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Here you can find sex courses for men (and perhaps in the future for women too due to the demand for it)

Important: If you have not already watched the '3 Touches Video', read more about it here and watch it first.

The Don Of Desire Method

Find out how to get the best sex of your life - at any age - with the amazing secrets and discoveries in this completely new “for men only” book that on reading literally changes the sex lives of men (and women) overnight.

A few of the things you will learn:

  • How to ensure that she has a mind blowing orgasm…time after time.
  • How you can satisfy her longer, deeper and more intensely than every single guy before you (she will never want anything else).
  • How to make sure she has so many orgasms that her eyes roll, her back arches and she screams for more.
  • And much more...

Dirty Talk Mastery

Think of your darkest, kinkiest and most fucked up fantasy you'd like to play out with a woman.

How would you feel if she did?
How would you feel if she'd BEG for it?
Sounds good?

Well, in this book you'll learn exactly how to brainwash her so she will do this with you - and she'll even enjoy it. I give you ready-to-use lines to say in bed. You'll use those lines to get her into new sexual experiments and you'll use them to awaken her submissive (or if you'd like, dominant) side. 

You will even use those lines to make her cum on command. Sex will be more exciting, and she will behave like your submissive little slut (even if she is the most 'innocent' girl on the planet right now).

And if you want her to not only behave like your personal sexslave, but you also want her to scream this out at the top of her lungs... then this book is for you.

If you are new to Don Of Desire, I recommend you start out with watching the 3 touches video (link is at the top of this page). 

Afterwards, the Don Of Desire Method should be the first book you buy because it teaches you all the physical aspects of great sex. Dirty Talk Mastery should only be read afterwards.