Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

Do you (sometimes) come too soon? You’re not the only one. This happens to a lot of men.

Coming too soon is the ultimate killjoy. It doesn’t just make you insecure. Women often don’t want to sleep with you a second time.

If you have ever heard a woman say, “Are you done already?” after your orgasm, you know what I’m talking about.

But thankfully this is easy to solve. Today.

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Because I will now tell you how I myself have learned how to last for 30 minutes or longer… And how you can learn, too.

There is a fair chance that you are now thinking: Lasting longer in bed? My God, but that’s not possible, is it?

Well, not through tips that have anything to do with so-called “super pills” and such things.


The internet is full of:

  • Magic pills
  • Ejaculation-delaying ointments
  • Strange Asian medicines

And there’s much more.

On the internet, I even found the advice to “think of my mother” during sex.

No idea if it would work, but I’m not planning on trying it.

That’s why you will learn the following things here:

In This Blog Post You Will Learn:

  • How you can last at least 30 minutes longer in bed without Viagra and other junk.
  • Three kinds of foods that are fatal for your orgasm. Are you eating one of these? Stop immediately.
  • How you can recognize rubbish tips on the internet, even before they sneak into your bedroom.
  • A bizarre masturbating trick that works extremely well if you want to fuck her longer.
  • How to outfox her. Prolong premature ejaculation TONIGHT.
  • My "make her wet method" (make her beg for more).

The #1 Secret to Last Longer During Sex

With the tips below you can last at least 30 minutes longer. Staying hard for longer is a nice bonus. A very nice bonus.

But the most important thing you have to understand is this: practice makes perfect.

Experience is important. Do you think that Messi was great at football the first time he played? No. Repetition and the right training (tips) helped him get to his current level.​

It’s exactly the same with sex.

You don’t just become some sex god at the first try. Even I wasn’t. The first time, I came before we even got started.

If I had had these tips back then…​

The tips below are golden.

Become a sex god. Below there are 13 tips that will help you with this

1. What Do Sex and Your First Day of High School Have in Common?

Do you remember? Your first day at high school?

Excitement. Adventure​. Sex?

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

What does sex have to do with the first day of high school?

Very simple:

Both are exciting.

"But What Happens When You've Done It More Often?"

By going to high school more often, it will become less exciting. By having sex more often, it will become less exciting.

Aside from that, you will have another cool advantage:

It takes the edge off, so you can be more confident when doing your thing (inside her). This will help you last longer.

So have sex more often, and last longer.

“I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”

Below you will find another handy trick if you don’t have a lot sex, but still want to do well:

2. Avoiding Premature Ejaculation is "in Your Own Hands"

By masturbating, you can last longer. So, it’s literally in your own hands.

​Masturbation is just like running. The more often you do it, the more “fitness” you build up. By masturbating, you can last longer.

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

So, how often should you train your “fitness”?

Training once a day is ideal.

Does this mean that I have to pull myself off all day?

Glad you asked.


Once a day is more than enough. If you masturbate too often you risk not becoming stiff.

Please note:

Masturbating before a date in order to last longer during (possible) sex is NOT a good idea.

Because if you do, there is a chance you won’t become properly stiff. That’s kind of a shame.​

​Below there are a few more tips you can use if you do want to remain stiff.

“Self-improvement is masturbation.”

-Tyler Durden
Fight Club

3. Train Your "Fitness" Wherever and Whenever You Want, With a Simple Trick

Don’t worry…

I’m not going to put you to work. Take off your trainers. Put your towel back.

​With this trick, you can train wherever and whenever you want. This way you will be able to last longer in bed in “no time.”

Because we will be training your PC muscle.

Don’t know what that is? No? You’re not the only one. ​

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

You use the PC muscle to hold in your pee. It stands for pubococcygeal muscle. The PC muscle is between your scrotum and your anus.

​Enough information.

How can you use this to your advantage? Train for gold with the schedule below:

Training Schedule (2 Times a Day):

  • Quickly tense your PC muscle. Then relax. Do this 10 or 15 times in a row.
  • Tense your PC muscle. Keep it tensed for 15 seconds.

The great thing is: No one will notice. Train wherever and whenever you want.

No need for excuses like:​

  • I was stuck in traffic.
  • My dog ate my training schedule
  • I had a flat tire

​The only valid excuse: I was having mind-blowing sex all day.


Your PC muscle can get injured, just like every other muscle.

So build it up slowly!

If you want to know more about training your PC muscle, check the ejaculation trainer course: Get Control Fast.

Or read this article: 14 Tips To Train Your PC Muscle With Kegel Exercises

4. Three Kinds of Foods That Are Bad for Your Orgasm.

Hard to believe that food has anything to do with it?

Why are a lot of people in America overweight? Why are most people in Africa ​”ripped”?

Food plays a large part in this.

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

Your weight is not the only thing affected by food.

It can also affect your orgasm. Below there are a
couple of examples that have influence:

Do you eat?

  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Chocolate (dark)

Relax… These three products have a stimulating influence. These will make you perform better.

You’ll want to avoid the next three products as much as possible:

  • Soy
  • Coffee
  • Energy drinks

Soy: Destroys the male hormone, testosterone. Bodybuilders are no fans either.

Coffee: Too much tension will make you come too soon. Coffee will make it harder to relax. Need I say more?

Energy Drink: Same as coffee, but worse.

It’s important to be warned…

5. Lasting Longer in Bed? Learn From Alcoholics.

Learning and alcoholism in one sentence? Right…

An alcoholic’s advice: drink alcohol before sex.

My advice: drink alcohol before sex.

Why You Want to Drink Alcohol Beforehand:

A wine beforehand brings relaxation. Relaxation before sex is what we want. Tension is not good, remember?

