Ultimate Guide to Sexting How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips
Ultimate Guide to Sexting How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips

Ultimate Guide to Sexting | How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips + Example

We’re in agreement.

Sexting is awesome.


It’s very easy to fuck up.


When you fuck up with sexting not only does it turn her off or upset her in that moment

It’s on her phone permanently.

A constant reminder.

This creates a paradox

To sext well you need to be careful and ballsy at the same time.​

How the fuck are you supposed to do that?


Follow your good friend Charles Blacks advice.​

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Why You Must Sext!

Understand that men and women are very different in general.

And when it comes to sex we’re like Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty

Not comparable.

When you’re horny you watch Back Door Sluts 9.

When she’s horny she reads fan fiction about Harry getting it on with Hermione.

While most of us guys would be happy enough jacking off to a Robert Crumb cartoon.

Women require words to be maximally turned on.

Women need psychological stimulation to be satisfied in bed.


Sexting forces you to give her nothing but psychological stimulation.


You’ll get naked photos


The actual sex you’re having will improve.

Start texting what I’m going to teach you in this article to your girlfriend in the morning and​ tell me that the sex you have with her that night is not the best you’ve ever had. I dare you.

​Before we get onto how to sext, lets first cover:

The Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Sexting.

1. Pestering for Pics.

You can get naked pictures from her, but pestering her for them is not the way to go about it

As lame as it might sound you need to inspire her to send them.

​2. Writing Like a Child

“u” is spelt “you”

“r” is spelt “are”

This is a big turn off for women

Don’t do it.

3. Sending Dick Pics

Don’t send dick pics.

Remember when I said ​men and women are very different?

Yeah, this is one of those things.

Just because you like to look at pictures of her junk, doesn’t mean she likes to look at pics of yours.

Of course some do, but if she wants to see it, she will ask.​

4. Sexting Girls You Haven't Slept with Yet

The reason you shouldn’t do this is not because it won’t work, it can work, you can get her turned on over text.

But thats the problem.

Once you’ve got her very turned on over text and she has sent you some less than ladylike messages or pictures, she will feel like if you do go on a date sex is a foregone conclusion.

Women. Do.​ Not. Like. This.

The consequence of her feeling like this​ is she won’t turn up on the date, she’ll make an excuse and cancel.


If you have no interest in seeing this girl, go ahead, try it.

But if you do want to see her, I highly recommend you do not​.

The 9 Rules of Sexting

1. Start Slow

Don’t kick it off by telling her that you’re going to stretch her arse out with this massive new dildo you just acquired.

You need to build up to that sort of thing 😉

And don’t start it off by sending a pic or asking for a dirty pic.

Your initial texts should only be suggestive​.

She should know you mean something sexual.

But she should know that without you explicitly saying it.

An example would be:

“I had a dream about you last night ;)”​

​You haven’t actually said anything sexual, but with the wink face at the end it’s obvious what you mean.

2. Gauge Her Reactions

If you send the previous example and she doesn’t reply with something along the lines of​:

“”I love it when you send me these texts”


“And what happened in this dream? ;)”

Or something else indicating that she wants to hear more.

Then stop

There could be a million reasons why she doesn’t want to get into it right now.

Trying to push it when she’s not reciprocating will only hurt your chances n the future.

3. Be Very Descriptive

When men watch porn there is ZERO story line.

And for most of you even that is too much of a story line.

As soon as the video loads you’re running your mouse along the bottom going straight to dick in pussy or dick in arse.

This is not how women operate. ​

They wa​nt every minute detail.

  • How you touch her
  • How you undress her.
  • How she feels to you.
  • How you feel to her.
  • Everything

“I slowly pull your top off kissing every piece of skin as it becomes uncovered”

“I lean up against you, and move my head to you neck almost touching it, your scent alone is enough to get me hard”​

4. But Leave Room for Her Imagination

For example a good text could be about pulling her hair.

But if you text her something like

“​I’m going to push you up against the wall and kiss your neck, while I run my hand up your back, grab your hair and pull on it until it hurts

While this would actually be a turn on for many girls, it will be a ​turn off for many others.

You can avoid things like this simply by changing the text to:

“I’m going to push you up against the wall and kiss your neck, while I run my hand up your back and pull on your hair just how you like it.”

This lets her imagination fill in the gaps.

If she likes a gentle tug thats what she will imagine.

If she likes pain and getting slapped about then that’s what she’ll imagine.​

5. Use the Word "My" Often

Especially as you get more explicit.

If you tell a girl she’s a filthy whore, she could get very offended.


If you say:

“You’re my filthy little whore”


“You’re a filthy little whore just for me”

Then it’s a completely different kettle of fish​.

You’d be shocked at what girls like to told told if the sentence has “my” in it.

*Warning: This isn’t magic​, you can still offend girls even if you put my in the sentence.

6. Use Her Name

People love the sound of their own name.

There’s a reason there was an entire chapter dedicated to it in How To Win Friends And Influence People

*If you haven’t read it sort your life out.

7. Convey Dominance

Women love everything about dominant men.

  • How they look
  • How they sound
  • How they smell

Dominance is the most common turn on for women, you must convey it if you want to her as wet as an otters pocket.

*Not all women ;)​

“​I flip you over, pin your arms behind your back, so you can’t move”

​”Put your hand in your panties while I’m texting you”

“Imagine my hard dick filling up your mouth”​

8. Express Desire

One of the biggest turn ons for women is the feeling of being desired my the man she likes.

So let her know this when you’re texting her.

