What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

Frenching like a washing machine, fucking like a hyperactive rabbit, coming too soon, giving her an unwanted facial or calling her a cheap whore at the moment of climax.

​Most men usually know what a woman DOESN’T want. At least, I hope so.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

That’s why here you will learn about 13 things women DO want in bed:

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Do You Know What a Woman Likes? Then

  • Your girlfriend or wife will ask you for sex more often HERSELF.
  • She'll be quicker to let you know what she likes - you no longer have to guess.
  • It will be easier to experiment - she'll want more if she's horny. She'll also be up for trying new things with you more easily.
  • You'll be able to fuck her harder and longer - because she's super wet.

But, what do women actually want in bed? What do they really enjoy during sex?

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things


Some women say they want a candlelight dinner.

Some get really horny if you drip wax on their nipples.

Does she want you to make love to her?

Or, does she want you to throw her on the bed and take her hard from behind?

“Not all women are the same. So, how do you know what she likes?”

Of course, you can just ask.


You’ll risk coming across as inexperienced. And besides, there are not a lot of women who dare to just say what they want in bed.

Whatever you do…

Don’t ruin the moment.

When you finally have your beautiful lady in bed, you don’t want to do stupid things.

Do you want her to think of you as the best she’s ever had? With you doing what she likes, without her having to ask for it? Would you like to know what women like in bed, but don’t dare to ask for?

You should remember that most men aren’t great in bed.

And if you are…

She’ll see you as a true sex god.

What Do Women Want in Bed?

Below you can see a forum, on which women complain that their partners are bad in bed.

This woman even considers cheating. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. ​

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

Below you can see a few simple tips, which are GUARANTEED to work with every woman.

1. She Wants Foreplay – And This Starts Outside of the Bedroom.

Women also have this on/off button. It just works very differently.

So, as a man you can also make a lot of mistakes. (like saying the wrong things or touching her wrong).

The result?

She doesn’t get excited at all. And so, she’s not ready for sex.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things
Most men already get excited from a couple of breasts

"Foreplay is Easy, If You Know What Turns Women On."

Did you know there are two kinds of foreplay? Physical and mental.

Men respond to physical excitations. Women, on the other hand…

So, this is the trick:

The mind of a woman can get her more excited than a touch. It’s the biggest erogenous zone a woman has.

So, turn her on mentally, not just physically.

  • Take your time
  • Play with her body and her thoughts

For a woman, foreplay starts long before they realize it.

A certain look…


Or something you say to turn her on. If you also touch her in the right places, she will beg for you to take her.

If you’re single, read this article with 23 tips for one-night stands.​

More about this: 10 Tips For Making A Woman Horny

2. She Wants to Be Able to Fantasize – You Decide About What

It works like this:

Getting a woman excited mentally is easier than it sounds.

Making her fantasize is the secret

Men are visually oriented. Our fantasy is sparked when a woman bends over or wears a short skirt.

Women are more in touch with fantasy. Fantasizing makes it easier for a woman to get excited. She is ready to have sex more quickly.

Tip: Read this article with 13 “strange” sexual fantasies women have

This is how you play with her mind:

You can spark her fantasy by saying the right things. Without even touching her…

And that brings me to the following item: dirty talk

  • You can do this from a distance - with an email or a sexy message
  • Or, during foreplay - which can already start in a restaurant or at the movie theater. Anywhere.

You just have to handle it in a way that gets women excited.

“Don’t scare her off with dirty talk”

You won’t get too far with “I want to fuck you.” This doesn’t spark her fantasy.

These Three Things Are Important

  • What you say to her
  • How you put it
  • When you say it to her

1 thing always works:

Make sure it DOESN’T seem like you only want her for sex.

Dirty talk is about giving subtle hints. Let her fantasize about what you could do to her. But don’t do it (yet).

This is What Women Want to Hear in Bed:

  • Give hints, but don't be too explicit
  • Let her fantasize about what you could do to her.

It’s all suggestion. At this point you don’t act yet, or barely.

She’ll want you to touch her more, and do what she’s fantasizing about.

And even then, you don’t give her what she wants right away…

3. She Wants to Be Teased – This is How You Make Her Beg You to Take Her

Women like to be teased. It stimulates them and challenges them.

You also show that you’re not boring, and that you’re in control.

What is sexual teasing?

Getting her going and slowing her down again. So teasing.

That on/off button that I mentioned before – it’s more like a volume button with women.

And you have to turn this button calmly. Build up the tension slowly.

This is how you get her sopping wet
  • Stop every now and then - even if she says she wants more
  • Undress her slowly. Bit by bit. (30 min+ is the guideline).
  • Do you want to lick her? First place soft kisses on the insides of her thighs.
  • Don't get right to penetrating. But do let her feel how hard you are.

