Tips for Retaining Your Erection: Longer, Harder & Without Difficulty

Tips for Retaining Your Erection: Longer, Harder & Without Difficulty

Nearly all men struggle with it:

Retaining a hard erection. This is also called an Erectile Dysfunctin.

Erectile Dysfunction means that you have trouble retaining an erection during sex.

It’s not a normal condition and that’s why it’s necessary to solve the cause of the problem. So that you can have nice, long sex again, like a normal man.

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How Many Men Have Trouble Retaining a Hard Erection?

​20% of the men below 40 years old has trouble retaining a hard erection. Above 40 years old this is over 50%, and above 70 years old over 66% have trouble with it.

Tips for Retaining Your Erection: Longer, Harder & Without Difficulty

Is Every Erection Problem Also Erectile Dysfunction?

No. It’s not a sign that you have an erectile dysfunction every time your penis goes limp during sex.

Sometimes you just don’t get a hard erection, because you’re tired, stressed, or – as we all know – had too much to drink.​ And right after you’ve ejaculated it’s completely normal.

What Are the Causes?

There are quite a few. Here are the most common causes:

  • Problems with the flow of blood to the penis. It's very difficult to retain a hard erection if there's no blood to pump it up. Think of cardiovascular disorders or diabetes.
  • Neurological disorders (very rare)
  • Depression or low mood. It's nearly impossible to get a strong erection if you're 'down'.
  • Fear of failure: This is one of the most common reasons why men have trouble retaining an erection. Read on carefully if this is the case for you.
  • Too much stress: Stress makes getting a good erection harder. There are many possible causes of stress. Work, family, court cases, money problems, illness etc.
  • You are bored in bed with the same partner. It's very normal if, after a while, you're less excited for sex with the same partner, and have trouble retaining an erection because of this.
  • Medication: Some medicines will give you erectile dysfunction. If you stop taking the medication (never without talking to your doctor) the problem will probably be solved soon.
  • You have a porn addiction. A problem that occurs more and more often is erectile dysfunction or erectile problems because you watch too much porn, or extreme porn.
  • You have an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising, sleeping well and healthy eating are the most important things if you want to retain a hard erection longer.
  • You have a low level of testosterone. This can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, or eating the wrong food (more on this later).

​What Should I Do if I'm Having Trouble?

First of all, go see your doctor. If you have a physical problem (depression, cardiovascular disorder, neurological disorders), he’ll be able to tell you.

Second of all, don’t start taking viagra right away. It won’t solve what’s causing your problem, so you’ll always have to keep taking them, it’s expensive and after a while you’ll get used to it.

​And lastly: Make sure you exercise more, and eat the right things. Your doctor will recommend this to you in literally every case, and even prescribe it as the first treatment.

Solutions to Retain a Hard Erection for Longer

There are a lot of solutions for erectile dysfunction. In the worst cases penis pumps, surgery and injections in your penis. But before you have to undergo embarrassing things like that, fortunately there are a lot of other, healthier solutions to try:

  • Working out more, eating healthier, and avoiding certain types of food (more on this later).
  • If you're under 40, there are usually mental problems to solve (stress, fear of failure, porn, depression).
  • If you're 40+, there are usually physical problems to solve (illness, exercise, food).
  • Train your penis with kegel exercises in order to retain your erection (an extensive guide below)
  • Get better at foreplay. If you get better at fingering and licking her, a few magical things will happen: 1. She'll come more often and be more satisfied with you. 2. You're more focused on pleasuring her, so that fear of failure is less of a problem. 3. You are more excited because you just saw her come.

    Read this article if you'd like to learn more about this.
  • Increase your testosterone in order to get stronger and longer erections. Below you will find an article with 13 tips, which you should read because it contains important info on increasing testosterone.
  • Eat specific kinds of food which increase your testosterone and libido, so that you'll have less trouble having a strong erection.
  • Start by reading the articles below and download the shopping list for getting longer and better erections:

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