“You’re driving me crazy”

“I can’t get you out of my head”

“I want you”

9. Don't Try to Be Cool

Once it starts getting more explicit, don’t try to be cool by taking your time to text her back.

Leave her hanging to long and she could very easily loose interest or even get pissed off.

This is situationally dependant of course

If you know she’s a work and you’re going to be texting throughout the day you can take longer

If you know she’s in bed “enjoying herself” then you should not make her wait.

10. Never Get Butt Hurt

Whether she doesn’t respond to your sexts

If she responds, but not in the way you want

Or if she starts responding, but then stops halfway through

Never get upset about it.

Never act like a little bitch

This is a huge turn off for women.

11. Mix It Up

I’m going to give you a solid routine to try below

But if you try to use this routine every time she will get bored​.

Always try new things

The more you do it and the more she enjoys it the more risks you can take.

For example after a while when you’ve done it a few times you could try going explicit faster, or even from the beginning and see how she responds​.

Or instead of describing a scene where you’re very dominant, try going gentle and sensual sometimes.

​This part is where it gets tricky and where you can mess up though, so i suggest most of the time sticking to the rules above.

If you really want to​ learn how to never mess up and to understand how to give women endless variation I suggest you check out The Don Of Desire Method. The most effective book on blowing women’s minds in bed, ever written.

You can take the principles taught straight from the book and apply them to your sexting.

So thats the rules, now lets get onto a framework you can use to get her as wet as liquid helium.

Sexting Framework

First send a gauging text

Find out how interested she is in playing

Something not at all explicit.

​”I had a dream about you last night 😉

Ultimate Guide to Sexting | How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips + Example


I can’t get you out of my head today 😉

If you get a positive response to this, then the next step is to put her​ in the headspace of a time when she was very horny in the past.

Some good texts for this are:

Remember a time when I made you come really hard

Important: You want to say “a time” here and not for example “Think about the time I made you come the hardest”

You do not want her to have to search her mind at all or compare memories, you want something to instantly come to her mind.


When do you normally think about when you play with yourself?


If you know for sure there was a time in the past she LOVED you can bring that up, I would usually avoid this though, because she mate not like “that time” as much as you think, however if you are sure, then using this ONLY ONCE can work very well.

“I keep thinking about McDonalds after my birthday ;)”

This does two things​

Almost always her answer to this is going to be brief, so you want to text her something that gets her to go into more detail.

This both gets her more turned on and gives you more info.​

She says:

“I imagine you pushing me against a wall and taking control”

You text her back something like​:

“What do you imagine me doing after i push you against the wall?”

​Then you want to get her to go to memories of herself coming:

“What is it that normally pushes you over the edge when you’re with me?”


“What are ​you imagining when you come?”

Ultimate Guide to Sexting | How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips + Example

Now I can see she is very turned on, so I start to give her commands.

“I want you to go somewhere where you’re alone”​

Very small at first, slowly getting larger.

It’s very important to start with small requests first.

“I want you to strip down to nothing but your bra and panties”

Here you are doing a few things

Commanding her is a very effective way to be dominant, and get her even more turned on.​

​While women love sexting, many can feel very uncomfortable doing it, they don’t know what to do or say, so by you commanding her she gets all of the fun without getting stressed about doing something wrong herself (yes women worry about this too), meaning she will get much more turned on.

Ultimate Guide to Sexting | How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips + Example

“Now I want you to touch yourself over your panties, do not go underneath”

Dominance and teasing, the two most important words in sex in one text 🙂

Whenever you want to turn a girl on think:


Tease, Take your time & Dominance.

“Do not come until I tell you to”

Very dominant and teasing again.

Try this one out in the bedroom when you’re going down on her 😉

“I want to see what you look like right now”

Exchange the orgasm for the picture, pretty good deal 😛

Don’t be a cunt and ever show the pictures to anyone, even if you break up.

Ultimate Guide to Sexting | How to Turn Her on Over Text 11 Tips + Example

Another option

If something like this is not going to happen, if you know she’s at work and can’t do this sort of thing, you just want to have some fun, or get her turned for a later meeting, instead of giving her commands you can describe what you’re going to do to her when you see her.

Be very descriptive, detail every single step, convey dominance and how excited she gets you.


You want to concentrate almost exclusively on the build up to the sex​.

You can often leave out the actual sex in the descriptions altogether and still have her going crazy.

You also want to send these descriptions in short single point texts, no essays.

This helps make it last longer, which is very important for getting a woman turned on, teasing and time, teasing and time, thats what it’s all about.​

Another reason to send short messages is it makes it easier to get images from her.

Once you have a good back and forth with the descriptions at any point you can say something along the lines of:

“I can’t wait to see you, send me some visual inspiration ;)”

​If you don’t know what to describe your best option is to read The Don Of Desire Method.

But because I’m such a great guy I’ll give you a couple of examples 😉

“I walk through the door, push you against the wall, I kiss you almost painfully slowly from your shoulder working towards your ear.”


“I walk through the door, push you up against the wall, my hand around your throat, my face an inch away from yours looking into your eyes, our lips almost touching”

Be careful with the very dominant stuff, if you don’t do it right you will upset some girls.

You’ll know from her answers to the earlier questions which of these she will prefer 😉


Now that you have her soaking wet over text, you need a routine when you meet up.

Well, I have another bonus for you.

I call this routine the “Three Secret Touches”.

And it will get any woman soaking wet. It’s the easiest way to turn her on and ultimately give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever had.

Afterwards she will literally be addicted to you (and no one else).

The routine consists of three simple steps, and if you want I can send it privately to your inbox.

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