It’s important to build up the tension as much as possible. She will beg for more.

4. She Really Wants to Kiss – A Lot of Men Do This Wrong.

Kissing is very intimate. At least, if you do it right.

If, after 10 beers and at the end of the evening, you’re wildly frenching in the back of the bar – that’s not very intimate.

It can be a turn on, of course. But if you’re in a relationship, your wife or girlfriend also wants to feel wanted.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

If you kiss her well, you’re guaranteed to make her weak in the knees. But what you really want is to make her wet. And a good kiss will do that too, if you do it right.

This is how you drive her crazy;

Start very slowly, with little kisses on her neck, on her cheeks, and then back to her neck.

  • The first time, you kiss her very softly. Then you grab her a little more tightly, and kiss her harder.
  • Then kiss her face again, and her neck, hands, wrists, arms, until she lets you know she wants more.
  • When she lets you know she wants more, don't give it to her right away, but wait for a while. This will make her want it even more.
  • Then kiss her again, a little more intensely. Grab her head and let her know that you want her.

Let it build up: timing is everything.

For women, kissing is a very important part of foreplay.

After that, they’ll want more…

5. She Wants to Let Go Completely – So Make Sure She Can't Think Anymore.

During sex, women can worry about the strangest things.

Is he enjoying it? Does he think I’m beautiful? Do my breasts look funny if I sit like this? Etc.

And you don’t want that.

If she thinks too much, she’ll also enjoy herself less. And you can do less to her.

You want her to let go completely. And NOT think.

That’s all for the foreplay. What do women want during sex??

This is how you do this:

  • It's important that she trusts you. If you've known each other for a few hours, tell her a story about your family, or how you used to be.
  • Make her comfortable. Things like a dirty room, a dirty toilet or a dirty bed can be simple things that make her uncomfortable.
  • Give her time to get excited. At least an hour of foreplay. This way she'll have time to let go.

The next two tips help with this.

6. This is What Women Want to Hear in Bed

For a woman, it’s very exciting if she notices you’re enjoying yourself.

She wants to know that you are losing your mind, because of HER.

The trick?

Say you can’t wait to feel her. For example, softly pinch her when you greet her, and whisper that she looks good enough to eat.


Don’t be too quiet in bed.

Things that women want to hear during sex are:

  • "You look so hot."
  • "You look so sexy, you get me so excited."
  • "You make me so hot and hard."

You like it when a woman moans, or says you’re so nice and hard. A woman finds this just as exciting.

7. She Wants to Feel Special – And You Have to Do Less for This Than You Think.

Every woman wants to feel special, coveted and wanted.

Let her know that you think of her (and only her) as the most beautiful, the hottest, the sexiest.

Make her feel like she’s the most important thing in your life (even if that’s not true)

Not by actually putting everything aside for her….

But by making her feel like you would.

For example, you can say “I might be late for work, but you’re too hot. I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

Bonus tip: If you really want to make her feel special, give her first squirting orgasm.

These were all tips to get her as excited as possible, and make her enjoy herself. But what are the things that a woman secretly wants, but doesn’t dare to talk about?

These are the three secrets desires of every woman.

8. Women Want to Be Dominated – But Be Respectful About It.

When a woman is relaxed and at ease, there is 1 thing she wants most:

For YOU to take control.

No less than 91 % of all women admit that they would like a dominant man in bed.

This answer came from all kinds of women: “boring” stay-at-home moms, strict lawyers, women in their twenties, women in their forties, strong women, dependent women. It doesn’t matter.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

When a woman is relaxed and at ease, there is 1 thing she wants most:

For YOU to take control.

No less than 91 % of all women admit that they would like a dominant man in bed.

This answer came from all kinds of women: “boring” stay-at-home moms, strict lawyers, women in their twenties, women in their forties, strong women, dependent women. It doesn’t matter.

The reason is simple: it’s a basic instinct.

She just wants to be able to be a woman: sexual, sensual and feminine. Give the control to you, without you misusing your power.

  • Always be respectful, and don't humiliate her.
  • Just because a woman wants to be dominated in the bedroom, it doesn't mean she wants it OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

Step-by-step Plan: How to Dominate a Woman

Here there are a couple of examples:

  • Take the lead.
  • Tell her what to do.
  • Bite her nipple, neck or lip.
  • Hit her (softly) on her ass cheeks
  • Push her down on the bed
  • Pull her hair (softly)

A simple way to get started:

Ask her if she wants to be blindfolded while you’re licking her.

If she says yes, push her hands softly but forcefully above her head, and tell her not to move. Ask her again if she likes this. If she says yes, take it a step further every time. Then stop asking and just do it.

9. Women Like Sex in Public – But Not Like in Bed.

Back when you were just starting out with sex, the danger of being caught by your parents was a rush.

