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Hey, this is your trusted sex coach, Charles Black.

I'll tell you more about myself in a future email, but FIRST... I'd like to share with you some of my best stuff.

Have you noticed the Atari joystick image above?

And you're probably wondering ... "what does this have to do with my sex life?"

Good question!

In one word:


This joystick represents "male sexuality". (Hah you're never going to be comfortable "touching" a joystick again are you? Luckily none of the modern consoles come with joysticks anymore, so I haven't ruined gaming for you.)

Now, get this:

The joystick represents "male sexuality" NOT because it looks like a dick.

It represents male sexuality because it's simple and obvious.

A classic Atari joystick is not the difficult to plug in and start using...

... in the same way it's very easy for a woman to turn a man on and make him cum. (Although, some women surprise me with their amazingly bad handjob performances.)

As a man the way you experience and think about sex is simple and straight forward.

Now, compare the with "female sexuality."

And to do so please check your email inbox right now and look for the email from me (Charles Black) with this subject line:

Welcome & female desire visualized (pic)

In it, I'll be sharing a picture of what female sexuality LOOKS like​.

One of my friends, Dirk, nearly fell off his chair laughing when I showed it to him.

And several of my female friends agreed (despite my poor photoshop skills) that image is the most accurate representation of how women think about sex.

Now, check your email inbox to see it for yourself.

Charles "to be continued" Black

P.S.  I'm not being a dick by asking you to check your email to see the rest of this message.

I do it because I share my best stuff via email... with a small circle of smart men, just like you.

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