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From: The Bedroom of Charles Black
An ordinary guy whose simple method gives you power to have amazing sex

Dear friend and future Don of Desire,

With your permission (and with strict respect for your privacy), I want to give you one of the most important and exciting books ever released by an Englishman. The news of this new method is spreading like wildfire, amongst men of all ages.

In this book you will find the complete "secret" sexual education that every man wants ... including breathtaking and deathly simple sex techniques that are so powerful ... that doctors, psychologists and so called "sex experts" recommend them while shaking in their boots.

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Now you finally have the opportunity to learn "world class" sex secrets of which only a handful of masters even knew existed ... including "super-advanced" tricks, knowledge and techniques. You learn:

  • How to ensure she has a mindblowing orgasm ... every single time.

  • How to make sure she has so many orgasms her eyes roll, her back arches and she screams for more.

  • How to use your "primal sex appeal" to turn her rational brain off and get her unknowingly, unconsciously attracted to you without her being able to do anything about it.

  • How you can have sex ALL NIGHT LONG, with full control and without going soft.

  • How to satisfy her longer, deeper and more intensely than any man before you (she will never want anyone else)

  • How to transform her low sex drive into a sex addiction after your relationship has hit a rough patch.


Astonishing Revelations In This New Book:

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  • How to give a woman multiple orgasms that are so good she will shake, moan and shout your name - she'll be nothing but a shivering wreck afterwards.
  • A simple method that you can use to make her squirt... her sex drive shoots through the roof when you do this.
  • “Foolproof works every time” sex techniques you can use to give her mind-blowing orgasms … the orgasms that make her literally addicted to sex and make her want to have sex with you everyday.
  • The 3 things that all successful and incredibly adventurous relationships have in common. HINT: it's not what you think, but they are essential to know if you want a successful and adventurous relationship.
  • A simple way to make sure your girlfriend or wife NEVER cheats.
  • How you can have such exciting sexual experiences with your woman, that your friends become jealous as fuck - bragging has never been so good.
  • A proven but unknown technique to touch a woman’s clitoris in a way she has never experienced before … these kinds of special techniques make her fall deeper in love (and remember this, the more you do her a favour the more she will pleasure you).
  • How to make sure the sex never gets boring, even if you've been together for years.
  • The simple and easy-to-learn method you need to know to change her into your "naughty little slut". When you know this women suddenly want to do anal, suck your dick and all the other taboo things they usually NEVER do.
  • The 3 variations of sexual relationships that each woman likes (so that the sex does not get boring and she does not even think about cheating on you. You'll get a LOYAL girlfriend, wife or fiance).
  • The 3 mindsets that destroy your sex life.
  • Why your brain tries to destroy your sex life and how to defend yourself.
  • A disastrous orgasm-destroying complex that makes experienced men extremely bad and how you - even if you are an inexperienced virgin - can rise far above these men.
  • The myth that ruins 75% of men and literally destroys their girlfriends libido.
  • Why ALMOST every man is mediocre to bad in bed without knowing it (3 frightening reasons).
  • The biggest, dumbest, most idiotic thinking error that makes men "virtually impotent". (A guaranteed way to be terrible in bed)
  • A special tactic to get better in bed by watching porn (which porn works and which does not).
  • One thing you must avoid at all costs, unless you want to give her a mini orgasm at best and get her pussy drier than a stoners mouth in the Sahara.
  • What you never want to let her drink before sex unless you love stinky pussy and want to prevent her from coming hard.
  • An absurd social mechanism that causes 79% of all women to be forced to fake orgasm (you are insane if you think this never happens to you)
  • The 4 stages of female excitement - known by so few men that you can confidently call them "secret."
  • How to use those stages to play her like a violin and get full control of her excitement.
  • The plateau principle that gives her up to 14x stronger orgasms (she will have never experienced this before and she never will again)
  • How to make sure she constantly tells you how grateful she is and guarantee that she wants more sex with you.
  • How men mess up sex with women. She will never want to go to bed with you again if you do this. She won't say it to you in the moment, but she will not want to meet you again.
  • Why women do not want sex at the last moment (and why you did it yourself and it's 100 percent YOUR FAULT)
  • 3 cheap items that you can order online. You MUST have these at home. Women will think you're an amateur if you do not have them.
  • How to give your woman ANAL orgasms ... (only 1% of women have ever had one)
  • The truth about the G-spot, why it works for some women and not for others and what to do if your woman has not yet succeeded.
  • The 4 giant mistakes that mediocre men make when they lick her. Mistakes that almost guarantee that she hates it - and how to avoid these mistakes.
  • Which sex toys every man needs to have at home and which not. If you have the right ones they will think you're a genius, if you get the wrong ones they get addicted to the toy instead of you.
  • How to turn a good, conservative woman into your sex slave who begs in a whore outfit to get tied up.
  • How to make her come so hard that the next day she brags to her friends about how amazing you are.
  • How to open a door to her deepest forbidden desires and passions that other men will never find.

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And the best part?

Every Single One Of The Techniques Are Performed By Eva & Esther

The Don of Desire Method is perfect for you if:

  • You have a small one, but want to perform BIG, so that it does not matter to her.
  • Or you do not know how to make a woman come - or if you do not consistently give her multiple orgasms.
  • If you've ever had a wife (or have one now) that LOST her sex drive.
  • If you've ever completely embarrassed yourself by COMING TOO FAST.
  • If your girlfriend does not do anything you want.
  • If you want to prevent your girlfriend from cheating or dumping you.
  • If you do not know whether you have to be rough or romantic in bed.
  • If you've ever had a relationship that was fun and exciting at first, but became formal and sexless.
  • If you've ever been jealous of your friends' sex stories - and wished you could tell your own sex stories.
  • If you ever dated a woman where everything went well - until you went to bed with her and you never heard from her again.

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