Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

There she is. Ready to be taken. But then… you are just getting started, and you think: “Oh shit. Not already.”

Lasting longer in bed is something that a lot of men need.


28% of women cheat.

Here you will learn how to prevent this, by lasting longer and being better in bed.

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This is What You Will Learn Here:

  • Why 28% of women cheat
  • The bizarre masturbation trick that will help you last longer
  • Why women fake orgasms — PLEASE NOTE; 67% of women sometimes fake an orgasm

Why You Should Worry About Your Sex Life

Women cheat more and more often.

Women have needs. Yes, really. Women also need good sex.


Women need 10 or 20 minutes of stimulation before they can come. Does sex with you not take that long? Then you literally come too fast…

Lasting longer in bed prevents the following:

Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

"Second Love?" How to Prevent Cheating

Like I said, women have needs. Do you fall short of these? Women in their 30s and older usually don’t have patience for that. As you can see below, 28% decide to cheat because of this (source: GemiddeldGezien).

Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

It’s estimated that up to 10% of babies are born of adultery (proved by DNA-tests in hospitals).

How Do You Give Her Enough (and Even More)?

Just imagine… You last for 15 minutes.

How would that be for the woman you’re in bed with?

It makes you an exception. Because you can last longer in bed, you are better than 90% of the other men she’s had.

How Long Do You Last?

Okay. I understand. During sex, there are nicer things to do than keeping an eye on the time.

Time for realism.

We often overestimate the time. We also overestimate how good we are at something.

Time how long it takes before you come. Then you know what you’re working with 😉

You now know how important it is to fuck her good and long.

Let’s just hurry on:

Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

Have Sex for 7 Minutes Longer in 3 Days

Sounds good, right?

I had 5 friends do a test. The results were very good. This made me decide to make a blog post about it.

You can see the outcome below.

Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

What becomes clear right away, is that you can learn to delay an orgasm — by masturbating.

The Masturbation Trick — How Does It Work?

  • Masturbate every day, for a period of 3 days.
  • Put a timer on 15 minutes (or more).
  • Masturbate. Stop right before you come.
  • Repeat this until the alarm goes off on your timer.

Is this easy for you? 

  • Try to last for 20 minutes.
  • Use some lubrication.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

You now have the necessary knowledge to fuck for longer. So, you can literally give your sex life a boost.

But, unfortunately…

You won’t make it with knowledge alone.​ Knowledge won’t stop her from cheating.

So, it’s up to you to change once and for all.

Practice makes perfect. You have to practice it for 3 days.

She's Coming... But Not Really. Why Women Fake Orgasms

As you know, 28% of women sometimes cheat. And, as if this isn’t bad enough…

Recent research from the University of Kansas shows that 67% of women sometimes fake an orgasm.​

Lasting Longer in Bed? How to Stop Her From Cheating

​There is a good chance that a woman fakes her orgasm. Women don’t like telling you that you’re bad in bed.

If you don’t last long enough, it’s one of the reasons why women fake orgasms.​

Fortunately, there are things you can do to give her real orgasms:

Read this blog: 12 Licking tips you should know about​.

If you would like an overview of the process to get better in bed, you should read this article:

Bonus: How to Get Her Addicted to Sex With You (and Only You)

As a bonus with this article, I have created a video called Three Secret Touches. A simple routine to start with to give her amazing orgasms tonight.

If you apply it:

  • Your relationship will get a boost.
  • You will ensure that women flood you with texts after having a one-night stand with you.
  • And all despite your problem with lasting longer

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