Don Of Desire Method Reviews

What do other guys think of Charles Black's Don Of Desire Method?

On this page you'll find stories and reviews that guys sent me after they've bought and applied the Don Of Desire Method.

As you will soon seen, a lot of guys have used this method to get crazy results with women.

I ordered them in categories, so first you'll read the reviews from single guys, then you'll read reviews from married guys, then women and finally virgins. Continue reading below.

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Single Guy's Experiences

Married Guy's Experiences

General Experiences

​Virgin's Experiences

Single Guys' Experiences

"About 2.5 hours flight time each way. I was pretty much able to read the entire book in that round trip, due to your easy-to-read writing style, and I'm not much of a reader at all"

"Following your steps she didn't stop me from finally letting me lick her (after 6 months of refusing me doing that..." "ohhh did she come"

"She just couldn't get enough of it and told me I'm too good for someone my age ahah (23)"

"I still find it hard to believe it was just that easy and that most guys didn't get this yet."

"I now have confidence through the roof"

Married Guys' Experiences

"You have literally changed my life! My wife of 15 years is dry humping my leg because she is so damn horny :D Just the other day I was cooking dinner and she stopped me so she could suck my cock in the bathroom!

2 Part Review

Part 1

"The first night my wife was confused as to what the hell she just went through and told me that "I broke her""

"She was literally afraid of losing control, looking at me as if I had mind control powers."

Part 2

"Before, sex was something that I would just have to wait for."

"The intimacy was gone and sex was becoming stale and infrequent and it was giving me second thoughts about the marriage."

"The response I got from my wife was crazy. She was practically screaming at every touch."

"Wow. I never expected that sort of reaction"

General Experiences

"I was doing 5 of the 10 most common mistakes... mind blowing dude."

"She tells me it's hands down the best orgasms she's ever had! I can actually see her pussy pulsating in front of my face"
"We have become more deeply connected and really your book did that for us!"

"I've always been the guy with no confidence in this arena, and it shows - up until now..."

"My sex life has become almost perfect, I mean that girl is literally addicted to me at this point"

"My girl sends me infinite nudes and I wake up to blowjobs"

"She started literally begging me to lick her pussy so much that she had an orgasm on the second lick"

"My girlfriend is already crying and weeping in bed, I could not believe it"

"Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head."

Women's Experiences

I have to send you a huge thank you for helping us save our marriage

Virgin's Experiences

"I was a virgin 2 weeks ago and now my wife is having 3-5 orgasms during sex every time. Thanks so much, don of desire changed my life."

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