Having sex as quietly as possible in your room, while your parents were watching TV in the living room.

And, as an adult, we still desire that rush.
Women, especially, get very horny at the thought of being caught in public.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

Yes. Also the nice girls, who you thought were very well-behaved.

You just have to wait for the right moment. Make sure she’s excited first, by kissing her, stroking her secretly under the table or dirty talk.

Then see how far you can go.

Full-on penetration might be a bit too risky. The idea that you might come inside her any minute is often enough already.

But, if you do it well, there are more possibilities;

Fingering in the taxi, at the movies or under the table during dinner.

I have done it all.

Even sex in the bathroom, or an empty train cabin.

Tip: Read this article with the top 18 outdoor sex places for thrilling public sex.

10. She Wants to Be Spanked – But Not for the Reason You Think.

Giving a woman a light slap on the ass during sex (nothing that can cause a bruise) can give you both a lot of pleasure.

Why do women want this?

Fifty Shades of Grey was so hyped, and many women sometimes want to feel like a naughty little girl.

And that’s not all…

As I’ve been told by a lot of women, spanking gives them a tingling sensation in their vagina.

It excites them immensely

Also, because you are demonstrating your lust so openly. It will make her feel wanted, and that excites her.

“Why have you never heard a woman ask for this?”

The answer is simple…

“It may be a strange question, but can you please slap my ass?” It is pretty embarrassing.

This is How You Know if You Can Spank Her

  • Just like with dominating her, you take small steps.
  • Pinch her breasts first, and ask her if she likes that.
  • If she says yes, give her a quick slap on the ass and ask her again if she likes this, too.
  • If she still wants you to continue then, you're golden.

Now that you know what she likes in bed, you shouldn’t ruin it. I have a tip for that too.

11. What Do Women Like in Bed? If They Don't Know What You'll Do to Them During Sex.

If you’ve been together for a while, routine can become boring. Never let it get that far.

Stay unpredictable.

You have simple tricks for that:

Change the rhythm during sex. A lot of women think it’s hot if you change the position and the rhythm.

Do it very hard and rough once. Very softly and passionately the time after that.

Not: BAM-BAM-BAM! like a rabbit (as women would describe this)

“With variety, you keep your sex life exciting.”

A quickie every now and then is great, if you give her a nice long steaming session under the shower next time. Or, try out anal.

Read this article about getting better in bed for more tips and tricks, and this article with 16 anal sex tips.

12. She Wants Afterplay - And That Won't Take a Lot of Time

Do you fall asleep immediately after you come?

That is a real deal breaker for a woman.

It’s a shame too.

You’ve just put all that effort into making her feel special. Bam. Then it’s gone all at once.

Don’t keep repeating the same 20-minute routine! And seduce her in unexpected places, like the forest, or get the foreplay started while you’re out in the supermarket.

Bonus tip: By cuddling her after sex, or saying something sweet, she will feel more appreciated. This way you can ensure there is more intimacy.

This is the cherry on the cake.

A woman may be wild between the sheets, but she wants you to know that she’s also a sweet girl.

If you make her feel like you know that, there is a much bigger chance that she’ll want to have sex with you more often.

The result? She’ll see you as the ultimate sex god.

Tip: Read this blog with 5 simple tips for amazing afterplay.​

13. She Always Wants to Come – But Make It Happen at the Right Time

A lot of women don’t come during sex.

Cosmopolitan readers were asked how often they come. No less than 46% of all the women who took the survey reported that they don’t always come during sex.

How often do you have an orgasm?

The result of not always making her come? A dissatisfied girlfriend or wife. Take a look at the shocking results of the following questions:

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

No less than 69% of the women are DISSATISFIED.

And what do women do? They complain… Not to you, but to friends or on a forum.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

There’s a fair chance that YOU don’t realize anything. The number of women who fake an orgasm is shockingly high.

What Do Women Want in Bed? They Love These 13 Things

Conclusion: Make sure you ALWAYS make her come.

Why don’t women always come?

A lot of women don’t come from sex alone. They do come from ORAL sex.

​A study from Kinsey, Masters and Johnson showed the following:

If you spend 21 minutes or longer on foreplay (fingering, toys & licking), 92.3% of all women come.

Beware! It’s important to do oral sex right. And there are quite a few things you can do wrong…

That’s why you should read these 12 mistakes you should NOT make with oral sex.

And then there are these 10 tips to finger her properly.​ If you manage that, you should read these tips for an A-spot orgasm with women.

How to Make Her Come Properly:

To make it easier for you, I have developed a little trick that won’t just get her excited, but will also make her come hard.

I call it:

"Three Secret Touches"

It’s a simple routine – consisting of three steps, which when performed correctly, will have her soaking her wet, begging you to fuck her.

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