Simple Tips for Lasting Longer: How to Last for Hours & Satisfy Her in Bed

Simple Tips for Lasting Longer: How to Last for Hours & Satisfy Her in Bed

Research shows that a lot of men don’t last long:

The average is around 5 minutes and 24 seconds. And we all know that sucks.

But there are also men who can give their women great sex, for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes.

Here you will learn how those men manage to last longer.

Simple Tips for Lasting Longer: How to Last for Hours & Satisfy Her in Bed

Why Coming Too Soon Ruins Your Sex Life

Of course coming too soon has one advantage – you have an orgasm. And hey. Not all women can say that.

And that right there is the problem:

  • You want to last longer, but you can't. You get frustrated.
  • You won't feel like having sex as much, or maybe you're embarrassed.
  • Because you're ashamed, your wife or girlfriend may pity you. Or worse:
  • She'll find her satisfaction somewhere else. Because you can't last long enough to make her come.

Those are the official results of research from the Netherlands and some other countries.

This is what you need to know:

Women need 10-20 minutes to come.

​And only 26% of men can last longer than 10 min..

It’s so bad, that only 25% of women come through sex. Just because their men can’t last long enough

So it’s super important that you can last longer. Because if you come too soon, SHE won’t come.

And that’s a shame.

For example, you should know that women:

  • Can have multiple orgasms in a row (sometimes even 10-20)
  • Can squirt when they come (squirting)
  • Can have full-body orgasms,with their whole bodies contracting in pleasure

​But these kinds of orgasms are at their most intense if you penetrate her. You can warm her up by licking her pussy, but if you fuck her long and hard afterwards, she’ll get the most powerful orgasms.

​So there is a special group of men who can last longer.

Simple Tips for Lasting Longer: How to Last for Hours & Satisfy Her in Bed
​This is the group of men who can last longer than 10 minutes.

How to Last Longer Than 10 Minutes

1. Learn the 'Inner Game' of Lasting Longer

Lasting longer during sex is a mental thing. That’s why I called it the ‘inner game’. It’s important to learn to be in control of your thoughts, so you’re not constantly thinking:

“I shouldn’t come”

​Instead you’ll learn to enjoy the sex, and your wife or girlfriend, and in so doing you’ll avoid coming too soon.

The thing is, that most of the information you read doesn’t get further than: “Think about something else”, which is just rubbish advice. There are a lot of tricks and ways to make sure you can enjoy sex without coming too soon.

2. Train Your PC Muscle

Your PC muscle is the muscle in your penis and lower pelvis. If you make this muscle strong, you’ll be able to last a lot longer than other men. You can choose when you come.

3. Improve Your Eating Habits

It may surprise you, but your food is incredibly important if you come too soon. There’s a good chance that you’re eating the wrong food.

Here are a few very common “bad” foods

  • Soy (destroys male sex hormones)
  • Coffee (will make it difficult to relax)

So if you want to last longer, it’s important to skip a few things. When you have to leave that cup of coffee where it is, just think of your wife screaming in pleasure 😉

4. Learn New Techniques and Tricks

The easiest way to avoid coming too soon, is applying some tricks when you have sex.

Here we will teach you:​

  • How to get used to the feeling of being inside her (which will help you last longer).
  • To make the feeling less overpowering
  • How you can still get the same intense feeling, without coming too soon

Would You Like to Learn More About Lasting Longer During Sex?

We have a lot of tips to avoid premature orgasms. These are the best articles:

If you last longer during sex, you will have a better sex life and a satisfied and loyal wife or girlfriend. Would you like more tips?

"But There is a Secret Trick, and if You Use It She Won't Even Mind Whether You Last Long or Not"

While it’s cool if you can last long, not being able to (yet) is not as bad as you think.


Because you don’t need your penis to make her come.

What’s more:

With one finger and your mouth you can give her the strongest, longest and most intense orgasm she’s ever had.

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