6 Things Women Wish Men Did in Bed

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Sometimes women can seem like a mystery

It’s never clear what they want.

​You do one thing one day and she’s happy

You do the same thing the next day and she’s not interested​.

This is especially true in the bedroom.

Or is it?​

​It turns out that what women want is actually quite consistent, most men just don’t know it.

In this article I’m going to give you the 6 things almost all women wish their men did in bed, what they really want during sex.​

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1. Longer Foreplay to Turn Her on

This is the number one complaint from women.

Women take a long time to get into sex.​

They need to be warmed up​.

They need to get turned on​.


Once they are turned on it takes most women longer to have and orgasm than the majority of men can last…

6 Things Women Wish Men Did in Bed


Men are like a light switch, we see a woman deep throat a cock and were instantly turned on​.

Women Are Like a Log Fire

It can be difficult and take a long time to get them started, then even once it is going you’ve got to continually got to add logs to the fire.

But do it right and for long enough and you can end up with something that might burn the house down.​

If you want your woman asking you to tie her to the bed and fuck her up the ass, then you need to give her the sex she craves…

That means taking your time and giving her orgasms every time.

And this is most easily achieved through long foreplay​

Which brings me to point number 2​

2. Don't Go Straight for the Pussy

If when i say foreplay you think licking pussy and fingering then hang your head in shame.

The second most common complaint from women is men going straight for the pussy, as soon as they get undressed.

Check this clip of Monica from friends for a better understanding:

Don’t worry too much about what the 7 points were.

Just think about this:

Try to avoid her tits, ass and pussy and keep kissing to the minimum for as long as you possibly can.

If you can do it for an hour she will be squirming​.

If you can do this for two hours she will rape you.​..

Touch her entire body as slowly as softly as you can for as long as you can.

Go as slowly and as as softly as you can while maintaining a smooth movement.

If you go too slowly or too softly your hand movements will become jerky.

As slowly and as softly with smooth movements, for as long as you can.

3. More Vaginal Orgasms

Don’t get me wrong

You should be giving your woman clitoral orgasms almost every single time you get down to it.


You need to realise she an give herself clitoral orgasms.

Think about it from your own perspective:

Yes it’s nice to get a hand job from someone with two x chromosomes

6 Things Women Wish Men Did in Bed


You can do it yourself

And you’re probably petty good at it…

A hand job from someone else is nothing compared to a blowjob or anal sex

It is much harder for a woman to give herself a vaginal orgasm

and not only that:

For most women a vaginal orgasm is much more intense, its a better release and more satisfying.

There is also evidence to suggest that more clitoral orgasms compared to vaginal orgasms actually correlates with more immature defence mechanisms and vice versa.

The easiest way of giving women vaginal orgasms is through stimulating her G-spot:

4. Make Some Noise

Women hate when a guy is silent during sex, its’ weird

If you are like a mime artist during sex

If the only sounds you make are a couple of grunts just before she swallows your children

Then this is priority number 1 for you

Watch this video:

And never ever have sex in silence ever, ever again.

5. Dominate Her to Make Her Wild

Look at any study, survey or research questionnaire, on womens sexual fantasies


Being Dominated or Raped Comes Out as the Number 1 Female Sexual Fantasy Nearly 100% of the Time

This does not mean that women want to get raped.

There’s a big difference between a fantasy and what people actually want.

And this is even more true for women compared to men.

There are many theories as to why being dominated is the number 1 fantasy.

6 Things Women Wish Men Did in Bed

If you ask an evolutionary psychologist he will say something along the lines of:

As we were evolving if a man was dominant with his woman, he would often be dominant in other social situations and this would lead to him rising through a social hierarchy, acquiring more resources, giving her offspring a better chance of survival.

If you ask a woman she will say:

It makes her feel safe and desired

But the evolutionary psychologist is only Hypothesizing

And the woman has no idea what drives her why she likes what she likes

(just like until recently men had no idea why we wanted women with a 0.7 hip to waist ratio, or even that that is what we want)

But the reason is not too important

What is important is that it is almost universal that women want their man to be dominant

50 shades of grey was they fasting selling book of all time, ever.

I rest my case.

But being dominant doesn’t mean being overly aggressive.

Almost all women want a dominant man, but not in the way most men mistakenly assume.

For some women a dominant man can just be a man who takes the lead

A man who initiates the sex

Who takes charge once it begins

Who doesnt ask permission to do something he just does it

Or commands her to do it.


Think of it like a Latin dance.

The man is the dominant one he leads, but he doesn’t force her to do anything he just takes charge and shows her what he wants.

Tell her what you want, and then she can decide if she wants to do it or not.

You’re leading not being pushy.

However just leading is just the minimum amount of dominance, it is the bottom of the spectrum.

Again 50 shade of grey is the fasting selling book of all time…

A lot of women want it rough.

So don’t be sacred to get rough, just make sure you start off slowly and lightly and escalate it slowly

Try grabbing her hair while you’re fucking her

Try putting your hand around her throat

Try pinning her hands behind her back

Just start off gently and be sure to watch her reactions very very carefully

If she’s not totally into something, then stop

Take a step back and make it a bit lighter

Then afterwards you can ask her what she didn’t like, or if she didn’t like it at all

You may have misread her, but its always better to play on the safe side

if she does like it, if she’s making it very clear she likes it




Then take it a step further, try grabbing her throat a bit harder, try throwing her up against the wall and fucking her hard from behind

But again watching her reactions.

If she’s loving it, then try incrementally making it more and more rough.

Which Brings me to my last point.​

6. Change It Up, So You Don't Get Boring

If you fuck her rough

If you normally fuck her rough

Make sure thats not the only thing you do

​Theres more than one way to skin a cat

And theres more than one way to have sex

If you fuck her rough most of the time, if you go as hard as you can, then sometimes you need to change it up and make love to her

And, if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and you normally make love, then you need to change it up sometimes and get 50 shades of spanked ass on her.

Always mix it up

Never get stuck in a rut.

She should never know whats coming, this keeps it exciting for you and this keeps her pussy wet 24/7

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