of the voice.”

Staying Stiff for Longer With the Trick of the Voice

So, the next time you have a negative thought, you’ll do this:

  • You repeat the sentence again in your head.
  • Or, aloud if you're alone.
  • But, this time in a completely RIDICULOUS whining voice.
  • The most pathetic, childish, bitchy little voice there is.

So you’re actually vocalizing that annoying voice, your inner bitch.

This makes it a lot easier to rise above it.

Bonus tip: Read this blog with 13 simple tips for if you have a limp erection.

On to the next point:​

6. Stop Keeping Your Phone in the Pocket of Your Jeans Today, if You Want to Stay Hard for Longer.

If you think that radiation from your phone is harmless, you’re very wrong.

​Look, your pocket is VERY close to your balls.

And what is made down there? Testosterone.

The Facts:

1. This study shows a significant decrease in the level of testosterone of test subjects before and after they were exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

2. This study on rats shows that the more radiation the rats were exposed to, the lower their level of testosterone got.​

3. This study shows that radiation from devices causes issues with sleep, among other things – and it’s common knowledge that a lack of sleep causes a decrease in testosterone.​

What to Do:

  • Put your phone on airplane mode at night
  • Keep your phone in a bag, in your breast pocket, or in any case as far as possible from your balls.
  • Put your phone at least 3 feet away from you when you're not using it.

7. Avoid These 3 Foods Like the Plague if You Want to Stay Stiff for Longer During Sex.

Let’s talk some more about decreasing stress and increasing your testosterone.

There are some things that you eat and drink that decrease your testosterone.​

Here they are:

1. Soy, and Everything Containing Soy​

There are a lot of studies that show that soy is bad for your testosterone.

The process is rather complicated. In short: soy resembles oestrogens (female sex hormone) and actively works against testosterone.

There is also a study that shows that soy doesn’t decrease your testosterone, but if you look at the bottom of the page, you can see that the researchers have received money from the soy industry. ​

If you want to maintain the quality of your erection, it’s better if you avoid Alpro Soya.​

7 Tips for Staying Stiff & Hard for Longer Without Pills

2. Liqorice (Tea and Candy)

Liqorice in candy and tea will decrease your testosterone.

This study shows that men’s testosterone had decreased by half during the experiment, and after the experiment it was back to its normal level.

3. Sugar

Ugh. That is a shame.

But it is true.

While eating a lot of sugar is bad for you anyway (it makes you gain weight), this isn’t the only reason that it’s bad for your testosterone and for staying stiff as long as you’d like.

No, look:

Sugar affects your testosterone directly after you eat it. This is one of the studies that show how this works. How it works exactly is not 100% clear, but it probably has to do with your insulin level rising whenever you eat a lot of sugar (glucose).

Conclusion: If you know that you’re going to have sex – it’s a BAD idea to eat a lot beforehand, or something with a lot of sugar.

How to Make Sure She Stays With You Despite Your Erection Problems

Do you know why a lot of women leave men who have erection problems?

It’s not because they can’t get him hard.

No, look:

It’s because those men focus too much on solving their erection problems, so they don’t give her enough good, hard and powerful orgasms.

These women literally get frustrated.

But, there is a very simple solution:

While you focus on solving your erection problems, you should learn how to give her harder and multiple orgasms. The orgasms that leave her longing for more.

How you do that?

I have a very simple trick for it. It’s called “The Three Secret Touches.”

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Discover how to become the best she’s ever had in these rare videos that YouTube tried to hide from the world.

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