The effects of alcohol are self-evident (look at the alcoholics). So, no more than 1 or 2 glasses.

There is a saying that goes: “A drunk woman is an angel in the bedroom.” I don’t agree with that. I would put it like this: “A drunk woman is like a sex doll.”

You don’t drink?

No problem. I have 8 more awesome tips for you.

6. My "Make Her Wet" Method...

Again. Tension is fatal for your orgasm.

How do you alleviate tension?

It’s very simple. Use my “make her wet method.” You make her wet. You make her wet. Then you fuck her good and long.

  • You make her horny.
  • You make her come (use your hands and/or tongue).
  • You fuck her long and good (and you can come)

So if you come too soon? ​Spoil her again.

​Foreplay alleviates tension. Give her an erotic massage and then lick her until she comes.

​This way you are relaxed, and you’ll show her a good time.

Two Differences Between Men and Women You Should Be Aware of

  • Men come (too soon) if there is a lot of tension. Women only come when they are relaxed.
  • Coming multiple times gets harder and harder for a man. Coming multiple times only gets easier for a woman.

If you want to learn more about oral sex, read this article.

7. Learn How to Prevent Stds and Last Even Longer.

We all know that you can get STDs from sex…

Fortunately, there is a solution for this; the condom.

But, aside from preventing STDs, condoms have another advantage:

Condoms make it a little less sensitive down there. So, you can last longer if you use one.

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

It Didn't End Where Dr. Condom Started

​These days, there is a whole range of condoms on the market, from ribbed to glow in the dark (yes, really).

There are also firmer condoms.

Or condoms with a special salve, so you will feel less.

Ideal if you’re struggling with premature ejaculation. This will help you last even longer.​


If you use these condoms, you will have a lot more trouble coming – or you won’t be able to hold on to a strong erection at all.

8. Sex is Just Like Brushing Your Teeth

Sometimes I receive emails from men, in which they are going completely mental because they’re about to have sex.

They see it as a huge thing that is super important, and if anything at all goes wrong, it’s the end of the world to them.

But look:

Every moment of every day, somewhere in the world people are fucking.

The fact that you’re here means that your ancestors managed to have sex. Not just once, but millions of times.

The Result?

There is so much tension in their bodies, that when they finally do have sex, they will come almost right away.

Purely because of the tension.

How to solve this:

Remember that you are not the only one with some anxiety. (Healthy) tension is a part of sex. Do not give too much thought to all the things that could go wrong.​

You’re not worried about brushing your teeth, are you? No. You just do it.

  • You move your toothbrush in and out of your mouth.

It’s the same way with sex. You just do it.

  • You move your penis in and out of her.

Conclusion: Stop worrying, and start enjoying yourself. Sex is normal.

On to the next part:​

9. The Masturbating Trick That Works Bizarrely Well.

Fortunately, I have a special masturbating trick that works extremely well to allow you to fuck her longer.

Before I tell you this, you have to know how long it takes women to come first. It takes women a lot longer than the average man.

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

Now that you know this, we can move on to the trick.

Are you ready?

​Good. How does it work?

  • Set a timer on at least 15 minutes.
  • Masturbate. Stop before you come.
  • Take rest. Then continue masturbating.
  • Continue until the clock runs out.

The secret behind this trick?

As soon as you do this every day, you will get control of your own orgasms. You get to know yourself better this way, so that you can have better sex, and last longer in bed.

10. What Mexican Food Can Teach You About Lasting Longer During Sex

Sometimes, sex is just like food.

For example, I really love Mexican food.

But eating a burrito every day – that gets boring.

It’s the same way with sex.​

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

There Are More Positions Than Just Missionary and Doggy Style.

A lot of men only know 1 or 2 positions.

That’s a shame.

Because if you switch positions, it is also a lot easier to last longer during sex.

And there are also positions that are less sensitive for you:

Have Her Do the Work, and Relax

Positions with the woman doing most of the work are the best if you want to last longer. Usually you have the least stimulation in this position.

Here are a few examples:​

  • Her on top, with her knees on the bed
  • Spooning. It's a lot less deep than other positions.
  • Reversed spooning. This also stops you from going very deep, and so you won't be stimulated very much.

So use your creativity when it comes to positions and last even longer.

11. Sex is Not a Sprint, But a Marathon.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of men make is that they want to have sex much too quickly. They act like it’s a sprint, when it’s really a marathon.

It’s as if they’re trying to get it over with in 10 minutes.

And that’s not bad – if you don’t care whether a woman comes or not.

Last 30 Min Longer in Bed & During Sex With These 13 Simple Tips

Remember this, in any case:

Scientific research shows that a woman can only come after about 20 minutes of stimulation.

The following things are done too quickly:

  • Foreplay with clothes on: taking clothes off, kissing etc.
  • Foreplay without clothes: (licking, fingering)
  • Sex itself: pumping too hard and too fast

Understand that a woman needs TIME.

Without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE for her to come.

Tip: From now on, do EVERYTHING 2-3x as slowly. So slowly that it is a big effort for you not to go faster.

12. Make Use of Your Own Thoughts. Think of Something...

A simple (and well-known way) to last longer in bed, is thinking of something gross.

It works like this:​

  • We think of beautiful women and we get excited.
  • If we think of something gross... Right, we think: "Gross."

So you can literally distract yourself during sex.

This way you can last very long.

Try 1 of the following things before you come:

  • Think of a very unattractive person - someone you'd never want to have sex with
  • Think of the last time you had something disgusting to eat: How did it smell and taste?

You can also think of something else. You get the point.

13. If You Really Do Want to Spoil Her in Bed, You Do This:

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